INIT.TXT Driver File Contents (en1208pci.exe)

			  Accton Technology Corporation
		EN1208 PCI Ethernet Adapter Initialization Program

	     Copyright (C) 1995-1997, Accton Technology Corporation.
	     All rights reserved.

1. Introduction:

	The 1208INIT.EXE is an initialization program for EN1208 PCI			adapter.  It configures the adapter for NE2000 driver			compatibility.	This means that NE2000 drivers can be used to
	run the adapter when 1208INIT.EXE is loaded.

2. How to use the 1208INIT.EXE program:

   2.1	As a device driver:

	      DEVICE	  = 1208INIT.EXE IO=xxxxh, IDX=x

	or    DEVICEHIGH = 1208INIT.EXE IO=xxxxh, IDX=x

	Include one of the above in your CONFIG.SYS to enable
	NE2000 compatability for this adapter.

   2.2	Running it from the command prompt:
	      C:\>1208INIT IO=xxxxh, IDX=x

	Type "1208INIT ?" to display the syntax.

   2.3	Keywords used in 1208INIT:

	IO: Assigns the 32 contiguous I/O port base addresses as required.
	    Make sure they do not conflict with other devices in your
	    system.  If you omit this parameter, the 1208INIT will pick
	    up the I/O addresses assigned by the PCI BIOS.

	IDX:This parameter is used only when you have multiple EN1208
	    adapters in your PC. It indicates which 1208 adapter is
	    currently being defined by 1208INIT.EXE.

   2.4	Example:
		DEVICE = 1208INIT.EXE IO=300h
		DEVICE = 1208INIT.EXE IO=D020h IDX=1

		C:\>1208INIT IO=240h
		C:\>1208INIT IO=F060h IDX=0

   2.5	When 1208INIT is excuting, it displays the adapter's I/O port
	addresses, IRQ and Ethernet address.  This information is		necessary for running the NE2000 set of drivers. (You need to
	specify the IOBASE address and INTERUPT value in PROTOCLO.INI
	when running the NE2000 NDIS2/DOS driver!!)

3. Running NE2000 DOS/ODI driver:

   Example:	C:\> 1208INIT IO=300h
		C:\> LSL
		C:\> NE2000
		C:\> VLM

   Contents in NET.CFG:
		     Port  300
		     IRQ   11
   You can get Port and IRQ values after running 1208INIT.EXE!!

4. Running NE2000 NDIS/DOS driver:

   Contents in CONFIG.SYS
	     DEVICE=C:\LSP\1208INIT.EXE IO=D000h IDX=0

   Contents in PROTOCOL.INI
		IOBASE     = 0xD000

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