8738note.txt Driver File Contents (cmi8338_w9x.zip)

** CMI8738 PCI Audio Windows 95/98 Drivers Release Note **

ver 4.06.1071  07/15/99

1.Prevent conflict when audio device share same IRQ with legacy device.
2.Switch to 4 speakers mode when create DirectSound3D primary buffer.

ver 4.06.1070  07/02/99

1.Modify legacy device IRQ resource management.

ver 4.06.1069  06/24/99

1.Modify double DMA buffer processing.
2.Fix legacy SB and FM I/O port allocate problem.
3.Legacy device can enable or disable when installation.
4.Accept any sampling rate for Iphone 5.0 full-duplex purpose.

ver 4.06.1068  06/05/99

1.Fix wave output rear speakers left/right inverse when wave volume
  panning in MCI 4 speakers mode.
2.Fix 48KHz wave playback speed too fast when SPDIF-out enable.

ver 4.06.1067  06/04/99

1.Enable wave volume panning functions.
2.Fix Mic recording in stereo mode.
3.Add wave channels output selection.

ver 4.06.1064  05/25/99

1.Fix sound clicking problem when playback wave.
2.Enhance performance when HRTF CPU utilization set to low.
  (Game Populous 3 can run smoothly when HRTF CPU utilization set to low.)
3.Enable/disable MPU-401 MIDI device install request by registry.
4.Change the wave open management way.

ver 4.06.1062  05/11/99

1.Change the cm8338.vxd file name to cmaudio.vxd.
2.Enable/disable Joystick device controlled by registry.
3.Remove the SPDIF function from mixer(controlled by function calls).
4.Support 24-bit SPDIF playback/recording functions.
5.Fix bugs on game FALCON4.
6.Change the cm8338fm.drv file name to cmpcifm.drv.

ver 4.06.1061  05/07/99

1.Fix MIDI keyboard hang problems.
2.Add SPDIF in/out control functions.

ver 4.06.1059  04/30/99

1.Open registry set legacy SB version.

ver 4.06.1058  04/27/99

1.Change DirectSound driver name.
2.Correct mixer component type.

ver 4.06.1057  04/21/99

1.Joystick resource adjustment.
2.Fix sound problems in DOS game DOOM2,WARCRAFT2,Duke3D and Quake.
3.Fix SPDIF-out inactive problem.
4.Add setup DOS initial program during installation.

ver 4.06.1051  04/02/99

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