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   Using Intel's Automated Customer Support

The following services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year:


Use the World Wide Web or anonymous FTP to get the following:

-  Troubleshooting information

-  Software updates

-  Installation notes

-  Product information

-  Technical documents

Connection information

World Wide Web:          (Intel Corporate home page)      (Customer Support home page)

   Directory  /pub/support/enduser_reseller/etherexpress_lan_adapters/

Intel BBS

Use your modem to download software updates.

Phone numbers

Europe           +44-1793-432-955

US & Canada      1-503-264-7999

Worldwide        1-503-264-7999

Other Support Services

You can purchase a range of support services, including 24-hour support,
per incident support, on-site service, and software and hardware
maintenance agreements. For details about the Intel Support Service
options, download document number 8549 from one of the automated

Worldwide Access

Intel has technical support centers worldwide. Many of the centers are
staffed by technicians who speak the local languages.

For a list of all Intel support centers, the telephone numbers, and the
times they are open, download document number 9089 from one of the
automated services.

If you don't have access to automated services, contact your local dealer
or distributor. Or call +1-916-377-7000 from 07:00 to 17:00 Mon.-Fri.,
U.S. Pacific Time.

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