tbhist.txt Driver File Contents (lge_touch_screen_driver.zip)

Version 03:05:00
05 March 2002
ENH - Improvements to USB hot plug code
ENH - Allows empty menu.txt so that UPDD group is not created
ENH - Allows UPDD files to be installed to any drive
ENH - Silent Install
ENH - Hidden clone button for this release
ENH - Clone option

FIX - XP PS/2 did not work due to IRP handling changes
FIX - Reboot after PS/2 install
FIX - Bus macros are now supported correctly by installer
FIX - Recognise pseudo pnp ids with *UPD prefix

Version 03:05:02
20 March 2002
Release for Windows CE only
Version 03:05:04
12 April 2002
ENH - Initial calibration after setup option
ENH - Auto switch Pen interface
ENH - New linearization algorithm
ENH - Help file preference is now based on customisation instead of type (chm/hlp)
ENH - Quits calibration if driver not loaded and polls to see if driver loaded so that it can be run in poststup.txt
ENH - Support PNP serial devices identified as mouse devices
ENH - Disallow installation of USB controllers on W95 or NT40 systems
ENH - Restore autocal data after failed initial calibration 
ENH - Multi-disk install prompts changed 
ENH - Install of PnP device  prompts for a reboot if device not detected 
ENH - Enables / Disables Comport list depending on whether auto detect is set
ENH - TBMORPH - improved handling of endbling / disabling checkboxes 
ENH - Calibration skips devices with bad macro status 
ENH - Bus macro support ported fron 2.56.x 
ENH - tbmorph "EnabledWhen" option
ENH - Maximal INF mode
ENH - UPDDVideo extension
ENH - UPDDClicks extension
ENH - Read only support for morph comnbo boxes
ENH - Initial rotation uses last recorded value
ENH - Don't show calibration screen for non started controllers
ENH - Support <5% calibration 

FIX - 'Calibration failed' message was not shown
FIX - TBCalib won't run if a controller is not present
FIX - calibrate of non working device caused crash
FIX - Corrected PEN-X uninstall
FIX - NT4 PS/2 mode was not working (incorrect affinity)
FIX - auto select was causing problems with interlock code
FIX - Hotkey selection of morph button gave double press
FIX - Extensions in NT service should install after a forced reboot
FIX - Win 95 PnP install bug fixed
FIX - Stops a divide by zero from bad calibration data with a light pen
FIX - Shows correct bitmaps for light pen calibration

TEC - Changes to support CE SH4 variant 
TEC - Unicode change for CE compatibility
TEC - integrate 03.05.00 CE changes 
TEC  - Extends the extension mechanism to modify menus and hook into an existing WndProc. 
TEC  - Only force reboot on non detected controller in W9X

OEM - Changes to OEM config utility
OEM - Display the calibration text is a different order
OEM - backlight control
OEM - Stream mode and test mode off during control operations
OEM - touches in surround now reset backlight timer

TBA - CE automated build
TBA - CE release option
TBA - Mac-X release option 
TBA - Integrated tbkeypad support

Version 03:05:06
16 April 2002
ENH - remove device warning when replacing a PnP device in W2K
ENH - TBMorph takes app tile from morph definition
ENH - Drive selection option in installation
ENH - More generic title in installation progress bar
ENH - Option to turn on linearisation (off by default)
ENH - Interlock option renamed Priority
ENH - New calibration images are defaults
ENH - Calibration waits for shorter time for device ready when not installing
ENH - Improved installation over UPDD 2.X
ENH - Only prompt for reboot when macro not started 
ENH - Integrated Active Draw

FIX - register PS/2 mouse with W95 to support OEM hardware
FIX - Calibration style was corrupted when the calibration confirmation times out
FIX - NT4 cloned install did not work and general improvements to clone
FIX - TBTest direct did not show pen up events
FIX - TBMorph localised edit boxes did not check correctly for empty string on English systems
FIX - Corrected error message given when help file not found
FIX - DCU device list sometime showed incorrect multiple selection
FIX - Remove erroneous (PID) in DCU device list
FIX - Toolbars deal with controllers with inverted X 
FIX - Toolbar snap to top and botom deal with inverted Y
FIX - calibrate of non working device sometimes caused crash in tbalib

