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   6 Windows NT with NetWare Client Services

Windows* NT* 4.0 and Novell NetWare client Services driver installation
notes for Intel's EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100B adapter

Location of driver: \NWSERVER\E100B.LAN

General instructions for Novell NetWare* Client Services under Windows NT
using the ODI server driver.

1  Install the Novell NetWare Client Services per the instructions
   provided by Novell.
   Note: If the NDIS driver for the PRO/100B is installed and you want to
         us the NetWare 32 ODI LAN driver, remove the NDIS driver from NT
         before going to step 2.  Novell NetWare Client service can be
         run with the NDIS 3 driver.

2  Start Windows NT and log in as ADMINISTRATOR (or another valid user

3  Double-click the "Network" icon in the Control Panel. The "Network
   Settings" screen appears.

4  Select the Adapter tab.

5  Click the "Add" button.

6  Click the Have Disk button.

7  Insert the Intel Configuration and Drivers Disk into your floppy drive
   and type A:\nwserver.  Click OK to continue.

8  When "ODI Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B adapter for NetWare" appears,
   click OK.

9  After the files are copied, the default driver settings will be
   displayed (they'll be displayed with their defaults which in most
   cases is OK).  Click OK when correct.
   NOTE: Do not click on Advanced Settings.  See the section titled
   Advanced Setting below.

   Speed: Specifies the line speed of the adapter.
             0    =    Auto detect (default)
             10   =    10 Mbps
             100  =    100 Mbps


   Note: The PRO/100B T4 adapter does not support full duplex at 100
   Mbps.  It does at 10 Mbps.  The PRO/100B TX adapter supports full
   duplex at 10 and 100 Mbps

             0 = auto-negotiate (default)
             1 = half duplex
             2 = full duplex
      Note: If the adapter is set to half or full duplex, set the SPEED
            parameter to either 10 or 100. (see SPEED)

10 You will have to restart Windows NT to complete the installation.

Advanced Settings

Only select Advanced Settings if you want to use local Administration of
Addressing or use multiple Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B adapters. Entering
Advanced Setting requires that you know the slot number the adapter is

1  To get to Advanced Setting from the Network Dialog box selected the
   Adapters tab and highlight the ODI Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B adapter
   and click Configure.

2  Click Advanced.

3  There are 2 advanced options, Node Address Override and Slot.

   NODE ADDRESS OVERRIDE: Use this option to provide your own unique node
   address for the adapter.  The node address is a 12-digit hexadecimal
   number; the second digit must be one of the following digits: 2, 6, A,

   SLOT: Select the slot number the adapter is in. Only necessary if
   multiple PRO/100B adapter cards are being used.  Before clicking OK,
   you must enter a valid slot number.  To exit without saving a slot
   number, click Cancel.

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