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Installing Accton EN2228 16 bit 10/100 PCMCIA Ethernet adapter
For MS Lan Manager
    (c) 1999 Copyright Accton Technology Corp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This document contains EN2228 PCMCIA ethernet adapter installation notes,
which is not included in the EN2228 PCMCIA ethernet adapter USER'S GUIDE
or onscreen, instructions for MS Lan Manager users.

This document contains information on the following topics:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Installation Notes

1.0 Introduction

MS Lan Manager users please also refer to the following:

        File              Description/Installation Notes
        \README.TXT       Overall installation notes for all users

2.0 Installation Notes

 Getting Started

    The MS LAN Manager provides a SETUP.EXE program in the setup diskette
    for specifying a driver for the Ethernet adapter.

    To install a driver for OS/2, follow these steps:
    1. Change to the Microsoft LAN Manager directory
       Example:     C:\>cd \lanman

    2. Run SETUP.EXE (The setup/configuration program of Microsoft LAN
       Example:     C:\LANMAN>setup

    3. Press <Alt> and <C> to open "Configration" window,
       then select "Network Drivers...".

    4. If any other adapter installed before, please select
       <Remove Config> first to delete all configuration.
       Then select <Add New Config> to add new adapter.

    5. Select <Other Drivers>

    6. Insert the EN2228 PCMCIA ethernet adapter's driver diskette into
       floppy disk drive.

    7. Type the source path.
       Example:     A: or B:

    8. Select <OK> item twice

    9. Move the UP/DOWN arrow to the protocol you need.

   10. Press <Space Bar> of keyboard to mark the protocol
       Example:     [ ]TCP/IP

   11. Select <Save> button to save the configuration.

   12. Press <F3> to Exit Setup

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