TVC8XDRV.INI Driver File Contents (VSTREAM-CX23883-19.ZIP)

; English
;		883 WDM Driver Setup inf file related
;   	Driver Version : V4.0.99.3
DevDrvName0=V-Stream 2388x Video Capture

ExtDevDrvName0=V-Stream 2388x Crossbar

DrvChkFinishName=V-Stream 2388x Crossbar

DrvUninstRegKeyName=V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers

AppDrvSetupTitleName=V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers Setup Wizard
AppDrvSetupInitTipW2K=Press "START" to install V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers.
AppDrvSetupRunTipW2K=Now we are installing V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers and wait a minute.
AppDrvSetupFinishW2K=We have installed V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers successfully !!

AppDrvSetupPassMsgW2K=We have installed V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers successfully on Win2K/XP.
AppDrvSetupNoFoundDev=We CAN'T find any 883 Devices on your system.
AppDrvSetupFailMsgW2K=The 883 WDM Driver Installation failed!!
AppDrvSetupRestartW2K=You MUST to restart your system and re-install the 883 WDM Drivers.

AppDrvSetupRunTipW9X=Now we are installing V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers.
AppDrvSetupPassMsgW9X=We have installed V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers successfully on Win9X.
AppDrvSetupReboot1W9X=883 WDM Drivers have been installed completely on Win9X.
AppDrvSetupReboot2W9X=Please CLOSE other applications before restarting computer.


;	Setup9XPatch
;	CompanyName & ProductName are the same with the Note file in the InstallShied 7.0
AppPatchName=V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers Patch
CompanyName=V-Stream Multimedia

;	c8xUnist.exe : WDM Driver Uninstallation.
UnInstDrvAppTitle=V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers Uninstallation Wizard
UnInstNoRegKeyMsg=The V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers Uninstallation failed !!
UnInstDrvPassMsg=V-Stream 883 WDM Drivers have been uninstalled completely.
UnInstDrvRunTipMsg=Please click 'OK' to uninstall the 883 WDM Drivers. 


;	UinstDTV.exe : Utilities and WDM Driver Uninstallation Wizard.
;   Rule : CompanyName + ProductName + "Utilities"
UninstallWizardAppTitle=V-Stream 883 Utilities Wizard
UninstallWizardTPG1Tip1=Now we will remove 883 Utilities and WDM Drivers.
UninstallWizardTPG1Tip2=Please select which components will be removed.
UninstallWizardTPG2Tip1=Now we have uninstalled completely !
UninstallUtilityRegName=V-Stream 883 Utilities
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