P900LH.inf Driver File Contents (p4m900_15310506_vista_logo.zip)

; vtgLHx.inf
; Longhorn installation INF for the S3 Graphics Co., Ltd. LDDM display driver
; for the 86c700-series of products.
; Copyright (c) 2006 VIA Technologies, Inc.

Signature="$Windows NT$"

DefaultDestDir      = 11
S3G700.Miniport     = 12   ; drivers
S3G700.Display      = 11   ; system32
S3G700.OpenGL       = 11   ; system32
S3G700.Clone        = 11   ;

ExcludeFromSelect = *

; Driver information

%S3GRAPHICS%   = S3.Mfg

; This section should be modified to reflect the chip strings the
; user will see in the Displays applet when the new driver is being
; installed from the driver diskette.

%S3GDeltaChromeIGP% = S3G700, PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3371

; General installation section

CopyFiles=S3G700.Miniport, S3G700.Display, S3G700.OpenGL, S3G700.Clone
AddReg = S3G700_SoftwareDeviceSettings
DelReg = S3G700_UserPreferences
RegisterDlls = S3G700_RegisterDlls

; File sections

VTGKModeDX32.sys     ; miniport driver

VTGUModeDX32.dll,,,0x00004000             ; COPYFLG_IN_USE_TRY_RENAME

VTGOGL32.DLL,,,0x00004000    ; OpenGL driver

S3Clone.dll,,,0x00004000	; COPYFLG_IN_USE_TRY_RENAME


; Service Installation

AddService = S3G700, 0x00000002, S3G700_Service_Inst
ServiceType    = 1                  ; SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER
StartType      = 3                  ; SERVICE_DEMAND_START
ErrorControl   = 0                  ; SERVICE_ERROR_IGNORE
LoadOrderGroup = Video
ServiceBinary  = %12%\VTGKModeDX32.sys

HKR,, InstalledDisplayDrivers,      %REG_MULTI_SZ%, VTGUModeDX32
HKR,, VgaCompatible,                %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, SupportIcd,                   %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, SupportSAMM,                  %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, DefaultSettings.XResolution,  %REG_DWORD%,    800
HKR,, DefaultSettings.YResolution,  %REG_DWORD%,    600
HKR,, DefaultSettings.BitsPerPel,   %REG_DWORD%,    32
HKR,, DefaultSettings.VRefresh,     %REG_DWORD%,    60
HKR,, UseAGPDMA,                    %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, bSupportCRTCalibration,       %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, SupportRotation_90,           %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, SupportRotation_180,          %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, SupportRotation_270,          %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, RotationDegree,               %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, UserModeDriverName,           %REG_MULTI_SZ%, VTGUModeDX32.dll
HKR,, UserModeDriverGUID,           %REG_SZ%, {A661981C-9742-4cf0-8298-8530AA65567D}
HKR,, OpenGLDriverName,             %REG_SZ%,       VTGOGL32.dll
HKR,, OpenGLVersion,                %REG_DWORD%,    2
HKR,, OpenGLFlags,                  %REG_DWORD%,    1

;Add on registry keys for Haycyon chips
HKR,, S3GDW_DXVAType,               %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, S3GDW_FrontEndBlend,          %REG_DWORD%,    1

HKR,, HalcyonFFPSCacheEnable,       	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPPSCacheEnable,        	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonEnableTnL,             	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonEnableVS,              	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonEnableSWCulling,       	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonCoarseZEnable,         	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonDirectAccessFB,        	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptInstReorder,      	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptRemoveRedundants, 	%REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptRemoveUnnecessaryMOV, %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptCoissue,              %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptMerge,                %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptSecondDest,           %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptRemap,                %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonPSOptCoissueSimMov,        %REG_DWORD%,    1
HKR,, HalcyonSPSENABLE,                 %REG_DWORD%,    0

