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                        U P D A T E  N O T I C E
                               for Triones
                    Bus Master EIDE/ATAPI Device Driver
                 for Intel PIIX Bus Master IDE Controller

                              Revision 3.70
                            (October 10, 1997)

1.  Some ATAPI CD-ROM drives need different workarounds. These workarounds
    were added into the drivers. Now more ATAPI CD-ROM models are supported.
    The following CD-ROM drives were fully tested:
        MITSUMI FX400,FX400B,FX400C,FX400D
        SONY CDU55E,CDU76E,CDU77E,CDU78E
        HITACHI CDR-7730
        NEC CDR260R,CDR271,CDR272,CDR273
        TOSHIBA XM-5302B
        WEARNES CDD-120A,CDD-220,
        PHILIPS LMS CM207
    (version 3.0)

2.  New workaround about WD Caviar hard disk drives recommended by Western 
    Digital was used.
    (version 3.0)

3.  In Windows 95 system, when entering the DOS mode, the original PIIX 
    configuration and drive configuration will be restored. There will be
    no more error message or garbage characters when exiting into the 
    DOS mode.
    (version 3.0)

4.  The driver for Windows 95 now allows a maximum 64K data transfer size
    for one command. The performance is much better than before.
    (version 3.0)

5.  For the previous versions, if a Windows 95 system was installed 
    without the DOS or Windows 3.1 pre-installed, for the following 
    device combination:
            0x1F0:  a DMA supported disk drive
            0x170:  a PIO only CD-ROM drive
    accesssing the CD-ROM sometimes would result in an "Exception 0E ..."
    error message.
    This issue now is fixed.
    (version 3.0)

6.  The bus master IDE is a new technology. With so many IDE/ATAPI devices
    already in the market, there are a lot of compatability issues. Our bus 
    master IDE/ATAPI device drivers are the first ones in the market. We 
    have been keeping in touch with the IDE hard disk and ATAPI CD-ROM device
    manfacturers. Since the last release (version 3.0), we have gotten some 
    new feedbacks from them. We adjusted the default mode settings for some 
    hard disks into the drivers.
    (version 3.1)

7.  The following new CD-ROM models were tested:
        WEARNES CDD-620
        SANYO CRD-254P

8.  We provided a new method to change back to the Windows 95 default
    driver, please refer to the readme file.
    (version 3.1)

9.  When forcing to use PIO mode 0, the DOS driver sometimes reportes a 
    wrong PIO mode. This problem was fixed in this release.
    (version 3.1)

10. Added DMA data transfer supporting on NEC CDR 280.
    (version 3.11)

11. Changed display message from "Triton" to "82430FX".
    (version 3.11)

12. Added the supporting of PIIX3 (82430HX).
    (version 3.20)

13. Fixed the bug with Video CD in the Windows 95 driver.
    (version 3.20a)

14. Rewrote the DOS ATAPI CD-ROM driver.
    (version 3.20a)

15. Fixed the errors about de-installation of the Bus Master Windows 95 
    driver in the readme file.
    (version 3.20a)

16. Added the Setup program of the Bus Master Windows 95 Driver with which
    the user can install or de-install the driver.
    (version 3.20b)

17. Fixed the issue with the ATAPI CD-ROM bus masterring operation on the
    secondary IDE channel of the PIIX3 (82430HX) motherboard.
    (version 3.21)

18. Fixed the bug with the ATAPI bus materring operation when using the
    Interrupt CMD DRQ type.
    (version 3.21)

19. Added support to SCO UNIX 5.0
    (version 3.21)

20. Changed 82430FX/HX into PIIX/PIIX3
    (version 3.22)

21. Added support to DVD-ROM devices
    (version 3.50)

22. Added support for PIIX 4 to DOS/Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0
    (version 3.60 BETA)

23. Added support for PIIX 4 to DOS/Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.
    PIIX 4 supports Ultra DMA.
    (version 3.60)

24. Added support for PIIX4 (supporting Ultra DMA/33) to all OS's.
    The drivers for the old versions of OS's have not been updated, these
        Windows NT3.5/3.51
        Novell 3.X
        SCO UNIX 3.2.x / SCO Open Desktop 3.x
        OS/2 2.0 & WARP 3.X
    (version 3.60a)

25. Changes made to Windows 95 driver (version 3.60e / 6,02,1997):
        Fixed some new CD-ROM issues under OSR2;
        Fixed a bug for CD Xpress;
        Fixed the yellow mark issue when no device on secondary channel;
        Added support to LS-120;
        Removed support to DVD

26. Updated the Windows 95 driver to fix a driver bug on some new 
    models of Maxtor disk drives.
    (version 3.60K)

27. Reenabled the support to DVD-ROM in the Windows 95 driver.
    (version 3.60K)

28. Put a NOTE in the readme file under the root directory to indicate
    not to run the (DOS) setup program under the root directory to setup
    the driver for Windows 95.
    (version 3.60K)

29. Updated the SCO UNIX 5.0 driver to fix a bug regarding the driver setup.
    (version 3.60K)

30. Put a NOTE in the readme file under the root directory to indicate
    not to install the DOS/Windows drivers if the user want to boot the
    system from a hard drive other than the hard drive C:.
    (still version 3.60K)

31. Updated the DOS/Windows Setup program and moved it from the root
    directory to the DOSWIN directory.
    (version 3.70)

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