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             Canon Utilities Easy-PhotoPrint Version 3.6.0
                          Microsoft Windows
               *** Copyright CANON INC. 2002-2006 ***

< Contents >

 About Trademarks
 Installation Components


< Foreword >

  Thank you for using Canon Utilities Easy-PhotoPrint.
  This product is a handy application program that allows you to make
  high-quality prints from the images you recorded with your digital
  camera. With Easy-PhotoPrint, you can make photo-size prints as
  well as index prints on which reduced images are arranged.
  And furthermore, you can correct/enhance the image for printing.

< About Trademarks >

  "Windows" is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation, registered in
  the United States and other countries. 
  All other names and brands mentioned here may be trademarks or
  registered trademarks of their respective owners.

< Installation Components >

  This product includes the following items.

  Canon Utilities Easy-PhotoPrint (hereafter called Easy-PhotoPrint)
    Easy-PhotoPrint is an application program that allows high-quality
    printing as well as corrections and enhancements of photos and
    other images with simple operations.  

    This deletes unnecessary files related to Easy-PhotoPrint.

  Easy-PhotoPrint ReadMe (readme.txt)
    This file. It provides important information about 
    When you are finished with installation, select [Start]-
    [(All)Programs]-[Canon Utilities]-[Easy-PhotoPrint]-
    [Easy-PhotoPrint ReadMe] to display the contents of this file.

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