93000310.txt Driver File Contents (4001640A.exe)

                      Release Notes 93000310_A
                       Digi DataFire RAS P/T/E 
                          Windows NT Driver
                           Release v3.0.57
                        Release Date: 10/21/98

        Digi International WWW site:  www.dgii.com
        Digi International FTP site:  ftp.dgii.com

        Please reference the following number(s) when searching the Digi
        International FTP/WWW site for the latest software package:

        Software Image P/N 400001640_A

        These numbers are for informational purposes only:

        CD-ROM Software Image P/N  400001635_A


        Bug Fixes

        Known Problems
                Multilinked analog modems with RAS dial out may not connect on
                all channels.  The RAS user interface may be temporarily
                unavailable until modems timeout.

                Resetting a modem causes the settings stored in NVRAM for other
                modems to reset.

                Clients using V.90/K56Flex modems should issue AT+MS=56 to
                connect using K56Flex for best speed. V.90 modems will be
                connected at V.34 rates.

                A reconfiguration of a line implies a reload of the driver.

                Caller ID data is currently ignored.

                Channelized T1 Wink Digits are currently ignored.

                On Channelized T1 Wink Start Trunks without dial tone
                supervision, modems must be initialized with ATX3 for dial

                On Channelized T1 Trunks all calls are routed to the serial

                On ISDN Trunks, voice calls are routed to the serial driver,
                digital calls are routed to the ISDN driver.

                Currently, modems are not automatically assigned to open serial
                ports when calls are received. They are assigned based on the
                timeslot of the call. Therefore, unless all the serial ports to
                the board are open, it is possible a call will not be answered.

                Large MLPPP bundles > 23 will fail.

                ISDN numbers must not contain any non-numeric characters
                (e.g. "-").

                On ISDN Trunks, the following rules are applied to modem dial
                    a) A comma (delay) in the first or second position is
                    b) then the first non-numeric character terminates the dial
                       string (e.g. 9,12345678 is a valid dial string and
                       9,1,234-5678 is not).
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