Readme.txt Driver File Contents (0707-unkg-craiv90.exe)

Courier V.Everything V90 Upgrade
Copyright 1998 3Com UK Ltd.

1.   Additional Features and Improvements

	-  V.90 Capabilities

2.   Upgrading your Courier V.Everything
There is two methods of upgrading your Courier V.Everything to V.90. You may either use
the SDL utility or the Xmodem download facility. 

2a.  Upgrading your Courier with V90SDL.EXE

Before starting the upgrade process, please make a note of your original DIP 
switch settings.

Please power off the PC/modem & put DIP switches 1,3,5 and 7 ON (down). 

i)   Reboot your PC into MSDOS mode before using V90SDL.
ii)  Change to the directory where the V90SDL.EXE is located.  Then run
     V90SDL.EXE as follows :
	V90SDL.EXE /C=n <RETURN> (n=Com Port Number)

     If the modem is using a non-standard IRQ, the following should be typed :
	V90SDL.EXE /C=n /I=x <RETURN> (x=IRQ Value)
iii) After the upgrade process, please power off the PC/modem & set your original DIP 
     switch settings.

2b.  Upgrading your Courier with V90SDL.XMD

     This feature is only supported if your Courier modem is currently running
     7.1.8 firmware.  (Type ATI7 in a terminal application to confirm).	

  i) Enter a Terminal Application, which supports Xmodem Transfer and ensure 
     that the modem is responding.  Use a DTE rate of either 115200 or 57600.
 ii) Type AT~X!<CR>.  At the SDL Xmodem file transfer prompt, type 'Y' to begin
iii) You will be prompted to 'Begin Xmodem file transfer now', select 'Send File' 
     then 'XmodemCRC' and select V90SDL.XMP to begin.
     NOTE.  Terminal Applications may vary.
 iv) When the file transfer has completed, the modem will display 'Calculating CRC
     ... OK' then 'Resetting modem...'
3.   Windows 95/98/NT4 Support

MDM3CMCR.INF supports DTE rates upto 115200bps.

Before installing the .INF please remove reference to the Courier modem in Start/Settings/Control
To install the .INF file please proceed as follows :
i. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Modems & click on 'Next' to Install New Modem.
ii.On the 'Verify Modem' screen click on 'Change' followed by 'Have Disk' and 'Browse'.
iii. Go to the directory where the .INF file is located and select the .INF file followed by 'OK'.
iv. From the list below please select your relevant modem   
	Courier V.Everything EXT(V.90 & X2) 
	Courier V.Everything INT(V.90 & X2) 
v. Click on 'Next' followed by 'Finish' to complete the installation of the new .INF file.

4.   Contact Information & Further Information

For any technical queries or further information on new code releases, 3Com 
Technical Support can be contacted using the following methods.

	E-mail address:
	BBS:			0118 969 2200
	Tel/FOD*:		0870 844 4546
	Fax:			0870 844 4547
	Web site:		http:\\
      * FOD = Fax on Demand

3Com UK Ltd.
220 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh, Wokingham. RG41 5TP 

All 3Com/U.S. Robotics modems are BABT approved and CE Marked, and are supplied
with a five year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Last updated: 21 December 1998

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