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Intel (R) 82559/82559ER/82551QM/82551ER Fast Ethernet Controller Sample Drivers & Tools



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The 82559ER/82551ER Fast Ethernet Controller is intended for embedded
designs. It is based on the GD82559 Fast Ethernet Controller that
has been extensively deployed in server, desktop, and mobile PCs.
The 82559ER/82551ER device is most suitable for applications that do not
require the advanced manageability features of the GD82559 as well
as WHQL certification.

The 82559/82559ER/82551QM/82551ER is a PCI device that consists of a 10BASE-T/
100BASE-TX Transceiver and an IEEE 802.3 Media Access Controller
integrated onto a single piece of silicon.  It is offered in a space-
saving thin BGA package measuring 15mm x 15mm.


Intel expects to update these drivers and tools from time to time.
For the latest information and driver files for the 82559/82559ER/82551QM/82551ER Fast 
Ethernet Controller use the Intel Developer Web Site.  Intel's Developer Web Site at http://developer.intel.com is the preferred information source for all Intel embedded application products.


E100ENT.SYS        NDIS4 Driver for 82559/82559ER/82551QM/82551ER
E100EXP.INF        Windows XP installation script
e100.SLD           Layers source and destination definition
SLD.TXT            Instructions for installing the Windows XP Embedded driver
e100entsld.TXT     This file


The 82559/82559ER/82551QM/82551ER Fast Ethernet Controller was evaluated for
installation, functionality and stress under the following 


System Details
* Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT
  4.0 Workstation, Windows NT Embedded, Windows 98, Windows 98SE,
  Windows 95 OSR2.5
* Adapter: 82559/82559ER/82551QM/82551ER A2 Stepping
* NDIS4 Driver:
* Networking Protocol: TCP/IP, NW Link (IPX/SPX), Netbeui

server: web2, load: 1.97