OEM - OEM name in Uninstall info
Version 03:05:08
16 May 2002
FIX - Right button operation in conjunction with 3 button mouse
FIX - Prevent lockup during uninstall of recordx dll
FIX - TouchSurround clone did not support "\"
FIX - Corrected error message given when no help file found
FIX - Improved tbcalibrate termination code
FIX - Close DOS box after UPDDTIDY.bat has finished
FIX - Expand runs from same directory as CAB files (W95)
FIX - Threads exceeding 4k stack space on W95
FIX - Calibrate skips unstarted devices

ENH - revert to legacy detection if PnP detection fails
ENH - further improvements to linearisation algorithm
ENH - Progress bar during post install controller detection
ENH - Disallow uninstall by non admin user - NT / W2K
ENH - Customisable install / uninstall icon 
ENH - Setup now utilises 2MB embedded resource files as W95 can't handle more than this
ENH - remove device warning when replacing a PnP device in W2K
ENH - PS/2 PnP code now works for all PS/2 mouse types
ENH - Checks that running as admin on NT+
ENH - Runs an extra pnp device detection so that USB controllers are correctly detected on XP
ENH - Correctly removes signed driver dialog on 2000
ENH - Integrated TBKeyPad install now works without reboot

OEM - TouchSurround clone extended 
OEM - Changed setup message boxes to use OEM title 
OEM - OEM uninstall icon 
ENH - Don't display UPDD version number during install for OEM builds

TEC - generate PDB file for NT4 driver
TEC - Uses full VC++ path so that debug setup builds on all systems

TBA - 20 kb safety margin in setup file size allocation

Version 03:05:10
21 May 2002
ENH - DCU add device now selects added device

FIX - do not remove existing PS/2 device unless specifically requested

DOC - correct error in sample code for TBApiGetRelativeDevice

Version 03:05:12
10 June 2002
ENH - setup can now replace read only files
ENH - Improved signature processing on localised Windows 2000 systems
ENH - Cater for very long calibration touches
ENH - Calibration uses point n - 5 to avoid liftoff errors
ENH - improved dialog placement logic in tbmorph
ENH - Further improvements to linearisation algorithm
ENH - Post install controller detection

FIX - tbmorph was not picking up localised button bitmaps
FIX - temporary back out of PnP dynamic add code for multiple devices
FIX - DCU history was missing latest version
FIX - NT4 crashes when using auto select

OEM - force reboot on replacement of W98 HID driver 
OEM - CMD_BACKLIGHT_ON was masked when in monitor low power mode active
OEM - Improvements to backlight handling

Version 03:05:14
03 July 2002
** build withdrawn due to problem with PS/2 fix marked !!

ENH - TBMorph new button action "Apply"
ENH - TBMorph ExecuteWait now accepts multiple parameters 
ENH - TBMorph ExecuteWait now accepts <DEVICE> as a parameter
ENH - Changed copyright dates
ENH - Better handling of text on narrow calibration screens

FIX - Screen saver mode sometimes remained active when using XP switch users mode
FIX - W98 SE Japanese, UPDDtidy dialog box remained on screen
FIX - TBMORPH RefreshOnChange did not work correctly in all circumstances
FIX - W9x don't stop PS/2 mouse during install of bundle with PS/2 device !!
FIX - W9x BUS support adds pseudo PnP device
FIX - correction to end of file handling on postsetup.txt
FIX - W2K Bus devices would occasionally get crash if the PnP settings were incorrect
FIX - Calibration ESC/Timeout did not revert to autocal

OEM - Remove active USB device removal text

Version 03:05:16
11 July 2002
ENH - uninstall removes subfolders under "\Program Files" if this is defaulted
ENH - Retry after auto detect failure
ENH - UPDDCheck, 0 interval = off 

FIX - Correct problem with PnP installation in 3.5.14 caused by PS/2 change

LOC - Remove untranslated uninstall message

Version 03:05:18
16 July 2002
FIX - upddplay sending VK_ESCAPE while on secure desktop caused problem
FIX - on some NT4 systems using autodetect the driver did not work at startup

OEM - remove backlight saver facility
OEM - OEM specific error handling corrected

Version 03:05:20
16 August 2002
FIX - TBTEST failed after extensive use
Version 03:05:22
24 September 2002
FIX - Cancel button on DCU modify device did not work correctly 
FIX - Unmatched lift code did not work at extreme right edge 

