8338note.txt Driver File Contents (cmi8338_w9x.zip)

** CMI8338 PCI Audio Windows 95/98 Drivers Release Note **

ver 4.05.1063  05/11/99

1.Fix MIDI keyboard hang problems.

ver 4.05.1060  04/30/99

1.Open registry set legacy SB version.

ver 4.06.1056  04/20/99

1. Fix sound problem when running DOS game DUKE3D & QUAKE.
2. Add setup DOS initial program during installation.

ver 4.06.1055  04/12/99

1. Fix sound problem when running DOS game WARCRAFT2 & DOOM2.
2. Drivers version follow the WHQL naming rules that drivers 
   supports DX6 the version must greater than 4.06.

ver 4.05.1052  04/01/99

1. Optional CPU utilization for HRTF positional audio.

ver 4.05.1050  03/23/99

1. Supports MCI four speakers mode for DVD.
2. Fix a bug that play FM with wave at the same time.
3. Open setting default volume control in INF file.
4. Enhance HRTF positional audio performance when using over
   four channels positional audio.
5. Drivers version naming changed according to Microsoft rules.
6. Restrict play two wave files simultaneously.

ver  02/09/99

1. Fix four speakers muted problem when switching mixer four
   speakers item during play DirectSound waves.
2. Optional CPU performance for HRTF positional audio.

ver  02/04/99

1. DirectSound functions support four speakers mode.

ver  02/02/99

1. Recover master and wave volume panning control.
2. Enhance positional audio performance.

ver  01/27/99

1. Change the legacy device ID.
2. Disable wave interpolation function.

ver  01/08/99

1. Fix ACT4.0 wave test problem.

ver  01/07/99

1. Solve the BitWave MODEM program sound problem.

ver  12/31/98

1. Solve the sound incontinous problem in AudioWinbench 99 testing.
2. Expanded DirectSound3D secondary buffer to 32.

ver  12/21/98

1. Solve the rear speakers sound problem when quit from 
   AudioWinbench 99 in Win98.

ver  12/18/98

1. Solve the sound non-stop problem when quit 
   from DirectSound3D games in Win98.
2. Modify resources management of DirectSound3D.

ver  12/17/98

1. Remove master and wave volume balance control.

ver  12/15/98

1. Add safety check in DirectSound functions.

ver  12/12/98

1. Fix wave volume mute control when use DirectSound to play wave.
2. Fix rear speakers volume controls when use DirectSound3D.

ver  12/11/98

1. Fix FM no output when play FM and wave at the same time
   in four speakers mode.
2. Fix volume panning control in four speakers mode.
3. Modify master volume control to fit all of mixer sources
   (including rear speakers) in four speakers mode.

ver  12/09/98

1. Modify master volume control in four speakers mode.

ver  12/08/98

1. Support four speakers when play wave.
2. Remove the rear speaker control in mixer. 
   (Use wave output volume to control both front and rear speakers.)
3. Make mixer playback and recording volume control synchronously.
4. Solve DirectSound wave output format error When SPDIF-OUT enabled.

ver  12/02/98

1. Mute master volume during system suspended.
2. Default master volume -3dB decay.
3. Fix legacy device reload problem when come back from suspend mode.

ver  11/30/98

1. Solve the game REDLINE RACER sound mute problem when 3D sound enabled.
2. Fix legacy device problem when refresh the system in device manager.

ver  11/20/98

1. Legacy device IRQ channel shared with others device.

ver  11/17/98

1. Modify for A3D demo and Audio WinBench 99 noise problem.
2. Mixer default set CD,wave and FM output on.
3. Mixer default volume set to maximum.
4. Mixer volume control move Surround and SPIDF In to advanced controls.
5. Mixer recording control move SPDIF In to advanced controls.
6. Solve mixer Aux In left and right channels inverse when panning.

ver  11/10/98

1. Enable hardware SPDIF-out only when playing 44.1KHz wave.

ver  11/09/98

1. Resolve the problem that IRQ conflict with INTEL 730 AGP card.
2. Format check on SPDIF playing and recording when SPDIF-out enable.
3. Automatic check on SPDIF-in device attaching for recording.
4. Default installation mute all mixer output except wave and FM.

ver  11/04/98

1. Correct first installation FM and MPU401 not loaded.
2. Correct that WHQL(ACT4.0/HCT8.0) Dynamic configuration test failed.
3. Merge softMIDI device with DOS mode MPU-401 MIDI emulator.
4. Resolve WHQL(ACT4.0/HCT8.0) MIDI IN problem.

ver  10/20/98

1. Wave and softMIDI can playback simultaneously.
2. Resolve drivers conflicted with ATI AGP VGA card.
3. Add DOS mode MPU-401 MIDI emulator.
4. Add install Windows default mixer program.
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