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*Compile the driver for en2228
1.extract the source code in /usr/src/linux/pcmcia-cs-3.1.8/
   tar -xzvf en2228.tgz

2."make config" in /usr/src/linux/pcmcia-cs-x.x.x if this
is the first time you compile the driver to build the environment
3. change to the directory of the driver by 
   cd en2228

4. make the driver now using


5. if the compiling finished successfully, the driver will be
   named en2228.o

*Make Config Howto

Executing "make config" is to creat the which is needed
to compile the driver .After you issuing "make config" , a sequence
of question need to answer:

Q1: specify the source directory of linux.almost in /usr/src/linux  

[ycchen@cclinux pcmcia-cs-3.1.8]$ make config

Linux PCMCIA Configuration Script

The default responses for each question are correct for most users.
Consult the PCMCIA-HOWTO for additional info about the each option.

Linux source directory [/usr/src/linux]:

Q2...the following question :use default to answer
Qx:where to choose the kernel-specific options :
answer is 1

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