DIAGLED.TXT Driver File Contents (IEE_100B.ZIP)

Driver Package File Name: IEE_100B.ZIP
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   Diagnostic LEDs

Link integrity

LNK:  Indicates the adapter is connected to a hub or switch and is
      receiving link pulses. If the LNK light isn't on, check all
      connections at the adapter and the hub. Make sure the hub is
      transmitting at the correct speed and the drivers are loaded.

      Also, make sure you have the correct wiring configuration for the
      adapter to the hub connection. Some hubs require a crossover cable
      rather than a straight-through cable.

ACT:  Indicates read/write activity on the network. It doesn't always
      mean there is activity on this adapter. If the ACT light isn't on,
      make sure the hub and network are operating and the drivers are
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