history.txt Driver File Contents (6fire126.zip)

   FILE:         History.txt
   DESCRIPTION:  EWS88 MT/D, EWX 24/96 and DMX6fire Driver History (WDM)
   DATE:         19-September-2002
   COPYRIGHT:    (c) 2000-2002, TerraTec Electronic GmbH. All Rights Reserved.

5.0.2000  Build 126
    New:    Further Mic2/8 adjustments
    New:    "Samplerate locked" option for DMX6fire and EWX
    Bugfix: last Sample on DigitalOut was remaining
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Digital In for DXR didn't work correctly
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Improved firmware upload for MWPC
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Controlpanel crahses under Win98SE
    Bugfix: EWS88MT/D only 4 MME Wave devices could be opened simultaneous

5.0.2000  Build 125
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Digital In for DXF didn't work correctly
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Initialization on P4, > 2.2Ghz failed
    Bugfix: Improved ASIO Record performance

5.0.2000  Build 124
    New:    DMX6fire <-> EWS88MT or EWX2496 can be used parallel
    New:    ASIO Direct-Monitoring can be enabled/disabled in Context menu
    Bugfix: EWS88MT/D Calibration for Mastercard pops up Errormessage 
    Bugfix: Syncronisation of 4 EWS Connect cards failed
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: No Digital-Out for MWPC

5.0.2000  Build 123
    New:    DMX6fire: Source - Positioning
    Bugfix: Pitch Problem with several Mediaplayers 
    Bugfix: Some minor Bugfixes

5.0.2000  Build 121
    New:    GSIF Multiclient Interface

5.0.2000  Build 120
    Bugfix: Improved external Samplerate detection
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Gamevoice was playing too slow
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Samplerate for Sensauramode was not fix 
                    (e.g. Startsound was playing too fast/slow)

    New:    DMX6fire: Extension MXR included

5.0.2000  Build 119
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Wrong Saplerate when Sensaura was activated and Media-Player restarted
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: ASIO Samplerate each time was set to 22Khz when Cubase 
            releases ASIO and reopens it
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Speakermode always was set to 5.1 after reboot
    Bugfix: Multiple Card Crash (EWS88 MT/D, EWX 24/96)

    New:    DMX6fire: Stereo-Link as default
    New:    DMX6fire: MWPC & DX - Extensions included

5.0.2000  Build 118
    New:    Mic 2/8 Extensions

5.0.2000  Build 117
    Bugfix: DMX6fire: Loop-Play when Media-Player was set to Pause
    New:    DMX6fire: MWPC Interface 

5.0.2000  Build 116
    Bugfix: Dropouts in Sonar (Record) on Pentium 4 Systems (EWS88 MT/D, EWX 24/96)
    Bugfix: Crash on some DUAL-Processor Systems (EWS88 MT/D, EWX 24/96)
    Bugfix: External Samplerate-Detection on some DUAL-Processor Systems
    Bugfix: Master/Slave Detection on some DUAL-Processor Systems (EWS88 MT/D, EWX 24/96)
    Bugfix: Reset Default-Samplerate
    Bugfix: Mono - Record (EWS88 MT/D, EWX 24/96)

5.0.2000  Build 114 - 115
    New:    DMX6fire Implementation

5.0.2000  Build 113
    Optimized: Improved Direct Monitoring in Sonar (lower Latency possible)
    Bugfix: INF file now completely removes VxD and NT driver files
            when updating to WDM.
    Bugfix: No ASIO Install for EWS 88 D
    Bugfix: Again: not all Mixersettings were stored in registry (e.g. 

5.0.2000  Build 112
    Note:   We increased the build no. to 112 to get aligned to the 
            VXD-Driver Build Version
    New:    Codec - Reset for 88MT System-Out

    Bugfix: Multitrack Mode didn't work correctly
    Bugfix: Source-Selection for Digital-Out wasn't restored from registry
    Bugfix: Independent-Mode selection had to be clicked several times before 
            it has been activated

5.0.2000  Build 23
    New:    Support for EWS 88 D
    New:    Improved WDM Kernel streaming (4ms in Sonar & 24Bit)
    New:    DMA buffer size selection for EWX

    Bugfix: Not all Mixersettings were stored in registry
    Bugfix: Sometimes loud noises when playing system sounds
    Bugfix: Sometimes a bugcheck apears in W2K when opening a device

5.0.2000  Build 22
    Bugfix: Dropouts in Startsound
    Bugfix: Order of devices for EWX (first device gets DSound Interface -> AnalogOut)
    Bugfix: Sometimes driver hang in an endless loop
    Bugfix: Disable/Enable device in W2K did crash
    Bugfix: Missing SPIDF - Record device for EWX

5.0.2000  Build 21
    New:    Support for non PCM (e.g. AC3) streams in S/PDIF device

    Bugfix: System Out didn't work on some systems
    Bugfix: ASIO Record was not in sync with ASIO play (two buffers delay)

5.0.2000  Build 20
    New:    Card reservation for ASIO 
    New:    INF file: added deletion of old NT40 driver files

    Bugfix: Starting Playback/record always reset the clock source to internal
    Bugfix: Changing volume in ControlPanel in idle state
            caused WavePlay Mixer channels to be muted
    Bugfix: ASIO files were not correctly installed under Win2K
            due to an error in the INF file
    Bugfix: ASIO changed panning of EWX 24/96
    Bugfix: Mixed Setup (EWS88 & EWX24/96) doesn't crash anymore
    Bugfix: Several changes to INF file for different card types

5.0.2000  Build 19

    New: EWX 24/96 Support
    New: ASIO 2.0 Direct Monitoring 
    New: Multiple card for ASIO

    Bugfix: EWX 24/96 DigMixer Record now working
    Bugfix: EWX 24/96 Midi device
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