INFOLIST.TXT Driver File Contents (ITE.ZIP)

Driver Package File Name: ITE.ZIP
File Size: 1.2 MB

The Package contains Three Kernal Mode Drivers (PCI card, Serial,Parallel Drivers) only for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
They are Developed By Paul Chiang of SDD2 Teams in ITE. 
If there are any questions, you can contact with us .

TEL : 886-2-2657-9896

ITE887x Drivers:
	Kernel Mode Drivers (not WDM)
	For Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation
	Serial Drivers
	Parallel Driver(SPP,EPP)	
ITE887x Chip Informations:
	ITE887x is a PCI to Partial ISA interfaces, providing a method 
	to hook up I/O Devices onto PCI bus with ISA like interface 
	single function device.....
ITE887x Chip Feaures:
	PCI Interface
	Partial ISA Interface
	Distributed DMA Controlled
	PC/PCI DMA Controller
	IEEE 1284 Parallel Port
	SM Bus
	Serial IRQ
	24 GPIO Pins
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