HISTORY.TXT Driver File Contents (M2989118.zip)

* Change History *
1/18/99 v6.15.5412.9x.TWx06
    1. Majer version upgrade.
    2. Fix Windows 95 Japanese Utility problem.
    3. Fix garbage appear on Nature screen saver problem.

12/17/98 v6.15.5412.98.TWj05s
    1.Majer version upgrade.
    2.Fixed desktop screen is blue color & it only remain
      cursor without any content after resume from 3D Maze.

12/15/98 v6.15.5412.98.TWj04
    1.Majer version upgrade.
    2. Fixed sound will be discontinued when use graphic HW accelerator.

11/18/98 v6.15.5412.98.TWJ03
    1.Majer version upgrade.
    2.Fixed cursor will disappear when cursor position is on rightmost side.remove patch code in cursor.c for 9388.
    3.Fixed ACPI don't touch 3cf.33&3cf.2c. 
10/02/98 v6.15.5412.98.20.TWJ01
    1. Fixed "small icon in Star Menu crashed after turn off monitor in screen 
       saver then resume" problem.
    2. Fixed "Error message in screen saver Flying Windows" problem.        

09/24/98 v6.15.5411.98.20.TWJ01
    1. Fixed "Can not display on LCD after MHS enabled" problem in LCD or SIMU.
    2. Fixed "pink LCD problem after switch back from FS-DOS to MHS" (set 
       3d5.bf to 0x20 for MHS-enabled environment).  

09/17/98 v6.15.5410.98.20.TWJ01
    1. Fixed "incorrect 256 and true-color options for secondary
       device" after 1st time installation MHS driver.

08/28/98 v6.15.5409.98.20.TWJ01
    1. Change 3x5.9e [bit4] to 1 for ZV port clock.
    2. Fixed display garbage problem in TV dull-screen DOS.

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