mdmzyxol.txt Driver File Contents (

Dear ZyXEL customer,                                    Vienna, 10/13/1998

      Update of the "MDMZYXOL.INF" modem definition script file
           for the ZyXEL " LCD" ISDN terminal adapter
                with firmware version v1.02 (10/13/1998)

          Now this file is for following operating systems:
              Microsoft Windows95 v4.00.950 and OSR 2 (aka 950b)
              Microsoft Windows98 v4.10.1998.6
              Microsoft WindowsNT v4.00.1381 (with Service Pack 3)

          and for the latest betatest technical previews:
              Microsoft WindowsNT v5.00.1877 (Beta 2)

note: now there exist several INF files for different ZyXEL ISDN terminal
      adapters (TAs). All these files are available on our FTP server.

 MDMZYXEI.INF ....  ZyXEL "Elite 2864I" (with built-in V.34 fax/modem)
                    for firmware version v2.11 (01/15/1998)

                    for firmware version v1.03 (08/21/1998)

                    for firmware version v1.20 (01/15/1998)

                    for firmware version v4.16 (08/21/1998)

                    for firmware version v1.02 (10/13/1998)

 MDMZYXOT.INF       ZyXEL "Omni TA128"
                    for firmware version v3.01 (08/21/1998)


1.) Installation:
 +  In the Windows modem wizard (start | settings | control panel | modems)
    you should remove all existing modem entries for the
    "ZyXEL LCD".

 +  Please check your \WINDOWS\INF\ directory for already existing files
    (older versions) of the MDMZYXLG.INF, MDMZYXOI.INF or MDMZYXOL.INF.
    All these existing files should be renamed to *.OLD

 +  Check that there don't exist any other "OEMx.INF" ('x' is a digit)
    files for the ZyXEL " LCD" ISDN TAs in the \WINDOWS\INF\
    directory. Have also a look into the \WINDOWS\INF\OTHER\ directory,
    if it exists (new in Windows98 and NT 5.0)
    You'll have to look into the "OEMx.INF" by opening it with the
    NOTEPAD.EXE (or any other ASCII editor). If the "OEMx.INF"
    starts with the header which lets you assume it is for ZyXEL modems,
    then please rename (or delete) this file !

 +  Then install your ZyXEL " LCD" ISDN terminal adapter once again
    by using the "modems" wizard in the control panel. Don't let Windows9x/NT
    search for the new modem but add the new hardware manually !
    You will be prompted to enter the path where Windows9x/NT could find
    the new INF driver file. Select the corresponding modem entry.

2.) How to work with this INF ?
+   This new INF does not support several modem entries anymore - as
    they were in previous versions of the INF file for ZyXEL " LCD".
    Now, with firmware version 1.00 we introduced the "MDO" called feature.
    "Multi Dial-Out" means that the TA does an automatic B-channel protocol
    dedection and will check for PPP+X75+V120 frames (read the firmware
    release notes !)

    However, if you want to select different B-channel protocols for
    outgoing calls you have two choices to select them:
    a.)  in Windows modem wizard's advanced extra settings
    b.)  or by using the "ZyXEL ISDN Configuration Manager"

    ad a.) In the Windows modem wizard's advanced extra settings you can
           enter any other command for B-channel protocols.
           You can use following commands (please look into the ZyXEL user's
           manual for further information)
                        ATB00  -> X.75
                        ATB1x  -> V.110  ('x' is for user rate select)
                        ATB20  -> V.120
                        ATB30      n/a
                        ATB40  -> PPP
                        ATB41  -> SLIP
                        ATB42  -> for EFT with RVS-COM
                        ATB9x  -> for Multi Dial-Out (MDO) feature
                      * ATB95  -> PPP+X75+V120 (Europe)
                        ATB96  -> PPP+V120+X75 (USA)
                      * = default

    ad b.) "ZyXEL ISDN Configuration Manager" (= ZyICM) which is currently
           available as version v2.4, (January 17, 1998) - the 32-bit version
           v3.21 (or German) was released in mid of July 1998.
           This ZyICM is a Windows-based application which lets select
           some parameters of the ZyXEL ISDN terminal adapters in a more
           user friendly and simple way: just select the outgoing protocol
           and click on the "apply" button. The selected protocol will
           be stored in the TA's user profile #0 in NVRAM (AT&W0).

3.) LOGWIN.EXE (for Windows9x) and LOGGER.VXD (for Windows95 only)
    This is a utility (copyright by Microsoft) which lets you watch the
    logfile and trace information of the "MODEMLOG.TXT" (for the AT commands
    and modem responses) and the "PPPLOG.TXT" (PPP trace information) in a
    window ONLINE (!), that is WHILE IT HAPPENS !

    how to install it ?
    + manually copy the "LOGGER.VXD" into the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory
    + manually copy the "LOGWIN.EXE" into the \WINDOWS\ directory

    how to start it ?
    a.) you have to enable the logfile feature in the modem's advanced
        settings. Open the modems wizard applet which you will find under
        "Start | Settings | Control Panel | Modems",
        then select any modem entry and click on the "Properties" button
        and enable the "Record to a logfile" on the "Connection , Advanced"
        dialog box. In this INF file it is already pre-selected, so normally
        you don't need this step. If the "LOGWIN" utility is not used, then
        Windows9x will create a file "MODEMLOG.TXT" in the \WINDOWS\

    b.) if you want to enable the "PPPLOG.TXT" logfile feature, you must
        enable it in the advanced network settings for the "dial-up adapter":
        Open the network wizard applet which you will find under
        "Start | Settings | Control Panel | Network". Then select the
        "dial-up adapter", click on the "properties" button and choose the
        "advanced" dialox box. There the value for the "Record a log file"
        property must be set to "yes"

    c.) manually start the "LOGWIN.EXE" before dialing whenever you want to
        watch or debug the INF files !

  Originally this utility is included in the Modem Development Kit (MDK),
  which is publically available on Microsoft's Internet site.
  Please have a look at following URLs:  MDK v1.20, 07/11/97      MDK v1.40, 12/09/97

note: because ZyXEL R&D Dept. Taiwan and Microsoft is developing many
      new features, this MDMZYXOL.INF will also be modified again in the
      future !

      Please have a regularily look to our Internet ftp-server where you
      always will find the most updated version:

    Any bugreports or suggestions for new modifications are welcome !

; ==================================================================
; MDMZYXOL.INF for ZyXEL LCD v1.02         October 13, 1998
; ==================================================================
; by R.I.T.H.u.S. EDV-Consulting
;    Manfred Recla
;    Fasangasse 7/33
;    Vienna, A-1030
;    eMail:
;    FTP:
;    WWW:
; ==========================================================

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