TEC - STLPort conversion
Version 03:05:24
10 October 2002
FIX - Avoid multi bundle issues in setup.exe
FIX - handle unexpected stop usb device operations in W98
FIX - In rare situations a lockup could occur, causing touch tof ail

ENH - USB Macros must be synchronous, this is now enforced in the driver

TEC - STLport conversion

Version 03:05:26
10 October 2002

Version 03:06:00
18 April 2002
Initial MAC-X production version
Version 03:06:02
18 April 2002
BUG - PID was not being written correctly during release

ENH - USB macros implemented

BUG - Data buffer size is read from the controller instead of being hardcoded

ENH - Uses IE instead of MAC Help for OEM builds

Version 03:06:04
18 April 2002
BUG - Fixed problem with initial calibration using the wrong number of points
Version 03:06:06
18 April 2002

Version 03:07:00
18 April 2002
The attached build is an interim test build and is supplied for end user evaluation
of recent changes.

Changes in this build will be incorporated into a subsequent product release once
validated, however Touch-Base Ltd can not undertake to guarantee that the next 
production release will function exactly as this build, as further amendments may 
be required, or certain changes may have to be ommitted. 

Tests marked as "beta" versions are intended to be as close to the next release 
as possible, and will only be changed if a significant error is found. Such changes 
will be notified to any customers involved in a formal beta test. 

By prior arrangement a beta test version can be locked down for an individual customer 
for a reasonable period for extended testing, however this is not done unless explicitly 
requested. While in this locked state development efforts must be duplicated so 
beta builds may not be locked for an extended period. 

Version 03:08:00
10 October 2002
FIX - prevent W98 lockups when USB device gets PnP STOP message
FIX - correction to htmlhelp.h search path for 3.8.0 build
FIX - Allow TBCalib to terminate correctly if launched from systray in eeprom mode
FIX - Wake up on unmatched liftoff works
FIX - Modify tab in DCU now reverts changes if cancel is pressed
FIX - Updd clicks works correctly with left button

ENH - PortraitAngle can be specified in the registry 
ENH - WM_UPDDRotateEvent support
ENH - allow localisation of post uninstall screens
ENH - "Next" key on install license page changed to "Accept"
ENH - Support raw data mode for USB devices
ENH - USB Macros must be synchronous, this is now enforced in the driver
ENH - W2K / XP USB remote wakeup
ENH - TBTest grid
ENH - TBTest now supports "unlimited" drawing
ENH - extended DCU device information
ENH - DCU refresh status screen
ENH - DCU highlights disconnected devices
ENH - Support calibration check to work for hardware calibration
ENH - TBApiSendMacroSynchronous implemented 
ENH - Improved hardware calibration support, 
ENH - Changed title bar of config to UPDD Draw - Daemon active/inactive
ENH - UPDDDraw removed enabled checkbox
ENH - UPDDDraw auto-starts daemon if not started
ENH - UPDDDraw initial setting is now Stop
ENH - UPDDDraw added multiple undo function
ENH - Phase two extensions changes
ENH - Creates setupsdk3.exe instead of SDKsetup.exe
ENH - SDK Integration
ENH - Adds support for upddext.chm help file

LOC - Title box on w95/nt4 install complete popup dialog translated
LOC - extended Japanese support
LOC - Japanese translation for "copying files" & "Installing"
LOC - Various fixes for minor Japanese support issues

OEM - Firmware type detection
OEM - Supports oem hardware calibration and diagnostics program

TEC - Stlport conversion
TEC - Compile error that htmlhelp.h not found
TEC - UPDDClicks dlg not included in merged dsp file

Version 03:08:02
14 October 2002
ENH - remove n/a from device grid id column
Version 03:08:04
30 October 2002
FIX - USB device id sometimes showed garbage
FIX - Deglitch length values were off by one
FIX - support calibration of controllers whilst Initialise option is off
FIX - Show correct status data when Initialise option is off
FIX - W98 calibration was inaccurate over a dos box

ENH - Extended support for eeprom calibration
ENH - Minor change to DCU devices title
ENH - remove n/a from device grid id field

OEM - controller id code failed if touching during detect
OEM - changes to controller initialisation
OEM - correction to firmware linearisation and sensitivity control

LOC - Japanese support for TBTest "grid"

TEC - STLPort conversion fix to MAKEINF
TEC - extra debug option in ISA BUS code

Version 03:08:06
20 November 2002

Version 03:08:08
20 November 2002

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