SCRIPTS.TXT Driver File Contents (

.                      AND MODEM SCRIPT FILES
.                           Release 3.25
.                          August 17, 1999

This SCRIPTS.TXT file contains instructions for setting up your Xircom 
Modem with several popular communications programs. These script files
support the following Xircom CardBus Modem products: 

   Modem only products:

    Xircom CardBus Modem 56WG

   1) Introduction
   2) America Online v. 3.0 with Windows 95 
   3) Lotus Notes v.4.11a with Windows 95, NT 4.0
   4) Xircom Customer Support

   Some of these instructions may include references to "modem script
   files". These files are:

   - CLASS73.MDM

   Some communications programs include a function to set up your modem  
   within the program. Others are capable of Modem auto-detection:

      1. Search for modem
      2. Discovery of modem make, model, speed, communications port
         and interrupt
      3. Incorporation of modem configuration into program   

   The Xircom modem is automatically configured by the communications
   program, if the modem is installed prior to the communications 

   If the communications program is already installed, you are
   installing a new modem, and/or your modem is not functioning,
   please follow the instructions for each application.

   Note for Windows 95 Installations
   1. First, install the Xircom modem 
   2. Second verify the modem settings:  
      a. Go to Control Panel
      b. Double click on the Modem icon
      c. Highlight the Xircom modem that will be used
      d. Click on Properties
      e. Note the Communications Port assigned to the Xircom adapter
         under GENERAL
      f. Accept the default or set the Maximum Speed of the modem
      g. Use the default initialization string. If it requires
         modification, click on the Connection Tab, then Advanced,
         and input changes on the Extra Settings line
   3. Verify that the modem is functioning via Modem Diagnostics 
      and Hyperterminal  
   4. Install the communications program. The Xircom modem is
      automatically configured by the communications program, if the
      modem is installed prior to the communications program. During
      the installation process, you will be prompted to verify the 
      modem selection, communications port, etc. 

2) America Online v. 3.0 with Windows 95
   1. To update the MODEM.INI file, do the following:
      a. In the C:\AOL30\MPM sub-directory, rename the CLASS73.MDM file
         to CLASS73.OLD and MODEM.INI file to MODEM.OLD
      b. Copy the new CLASS73.MDM and MODEM.INI files to the 
         C:\AOL30\MPM sub-directory
      c. Start the America Online program
   2. To setup your Xircom product:
      a. Click SETUP on the Welcome screen
      b. Click on Modem Setup in the Network & Modem Setup window
      c. In the Modem Selection and Customization window,
         i.   Select the COM # that is assigned to the Xircom modem 
              under Modem Port
         ii.  Highlight Xircom CardBus Modem 56WG, then click OK
         iii. Note: Use the default initialization string. If you
              need to change the string, you may do so under the Edit
              Commands options.

   To setup the Xircom modem or revise the present configuration:

   1. Copy the XIR56LOT.MDM file to the default directory where the
      Lotus Notes program is installed (\NOTES\DATA\MODEMS).
   2. In the Lotus Notes Desktop screen, click on File
   3. Click on Tools
   4. Click on User Preferences
   5. Click on the Ports icon
   6. Under Communications Ports
      a. Select the appropriate protocol if connecting via the
      b. If connecting over the modem 
         i. Select the correct COM#
         ii. Click in the Port Enabled box
   7. If connecting over modem, click on COM# Options
      a. Under Modem type, verify that the correct Xircom adapter
         is listed "Xircom CardBus Modem 56WG"
      b. Verify that the Maximum port speed is set to 115.2 Kbps
      c. Use the default initialization string.  If you need to modify
         the string, do so under Control Panel\Modems\Modem 
         Properties\Connection\Advanced\Extra Settings 
      d. Click OK to save changes and exit


   To obtain customer support for your Xircom product, please call or
   send a facsimile to the appropriate number listed below.

   Xircom has set up 56K modem lines to our BBS in the U.S. at (805)
   375-5280 and in Europe at +32/(0)70 233 163 so customers can take
   advantage of the latest modem technology available from Xircom.

