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3M Touch Systems, Inc.
MT 7 Software for Windows 2000/XP

Version 7.11.2, March 22, 2006
Copyright 1991-2006 3M.
All rights reserved.

MT 7 Software, a member of the MicroTouch(tm) Software Suite, provides
unified driver support for MicroTouch touch technologies over a wide
range of operating systems. This version, 7.11, adds support for the
new MicroTouch(tm) DST touch screen technology on the Microsoft(r)
Windows(r) 2000 and XP operating systems. This product includes a
driver, a control panel, a calibration tool, and a touch monitor that
provides enhanced touch features on your Windows 2000 or XP system.

* This service release improves the processing of serial commands
  while the touch screen is being touched.
* This service release improves the searching of the serial ports
  for touch controllers that do not support serial plug-and-play.
* This service release corrects a problem with some systems when
  updating the MT 7 software that could hang the system either
  immediately or during shutdown.

Hardware Prerequisites

* MT 7 runs on most computers that run Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
* One or more of the following MicroTouch touch screen controllers:
  - MicroTouch EX II serial and USB controllers
  - MicroTouch SC400, SC500, and SC800 serial and USB controllers
  - MicroTouch DST serial and USB controllers
* Depending on the touch screen, either a serial (COM) port or a USB
  port is required.

Software Prerequisites

* MT 7 requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

NOTE: If you have an older version of touch screen software, you must
      uninstall it. Reboot the system after uninstalling the software.
* Using Windows Explorer, browse to the software distribution and
  double-click on the Setup program to start the installation. If you
  downloaded the distribution, unzip the file into another directory
* Follow the instructions given by the Setup program. You may choose
  to customize your installation. This allows you to select which
  components to install. The following components are available.
  - The Touch Screen Driver is mandatory to operate the touch screen.
  - The Calibration Tool is recommended.
  - The Touch Monitor Tool is required for features such as the
    right-click tool, touch sounds through the speaker, and the
    virtual mouse.
  - Various controller support is available. By default, all
    controller support is installed. If you do not want support for a
    controller installed, unselect that component.
* During installation, you will get messages about finding new
  hardware. This is the MT 7 software registering your serial ports
  and recognizing any USB touch controllers.

Two batch files are available for silent installation. The first one,
TwSilentCreate.bat, records the installation session and creates a
file, TwSilent.txt. The second file, TwSilentRun.bat, executes the
silent installation using the responses recorded in TwSilent.txt. You
may execute the batch files from a command line or you may
double-click them from a window.

The installation tool uses a self-contained Java Virtual Machine.
However, it is possible that Java installed on the recording or target
system may cause the batch files not to run as written. Alternative
commands are given in each batch file. You may need to edit these
batch files to enable the alternative command lines to perform the
recording and silent installation for your system.

Since the recording process creates a file, the MT 7 distribution must
be on a hard drive and not on a CD-ROM. Once the file is created, you
can make a CD-ROM, or equivalent media, with the distribution files
and the TwSilent.txt file. Your use of such a CD-ROM is subject to the
license agreement of this software. This feature does not give you the
right to distribute this software if that right is not already granted
to you by the license agreement.

The SC and DST series of USB controllers are HID-compliant devices
that simulate mice. Because of this, you do not need MT 7 for basic
point-and-click operations. However, if you want support for some
advanced features, such as sound on touch, you need to install MT 7.

When you attach your SC or DST USB controller to the system, Windows
assigns its HID driver to your touch screen. You must perform
additional steps to enable the MT 7 driver. Please review the
"MicroTouch(tm) MT 7 User Guide" for details.

This version of the control panel does not support multiple monitors.
The core driver and calibration tool can support such systems. Contact
your Field Application Engineer or Technical Support representative at
3M Touch Systems, Inc., for additional information.

The directory structure of MT 7 changed with version 7.10.0. If you
have MT 7, Version 7.00.0, we recommend that you uninstall it.
Uninstalling version 7.00.0 will not alter any custom configurations
that you have. This note does not apply to version 7.10 or later.

* Installer
  - Issue 52: During installation, there is no indication, such as an
    hour glass cursor, that the Setup program is working.
  - Issue 162: The setup tool does not respond to the Cancel button
    once it starts to copy files.
  - Issue 221: The setup and uninstall tools may create extraneous DOS
    windows. These close automatically.
  - Issue 342: A silent installation does not detect the presence of
    an old copy of TouchWare and installs MT 7 anyways. Upon
    rebooting, MT 7 is not operational.
  - Issue 612: If the reply to the Microsoft dialog about installing
    an uncertified driver is "Cancel", the installer proceeds even
    though the driver is not installed.
  - Issue 614: After installing MT 7 for serial controllers, it is
    sometimes necessary to reboot the machine to enable touch.

* Uninstaller
  - Issue 174: The uninstall tool may issue an error about being
    unable to remove a desktop icon, even though there is no such
    icon. This also leaves a log.txt file.
  - Issue 182: The uninstall tool fails if any MT 7 programs are open,
    such as the control panel.
  - Issue 253: The uninstaller does not remove any auxiliary or user
  - Issue 274: The uninstaller does not remove any configuration data
    in the registry.

* Calibration Tool
  - Issue 343: On a multiple touch screen system, when prompted to
    select a touch screen for calibration, if the "Cancel" button is
    pressed instead of selecting a touch screen, then the calibration
    tool inappropriately presents an error message.

* Miscellaneous
  - Issue 220: The right-click tool responds only to touches and not
    to the mouse.
  - Issue 223: Enabling sound in response to touches causes sound to
    be produced through the system speaker even though the audio card
    speakers were specified.
  - Issue 259: Specifying keystrokes in a touch region may cause the
    driver to crash.
  - Issue 524: The control panel does not properly update the
    double-click area or timer on a multiple monitor system.

Version 7.11.2, March 22, 2006

* Improvement of the processing of serial commands while the touch
  screen is being touched.
* Improvement of the serial controller search.
* Improvement of behavior when updating, addressing a problem that
  may hang the system until rebooted.

Version 7.11.1, January 30, 2006

* Addition of support for MicroTouch(tm) DST touch screens
* Removal of support for MicroTouch(tm) IST touch screens

Version 7.11.0, September 7, 2005

* Addition of support for MicroTouch(tm) IST touch screens
* Addition of EX II capacitive frequency settings
* Addition of automated controller search by the installer

Version 7.10.0, March 14, 2005

* Addition of WHQL-certified driver
* Addition of control panel
* Installation allows choice of controller support
* Various other issues addressed

Version 7.00.0, June 20, 2004

* Initial release


MicroTouch and the MicroTouch logo are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of 3M in the United States
and/or other countries.

Microsoft and Microsoft Windows are either registered
trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft in the United
States and/or other countries.

Java is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other

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