README.TXT Driver File Contents (DE_LAN.EXE)

Driver Package File Name: DE_LAN.EXE
File Size: 1.2 MB

NetWare* Server Driver Installation Notes

There are four NetWare server drivers available on this CD.
Please read the following information to determine the 
correct driver to use.

**IMPORTANT**  When using command line options with the .LAN driver
               for NWSERVER, make sure the equal sign is followed by
               a value.  Otherwise, unpredictable results may occur.

These are the CHSM 1.11 spec driver and the AHSM 3.31 spec driver,
respectively, and will work with all versions of NetWare except 3.11
and 4.0x as long as the MSM version is 3.61 or greater.  You will get
the following error message if the MSM is too old:

"Loader could not find public symbol: <symbol name>" 

To correct this you can upgrade the ETHERTSM and MSM or use the
driver in the \nwserver\3x4x.old directory. It follows the older
AHSM 3.30 spec and will run with AHSM 3.30 spec versions of MSM.

This is the AHSM 3.30 spec driver and it is to be used with non-
current versions of MSM.  We recommend that you update your MSM
and use the AHSM 3.31 spec driver where possible.

This driver supports NetWare 3.11 and 4.0x and should only be used
in a NetWare 3.11 or 4.0x server.

*  Third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
server: web3, load: 0.53