D3DVR.txt Driver File Contents (7100Win9x.zip)

Driver Package File Name: 7100Win9x.zip
File Size: 6.6 MB

ASUS Stereoscopic Driver for Direct3D

Important notes before you start to play STEREO games:

1. You must select the following resolutions for stereoscopic modes.
   1024x768 (16-bit color only)

How to adjust parameters of Direct3D VR
Depth      - Increase it to make the scene look more depth. However, 
             large value could make eyes incomfortable because objects
             are far separated.
Embossment - Increasing it could pull all objects out of monitor
             screen more. You can set an appropriate value by adjusting
             the "E" line on histogram chart of OSD.
Direction  - This option is rarely adjusted because most games use "+"
             as default. If you fail to adjust Embossment parameters to
             make some objects out of screen and the other objects inside
             screen simultaneously, try this option. Currently we find only
             few games need to be adjusted to "-".(See scheme)
Foreground - The option is paired with Background option to "stretch"
             histogram chart to scale your depth of 3D objects. Some games
             only utilize a little range of Z to make bad stereoscopic 
             effect. Adjusting Foreground option to the Z value of objects
             stretched toward 0.0.
Background - Same as foreground except that it sterecth the Z value of 
             objects toward 1.0.
Blind      - If you see garbages on leftmost or rightmost side of screen,
             increasing this value will clear them.

1. Do not make 3D objects in games separated to much, especially near objects.
2. It is good to make some objects outside screen and the other ones inside 
   screen. And it is appropriate that the ratio of objects outside and inside
   is 1:3 to 1:5.
3. For car racing games, you can adjust Embossment to make just your car out
   of screen.
4. For first-person-shooting games, just make hand/weapon outside screen by
   Embossment option.

OSD Histogram Chart

         0                                  1
         |              |            *      |
         |              |            *      |
         |             *|          * * *    |
         |         * ***|     *    * * *    |
         |   * *   * ***|    **   ** * *    |
       Z=0.0            E              ^   Z=1.0
                        ^              |
                        |              Number of vertices on
                        Embossment     this Z-value

You can know what Z range objects locate in and how they gather by this chart.
For example, if this chart is displayed on a car racing game, the vertices on
left side of E" line could be the model of you car and right side could be 
the road, houses, the other cars or trees on the front of your car.

So, you can:
1. adjusting Embossment to move "E" line.
2. adjusting Foreground/Background will stretch the histogram to make objects more
   "even distributed".

Release Notes
1. New algorithm for stereoscopic computation.
2. New histogram chart in OSD for games utilizing Direct3D 6.0.

Notes/Known issues for specific games
Tomb Raider series:
1. Objects locate between 0.95 to 1.0. So you need to adjust Foregound to 95 
or larger.

Beetle Crazy Cup
1. To play this game in stereoscopic mode, you needs to set Direction to "-".

* The copyright of all listed games and their brand names belong to their 
server: web1, load: 1.65