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.                Software Release Version 1.26            
.                       March 28, 2000 

The driver software in this release works with the following
Xircom product:

 Product Name				              Model Number
 ------------					      ------------
 CardBus Modem 56 WinGlobal 	                      CBM56WG

    1)  Modem
    2)  Release Notes/Known Limitations
    3)  What's new in the 1.26 Release
    4)  Using CBM56WG in Windows 2000
    5)  Creating a Disk Install
    6)  Xircom Customer Support

1)  Modem
   General Information About 56 Kbps Connections
   -In order to achieve 56Kbps connects, there can be only one
    digital to analog conversion between the connecting modems.
    Also, the modems at both ends of the call must support 56K
    connections to achieve 56K speeds. If they are not, they will
    negotiate a standard V.34 rate. Current FCC regulations limit
    download speeds of the modem to 53Kbps.

   -Several factors exist that can limit the modem's performance.
    Factors that can contribute to lower connection rates are:
    * Noisy line conditions on individual calls
    * Dirty or faulty wiring
    * Poor connection ability of the modem/fax machine on the
      other side
    * The Bulletin Board Service, Internet Service Provider or
      On-Line Service Provider may be forwarding the call to
      another location (long distance)to extend their local
      calling areas. To improve your modem performance,
      try connecting to and from different locations. 
    Supported Environments
    Driver Name   Description
    -----------   -----------
    CBHCM.SYS     NT4 without Softex COM Enabler
    MPCM0027.SYS  NT4 without Softex Modem Driver
    MPCS0027.SYS  NT4 With Softex Modem Driver
    PCCOM.SYS     Softex System File
    MPCK0027.SYS  Win2K Modem Driver
    APUNINST.EXE  Utility Uninstall Program
    CBHCMCFG.EXE  NT4 Modem Configuration Utility
    COMSEL.EXE    Xircom Com Port Select Utility (Windows 98)
    MDMTEST.EXE   32 bit Windows Based Modem Test Utility 
    MPCC0027.VXD  Windows 9x Modem Driver 
    MPCM0027.VXD  Windows 9x Modem Driver 
    MPCP0027.VXD  Windows 9x Modem Driver 
    RMVCARD.EXE   Card Removal Utility
    SETUP.EXE     Utility Install Program
    TELSEL.EXE    Xircom Country Select Utility

    Com Port Assignment in Windows 98
    Windows 98 may assign the modem to Com5. Windows applications
    supporting TAPI support the use of Com5. If you have an 
    application which does not support the use of Com5, the Xircom 
    Com Port Select Utility can be used to change the Com port 
    assignment in Windows 98.  It will allow you to select an 
    unassigned com port for use with CBM56WG.  The Com Select 
    Utility is added to the Xircom program group during Utility 
    installation. The Com Port Select Utility is not supported
    under Windows NT. 
    Modem Script Files
    Modem script files for popular applications can be found in 
    the \SCRIPTS directory on the CD-ROM.  See scripts.txt in this
    directory for details on using script files with the CBM56WG.

    Known Limitations
    Under Win2000 only 1 CBM56WG may be installed in any 1 system
    at a time.

    - This release contains drivers that are digitally signed by 
      Microsoft for Win 2000.

    - RMVCARD has been modified to work under Win 2000.

    - The modem loopback test portion of MDMTEST has been fixed to
      work under Win 2000.

    Note:  Windows 2000 does not currently have built-in drivers
    for the CBM56WG. Until the drivers are included in Windows
    2000, the following procedure should be followed to install
    the CBM56WG in your Dell computer.

    (1) With Windows 2000 running, connect cables and insert the
    CardBus Modem 56 WinGlobal into the CardBus PC Card slot.

    (2) Windows 2000 will display the Found New Hardware Wizard. 
    Insert the Xircom CD-ROM and click next.

    (3) Choose "Search for a suitable driver..." and click next.

    (4) Select "specify a location" and click next.  In the "copy 
    manufacturer's files from" box type in the path to the Win2000 
    folder on the CD.  For instance if your CD-ROM drive is drive
    D, enter D:\win2000 and Click OK.

    (5) The Wizard will announce that it has found a driver. Click
    next.  The drivers will then be copied to your computer.
    Click "Finish" when notified that the software has been

    (6) You will now have to install the utilitiy programs.  Run
    SETUP.EXE from the Xircom CD-ROM using Start, Run, and the
    path to SETUP.EXE on the Xircom CD-ROM. For example,
    D:\SETUP.EXE. Follow the onscreen instructions. Xircom
    utilities and online documentation will be copied to your
    hard drive and installed under Start, Programs, Xircom

    (7) Click Yes when prompted to restart the computer.

    (8) After Windows 2000 reloads, Xircom CountrySelect software
    will launch. Select the country from which you will make modem
    calls, then click Save and Exit, or click Exit to select
    "United States or Canada."

    (9) You can now use your communications software to make a
    modem call.

    (10) To access Xircom utilities, to view online documentation,
    or to rerun CountrySelect after installation, click Start,
    Programs, Xircom Utilities. You must have Internet Explorer or
    Netscape loaded to view the online documentation.

    If you need a diskette version of the CBM56WG software for 
    installation on a system without a CD-ROM, the CD-ROM includes 
    two directories, DISK1 and DISK2 which contain files that can
    be  copied to diskettes.  This can be done manually or by
    running MAKEDISK.BAT.  DISK1 includes necessary device drivers
    files for NT4 with Softex. DISK2 includes necessary device
    drivers for Win98, Win2K and NT4. 


    Please consult your laptop computer System Documentation for 
    additional Customer Support options, or visit the Xircom
    website at

    Thank you for making Xircom a part of your network.

    Xircom acknowledges all tradenames and trademarks used in this 
    document as the property of their respective owners.


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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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