Release.txt Driver File Contents (

Date		Version		Note
2002.11.11	0.10		1. Fix error network type in ad-hoc mode(ad-hoc but show infrastructure)
				2. Fix radio off function
				3. Fix driver load fail when MAC Address is wrong
2002.11.14	0.20		4. Modify signal strength/signal quality calculation
2002.11.19	1.00		5. Modify tx power setting according to EEPROM
				6. Fix channel 15 problem in ad-hoc mode
				7. Support PHILIPS analog phy
				8. Fix preamble mode error with Lucent AP
2002.11.21	1.01		9. Fix mass production continuous Tx problem
2002.11.25	1.02		10. Default turn rate adaptive function off
				11. Turn on filter for channel 14
2002.11.26	1.03		12. Fix site survey problem in v1.02
2002.11.28	1.04		13. Fix mass production reception problem in second execution
				14. Fix mass production problem: preamble mode mismatch
				15. Fix compatibility issue: preamble mode problem with Lucent 2000 AP(AD-HOC Mode)
				16. Fix compatibility issue: CW problem with Lucent 2000 AP
				17. Modify signal strength/signal quality update policy
2002.12.02	1.05		18. Fix error caused by CW mechanism
				19. Fix PHILIPS ch14 problem
2002.12.05	1.06		20. Turn on rate adaptive function
2002.12.17	1.07		21. Fix disable take too much time
				22. Correct OID_802_11_CONFIGURATION
				23. Fix win98/me site survey problem(no AP found)
2002.12.18	1.08		24. Support Realtek TKIP/AES
2002.12.19	1.09		25. Try to fix all zero MAC address after standby(?)
2002.12.19	1.10		26. Fix the SetRxAntennaBB() bug in Mass-Production Reference Kit.
			        27. Fix the SetSleepModeDirectCall()/SetWakeModeDirectCall() bug in the Mass-Production Refreence Kit.
2002.12.20	1.11		28. Fix the NetBEUI protocol issue.
				29. Fix the "Win98(SE) Surprised Unplug" issue (system halt).
				30. Fix the AES key initialization issue.
2002.12.23	1.12		31. Fix the "2 Realtek card establish Ad-Hoc mode each other, connect time is almost 1 minute" issue.
2002.12.30	1.14
				32. (Adhoc mode)Select less conjested channel when starting an IBSS network.
				33. Channel not in regulation domain filtered during site survey.
				34. Add spinlock to all timer function.
				35. (Adhoc mode)Always report link status as connected when in IBSS mode(NDIS 5.1)
				36. (Adhoc mode)When start an IBSS network, add this BSS to BSS list.
				37. (Adhoc mode)Filter data packet not belong to this BSS.
				38. (Adhoc mode)Bug fix:TxBeaconError/OK count.
2003.01.06	1.15
				39. Powersave:fix rx low throughput when switch to ps mode.
				40. XP:auto re-associate when link is disconnected.

2003.01.10	1.16		41. Standby: Let RTL8180 work properly after wakeing up from standby.
				42. Mass-Production: Beacon transmission can be stopped after mp8180 is executed.

2003.01.17	1.17		43. RTL8180 will try to connect to a network automatically in Windows 2000.
				44. Fix the blue-screen issue in surprise-unplug.
				45. Fix the stop issue in long-time endurance test.
2003.01.27	1.18		46. Fix error in certain basic rate configuration
				47. Make sure channels of AP in site survey are in RegDomain
2003.01.28	1.19		48. Fix:disconnected after tcpip disabled.
2003.01.30	1.20	
				49. Fix for HCT 11.1.
						.Send dis-assoc packet when driver is unloaded.
						.Start an IBSS network if failed to join a known IBSS network.
						.Add surprisedRemoved handler for NDIS 5.1 driver.
						.Modify link detection mechanism for HCT 11.1.
						.Disable WOL if CardBus_EN is set.

				50. Fix: Channel mismatch after the connected AP's channel has been changed and applied.

2003.01.30	1.21		51. Fix: RTL8180 sometimes can not join another RTL8180's ad-hoc network correctly (channel, link) when the "ConnectedOnIBSS" is enabled.

2003.02.07	1.22		52. Fix: RTL8180 will change it's BSSID periodically after it creates an adhoc network and no one joins it.
				53. Fix: The setup utility will scan and try to connect to others periodically after it creates an adhoc network and no one joins it.

