100BLAN.TXT Driver File Contents (IEE_100B.ZIP)

Driver Package File Name: IEE_100B.ZIP
File Size: 798.3 KB


Notes for using the archive E100BLAN.EXE contained on the
Intel EtherExpress (TM) PRO/10+ PCI adapter driver disk
   Location of Archive:  \NWSERVER\311LAN\E100BLAN.EXE
   Contents of Archive:     E100B.LAN (ODI 3.2 spec driver)
                            E100B.LDI (Install file)
                            NW311.TXT (NetWare 3.11 readme)


E100BLAN.EXE is a self-extracting archive that contains the
NetWare Server ODI 3.2 spec driver used for NetWare 3.11.
The NetWare server driver contained on the directory
\NWSERVER in the Intel Configuration and Drivers diskette
follows the NetWare ODI 3.3 spec and should be used for
NetWare 3.12 and greater.


Copy the file E100BLAN.EXE to your local hard disk.  Change
directories to the location on your local hard disk where
you copied E100BLAN.EXE.  At the DOS prompt type:

e100blan <return>

The file will expand to include E100B.LAN, E100B.LDI and
NW311.TXT. Refer to the readme NW311.TXT to install the


server: web3, load: 0.72