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Instructions for the use of the SCSI Miniport driver for CMD 648 and 649 controllers.

This driver should not be used unless the following requirements are met.

 1. User should be using a Intel BX based motherboard running Windows 2000.

 2. User should only use if experiencing a "stutter" problem while playing Audio files.

This is a Beta level driver which menas there has been limited testing with this version.
It is recommended that only ATA hard drives be used with this version. Only hard drives
that are capable of running Mode-4 (UDMA66) or faster will benefit from a speed increase
with this driver. Use at own risk.

Note: Windows 2000 is only capable of running up to Mode-4 (UMDA66) unless SP1 and 
the Microsoft's hotfix is installed. Check Microsoft's website for more information.

CMD 648/649 IDE Controllers Windows 2000 SCSI Miniport Drivers Installation Instructions


I) Windows 2000 Fresh Installation Instructions. 

You may start up Windows 2000 installation from CD. If your CD-ROM drive is
not bootable, your can start up with floppy diskettes.

1.  If you choose to install Windows 2000 from floppies, create four 
    Windows 2000 set up floppy diskettes from CD before installation.

2.  Power off the system and connect hard drives and CD-ROM drives
    to the CMD IDE controller. Insert CMD IDE controller to a PCI slot.

3.  Put the diskette #1 into drive A or put the CD into CD-ROM/DVD drive
    if you choose to boot up from CD. Turn on your computer system.  

4.  Notes: The following step is required: 

    	- Press 'F6' key while the first Windows 2000 Setup disk is loading.
	  You will see the message on the bottom of the first installation screen.

5.  Continue to insert floppy diskette #2, #3, #4 if you are installing
    from floppy diskettes.

6.  Wait while files are copied from floppy or CD in the text mode installation.
7.  During the installation you will see a screen to add storage devices that
    were not found by pressing the 'S' key. When the system displays 'Enter 
    Manufactures Driver Disk' use the drivers sent to you that should be in the
    root directory of a 1.44MB diskette. You will be given a single choice to
    install the CMD driver which will be copied when selected. 	

8.  After setup examines your disks, it would copy files to Windows 2000 
    installation folders and restart the system. The setup program would continue
    to finish installation after restart.

9.  Wait until Windows 2000 finishes installing devices, regional settings, 
    networking settings, components, and final set of tasks, reboot the system.

10. You can check the hardware device manager under 'SCSI and RAID Controllers' for 
    a RAID controller from an 'Unknown Manufacture'. This will be the CMD controller 

II) Windows 2000 Existing Installation Instructions. 

This procedure is assuming a CMD 648 or 649 controller is running under the control
of the CMD IDE miniport driver. 

1.  Remove the CMD controller from the Device Manager by Uninstalling it. Do not
    reboot the system yet.

2.  Remove the CMD INF file from the \WINNT\INF directory. The INF file is renamed
    with OEMx.INF. Each OEMx.INF (x=number of OEM file; OEM1.INF, OEM2.INF, ect...) 
    should be opened with Notepad (or other ASCII editor) to determine which is the 
    renamed CMD INF file. When it is found it should be deleted or renamed.

3.  When you reboot the system (Do not hit F1/F11 during boot process). When the     
    system has finished booting (some new hardware may have been installed - just 
    cancel installation) enter the Device Manager and update the driver for the RAID
    entry under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers. The new SCSI Miniport drivers should be on 
    a floppy diskette. 

    When you choose to Update the Driver the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard will start.
	Search for suitable driver window will appear.
		Select the Floppy Disk by checking the Floppy Disk box.
	On the a: drive OEMSETUP.INF will be found.
		Select Next.
	CMD PCI-648 Ultra IDE Controller will be displayed.
		Select Continue.
	Drivers will be copied.
		Select Finish.
	Select Restart.


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