2003.02.10	1.23		54. RTL8180 will switch the channel to the default channel when zero-configuration is used and a lonely adhoc network is created.
				55. Fix: RTL8180 does not appear in the "SAVE-REMOVABLE HARDWARE LIST" in Windows XP.

2003.02.11	1.24		56. Fix: RATE ADAPTION can not work properly since version 1.18

2003.02.14	1.25		57. Fix:MP program not able to set channel.
				58. Maxim:Standby and off mode support.
				59. Rescan function failed for 1.xx utility.

2003.02.18	1.26		60. Fix:Remove debug message for free build driver.

2003.03.05	1.27		61. Support "hardware mode RF ON/OFF"
				62. Support NetStumbler software interface in Windows 2000.
				63. In adhoc mode, the preamble mode can change from short to long after someone's preamble mode is changed from short to long.
				64. Fix: RTL8180 reboots when joining an Atheros's created 11g adhoc network.
				65. Fix: (MassProduction)The 2nd or later run of TxContinuous test failed.
				66. Fix: (MassProduction)RX stop after many runs of TxContinuous test.
				67. RTL8180 can join Broadcom chipset based AP Short Preamble network. 

2003.03.07	1.28		68. Pass Windows ME HCT test.
				69. Fix: (MassProduction)The data rate is fixed after the mp8180 test.

2003.03.12	1.29
				72. Add custom LED signal.
				73. Add surprised Remove handler.
				74. Select AP based on SSID and BSSID.
				75. Add support for Tx Power get and get.
				76. Add OID for tx/rx byte count statistics.
				77. Fix:(XP)802.1x authentication failed when WEP is enabled.
				78. Fix:System hang when rate settings does not match any of AP's.
2003.03.13	1.30

2003.03.19	1.31		79. Fix: (Mass Production) The tx power has something wrong after starting ContinuousTx without re-selecting Tx Power Control.
				80. Fix: (Mass Production) The supported data rate set is resticted by the last data rate selected in the mp8180 test.
				81. Support Windows XP, 2K, ME, and 98 in a single driver.
2003.03.18	1.32
				82. Add:OID OID_RT_AUTH_STATUS for disgnostics
				83. fix:driver fail to return from standby because surprised removal detected.
				84. fix:failed to connect with pppoe protocal.
2003.04.07	1.34
				85. supported character for SSID: printable characters(0x20-0x7e)
				86. add:query/set regulatory domain.
				87. fix:for rf-off.
				88. support GCT/RFMD2958.
2003.04.11 1.35
				90. Change:Israel regulatory domain changed to 3-9.
				91. Change:hardware version identification.
				92. fix: unable to connect through ADSL(pppoe).
				93. Remove code for Mass production program.
				94. fix:unable to connect to Linksys BEFW11S4 when broadcase SSID is disabled(MAXIM).

2003.04.21	1.36		95. Improve the tx/rx performance with Atheros 11g AP solution.
				96. add:reflect RF on/off status to GEP_out pin.
				97. fix:sometimes driver failed to update AP list.

2003.04.29	1.37		
				98. Fix: The link status is always disconnected after waking up from "stand-by"
				99. Improve the tx/rx performace with Intersil 11a/g chipset.
				100.Fix: disable SignalQuality/RSSI report when scanning.

2003.05.14  	1.382
				101. Enhance scan algorithm to reduce scan time.
				102. Enhance roaming algorithm to reduce roaming time.
				103. Bug fix:Modify link status detection mothod.
				104. Bug fix:compatibility issue with some VPN protocal.
2003.05.19  	1.39
				105. Bug fix:connection mismatch(XP/"network connection" and system tray) on a NEC NB after RF on/off.
				106. Bug fix:(hidden AP)SSID changed to regSSID on every hidden AP.

2003.05.21  	1.40
				107. Fix: RTL8180 sometimes can not work with RFMD2958 properly.
				108. Fix: (Win98/ricoh cardbus adapter)set pci configuration space(latency/..) when it is set to 0.

2003.05.29	1.41		109. Modify "Rate Adaption Algorithm" for Aeo Hammer AP2000.

2003.06.03	1.42
				110. Add WPA support.
				111. Add AP mode support.(for Window XP only)
				112. Fix:signal strength/quality un-stable on 317D hardware
				113. Add:Rate auto-fallback support in ad-hoc mode.			
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