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EzDesk(tm) Copyright (c) 1995 by Melissa Nguyen - All rights reserved.

Archive Contents:

   README.TXT   -  This file
   EZDEST.EXE   -  EzDesk program (the magic!)
   EZDESK.INF   -  Install script for EZDESK.EXE
   EZDSKTAB.DLL -  EzDesk Display Properties Tab (cool!)
   EZDSKTAB.INF -  Install script for EZDSKTAB.DLL
   REGISTER.INF -  Registration script (registered user only)

EzDesk for Windows(R) 95

EzDesk is a Windows(R) 95 utility that manages the desktop icons' layout.
There are many times when a perfectly arranged desktop icons' layout is
scrambled by an errant application or an accidental desktop arranged by
name, type, size, or date.  Switching the screen resolution also requires
the manual rearrangement of the desktop icons' layout.  EzDesk can restore a
desktop icons' layout to a previously saved arrangement.

EzDesk installs itself as a taskbar notification icon or operates silently
in the background and be activated via a hot key.

EzDesk is a nice complement to the Microsoft(R) power toy QuickRes.

By default, EzDesk maintains the desktop icons' layout for each resolution
setting.  With the registered version, a name can be assigned to a particular
layout to be saved and later be restored.

EzDesk offers the following features:

* Managing the desktop icons' layout. 
* Managing open folders position, size, view, icons' layout, and toolbar
  and status bar settings.
* Tiling of a selected window to the size of the screen excluding the
  Taskbar area. This feature is available in the EzTask package.
* Hide all windows and undo.
* Minimize all windows and undo.
* Submenuing of up to the last 10 Run... history entries
* Clearing the contents of Documents Menu.  Options for all, selective,
  or not accessed in a specified number of days.
* Clear the find files and folders most recently used list.
* Clearing the contents of the temporary location (often left behind by 
  a program that crashed!)
* Clearing the contents of the Run... history
* Clearing the recent file list of any standard application
* Shutting down Windows quickly via a hot key.

EzDesk Tab is an extension to EzDesk in the form of a Display Properties Tab.

Installation of EzDesk is easy. First, copy the files in the archive into
a temporary directory.  Then, right-click on the setup INFormation file
(EZDESK.INF file.. which looks like a text file with a little gear on it)
and choose the INSTALL command. When you're done installing the EzDesk,
you can then delete the files in the temporary directory.  In short, the
install script simply copies EZDESK.EXE into the WINDOWS directory, places
a shortcut in the StartUp menu, and registers an uninstall in the Control
Panel Add/Remove Software.

EzDesk will start automatically on subsequent startup, unless preempted by
the shift key during startup.

EzDesk can be uninstalled via the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

EZDSKTAB can be installed using the same method using the EZDSKTAB.INF file.

*** For registered user, simply install REGISTER.INF after installing EZDESK.

Please see the online help.

Feel free to distribute this program to others.  All I ask is that this file
remains with the distributed copies.  This product is shareware.
If you like and use EzDesk regularly, please consider registering it.  The
cost is only US$15.  When you register, you will receive a personalized copy of
EzDesk and of course, all the options enabled.  In addition, you will also
receive all of the interim releases of EzDesk.

Site license is also available.

This software is distributed "as is".  Although I know of no problems with
the software, I make no warranties.

Release history:
09/16/95  1.0  Initial release
09/24/95  1.1  Incorrect INF file and error handling
09/27/95  1.2  More error checking
10/03/95  1.3  Bugs fixed and more checking
               Show temporary location during confirmation
10/05/95  1.4  Check for empty temporary directory
               Released to only registered user
10/12/95  1.5  Fix memory leak (accounts for once-in-a-while USER crashed!)
               Fix mouse-bounced activation via taskbar icon
               Added quick access to Run... history (last 10)
               Added clear Run... history (does not have effect right away!)
               Added -NTB (no task bar notification icon) command line switch
               The new EzDesk interface as a Display Properties tab
10/14/95  1.6  Inadvertently release EZDESK16.ZIP to AOL
10/15/95  1.5a Fix EZDESK.INF to install EzDesk in StartUp group
10/20/95  1.6a The actual EzDesk 1.6
               Fix clear run history
               Fix contention problem when multiple instances of EzDesk
                 are specified in StartUp.
               Add hot key facility, default CTRL+ALT+Z
               Added folder layout save/restore
               Add clear recent file list
               Add -NHK (no hot key) command line switch
10/05/95  1.7  Add minimize all windows and undo (Ctrl+Alt+M, Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M)
               Add -NSS (no splash screen) command line switch, registered only
               Add hide all windows and undo (Ctrl+Alt+H, Shift+Ctrl+Alt+H)
               Add Alt+Ctrl+S hot key for shutdown
               Add command line switches -save and -restore, registered only
               Enhanced clear documents menu
               Add clear find files or folder MRU list
               Fix continuous popping up of EzDesk
               Remove QUICKRES from the package, which can be obtained from:

If you have any problems with this program, ideas for features that should
be added, I can be reached at the following manner (in addition to the
address below):

CompuServe:  70571,637
Telephone:   (909) 629-8404

___________________________ Order Form _________________________________

Send To:

Melissa Nguyen
8-A Village Loop, Suite #160
Pomona, CA  91766

Please check one:

( )  US$15 if you use EzDesk regularly

     (  ) Send 3 1/2" disk
        Shipping and Handling add:
          US$1.50 for domestic (USA)
          US$2.50 for international

     (  ) Email to _________________________________________

     Name: ________________________ Date:___________________

     Registered name:  _____________________________________

     Company: ______________________________________________

     Address: ______________________________________________

     City, State, Zip: _______________________ Country: ____

     Day Phone: _______________  Eve: ______________________

Electronic Mail address: ___________________________________

What version of EzDesk are you currently using? ____________

How did you hear about EzDesk? _____________________________


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