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Installing Accton EN2228 16 bit 10/100 PCMCIA Ethernet adapter
For WIN/TCP PathWay Access Users
    (c) 1999 Copyright Accton Technology Corp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains EN2228 PCMCIA ethernet adapter installation notes,
which is not included in the EN2228 PCMCIA ethernet adapter USER'S GUIDE
or onscreen instructions, for WIN/TCP PathWay Access users.

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0   Overview
2.0   Installation Notes


1.0 Overview

WIN/TCP Pathway users, please also refer to the following:

File                Description/Installation Notes
INST_DOS.TXT        Overall Installation notes for DOS users,
                    including users of Windows 3.1/3.11.
\NDIS2\README.TXT   Overall installation notes for all NDIS users

 2.0   Installation Notes

        1. Copy the EN2228.DOS, ACCOPEN.EXE files into your C:\LANMAN directory.

        2. Change to the C:\LANMAN directory, and create a
           PROTOCOL.INI text file with the following statements:

                drivername = EN2228$

        3. Add the following statements to your CONFIG.SYS file:
           device=c:\LANMAN\ACCOPEN.EXE /IRQ:5 /IOP:300

        4. Add the following statements to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


        5. Restart your computer and WinTCP Pathways should be active.
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