XIRCOM CORPORATE               North and South America
Xircom, Inc.                   Sales Support.............. (800) 438-4526
Corporate Headquarters         Sales Support.............. (805) 376-9300
2300 Corporate Center Dr.      Customer Support..... ..... (805) 376-9200
Thousand Oaks, CA  91320       24-Hr Fax - Corporate...... (805) 376-9311
.                              24-Hr Fax - Sales Support.. (805) 376-9220
Shipping Address:              24-Hr Fax - Cust. Support.. (805) 376-9100
2101 Corporate Center Dr.      24-Hr Data Lines - BBS..... (805) 376-9130
Thousand Oaks, CA  91320       24-Hr E-mail................
.                              24-Hr Internet......
.                              HOURS (Sales):   8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon-Fri
.                              HOURS (Support): 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon-Fri

XIRCOM EUROPE                  Europe, Middle East, and Africa
Xircom Europe N.V.             Sales Support.......... +32/(0)3 450.08.11
Veldkant 39                    24-Hr Fax.............. +32/(0)3 450.09.90
2550 Kontich, Belgium          Customer Support Telephone Numbers
.                                Native English........ +32/(0)70 233 307
.                                Native German......... +32/(0)70 233 850
.                                Native French......... +32/(0)70 233 851
.                                Native Dutch.......... +32/(0)70 233 852
.                              24-Hr E-mail............
.                              24-Hr Internet......
.                              HOURS (Sales):   9:00 to 17:00, Mon-Thu;
.                                               to 16:00, Fri
.                              HOURS (Support): 9:00 to 18:00, Mon-Fri

Regional Sales and Marketing Offices
Xircom France SARL             Sales Support......... +33/(1) 34 63 09 40
41 bis avenue de l'Europe      24-Hr Fax ............ +33/(1) 34 63 09 41
BP 264
F - 78147 Velizy CEDEX

Xircom Deutschland GmbH        Sales Support........ +49/(0)89 607 68 350
Airport Business Center        24-Hr Fax ........... +49/(0)89 607 68 355
Am Soldnermoos 17
85399 Hallbergmoos

Xircom Italy SRL               Sales Support.......... (+39) 02 3809.3605
Via Giovanni da Udine, 34      24-Hr Fax.............. (+39) 02 3809.3606
20156 Milano

Xircom AB                      Sales Support........ +46/(0) 8 590.332.80
Kanalvagen 10C                 24-Hr Fax ........... +46/(0) 8 590.717.81
S - 194 61 Upplands Vasby

Xircom U.K. Ltd.               Sales Support........ +44/(0) 1256 332 552
Worting House                  24-Hr Fax ........... +44/(0) 1256 332 553
UK - Hampshire RG23 8PY

XIRCOM ASIA PACIFIC            Asia Pacific
Xircom Asia Pacific (Pte) Ltd  Sales Support................ +65 732 5001
1 Kim Seng Promenade #15-01    Customer Support............. +65 732 2245
Great Word City East Tower     24-Hr Fax ................... +65 732 5002
Singapore 237994               24-Hr Internet......
.                              24-Hr Email......
.                              HOURS:  9:00 to 17:00, Mon-Fri

Regional Sales and Marketing Office
Xircom Australia Pty Ltd       Sales Support............. +61 2 8923 7000
Level 12, 80 Mount Street      Customer Support.......... +61 2 8923 7090
North Sydney, NSW 2060         24-Hr Fax................. +61 2 8923 7099
Australia                      24-Hr Data Lines - BBS.. +61(02) 9911 7758
.                              24-Hr Email......

Xircom Japan                   Japan
Xircom Japan KK                Sales Support............. +81-3-3407-0033
Tohtam Building 2F             Customer Support...... +81 (0) 3 3407-1900
3-10-5 Shibuya                 24-Hr Fax................. +81-3-3407-0180
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0002      24-Hr Internet......
Japan                          24-Hr Email....
.                              HOURS:  9:00 TO 17:00, Mon-Fri            

Go To Xircom............Microsoft Network to US Customer Support to European Customer Support to Asia/Pacific Customer Support to Australian/New Zealand Customer Support to Japan Customer Support to Xircom Sales to "Ideas" Suggestion Box

Thank you for making Xircom a part of your network.

Xircom acknowledges all tradenames and trademarks used in this document
as the property of their respective owners.

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