HKR,, HalcyonTexReadThreshold,          %REG_DWORD%,    0x00
HKR,, HalcyonZReadFIFOThreshold,        %REG_DWORD%,    0x04
HKR,, HalcyonZWriteFIFOThreshold,       %REG_DWORD%,    0x0F
HKR,, HalcyonVBReadThreshold,           %REG_DWORD%,    0x00
HKR,, HalcyonTexAddrReadFIFOThreshold,  %REG_DWORD%,    0x00
HKR,, HalcyonColorReadFIFOThreshold,    %REG_DWORD%,    0x00
HKR,, HalcyonRCDThreshold,              %REG_DWORD%,    0x00
HKR,, HalcyonCoarseZReadThreshold,      %REG_DWORD%,    0x04
HKR,, HalcyonDMAReadWritePriMSK,        %REG_DWORD%,    0x00
HKR,, HalcyonZWritePriMSK,              %REG_DWORD%,    0xFB
HKR,, HalcyonZReadPriMSK,               %REG_DWORD%,    0x49
HKR,, HalcyonColorWritePriMSK,          %REG_DWORD%,    0xDB
HKR,, HalcyonColorReadPriMSK,           %REG_DWORD%,    0xCB
HKR,, HalcyonStencilBufReadPriMSK,      %REG_DWORD%,    0x4B
HKR,, HalcyonStencilBufWritePriMSK,     %REG_DWORD%,    0xFF
HKR,, HalcyonCZReadWritePriMSK,         %REG_DWORD%,    0x09
HKR,, HalcyonTexReadPriMSK,             %REG_DWORD%,    0x01
HKR,, HalcyonVBReadePriMSK,             %REG_DWORD%,    0x00

HKR,, HalcyonCModelType,            	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDump2DCommand,         	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDumpEnable,            	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDumpEnd,               	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDumpMode,              	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDumpRenderBitmap,      	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDumpStart,             	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonDumpStride,            	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonEnableFastZClear,      	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonEnableHWClip,          	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonEnableHWVB,            	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonFastZ16IndexLen,       	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonFastZ24IndexLen,       	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonFastZ32IndexLen,       	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonFBDumpEnable,          	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonFFPSDumpEnable,        	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonForcePCI,              	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonFullUpdate,            	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonMSPSDumpEnable,        	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonMSVSDumpEnable,        	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonPSDumpStyle,           	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonSeparateStencilEnable, 	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonSW2D,                  	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonTiledDisplayEnable,    	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonTiledRTEnable,         	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonTiledZWEnable,         	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonTiledTexEnable,        	%REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, S3GDW_AgpTexturing,         	    %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, HalcyonPPSDumpEnable,         	%REG_DWORD%,    0

; user-selected preferences reset to default settings upon installing a new driver
HKR,, UseDDCInfo
HKR,, PanelCenterExpandMode
HKR,, SingleController
HKR,, NtscTvPositionX
HKR,, NtscTvPositionY
HKR,, Pal6TvPositionX
HKR,, Pal6TvPositionY
HKR,, Pal8TvPositionX
HKR,, Pal8TvPositionY
HKR,, DisplaysActivePreference
HKR,, TvStandardPreference
HKR,, DdcMaxRefresh
HKR,, GammaFor16BppModes
HKR,, GammaFor32BppModes
HKR,, GammaIGA2For16BppModes
HKR,, GammaIGA2For32BppModes
HKR,, GammaSupportEnabled
HKR,, SupportRotation_90
HKR,, SupportRotation_180
HKR,, SupportRotation_270
HKR,, RotationDegree
HKR,, SupportSAMM


1 = %DiskId%,,,""

VTGKModeDX32.sys      = 1
VTGUModeDX32.dll      = 1
VTGOGL32.dll          = 1
S3Clone.dll       =1

; Non-Localizable Strings
REG_MULTI_SZ   = 0x00010000
REG_DWORD      = 0x00010001
REG_SZ         = 0x00000000

; Localizable Strings

S3GRAPHICS  = "S3 Graphics Co. Ltd."
S3GDeltaChromeIGP = "VIA Chrome9 HC IGP WDDM"
DiskId = "DeltaChromeIGP Display Driver"

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