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This file explains the usage of the file SETPNP.EXE.
This program is written by C.H.Yang and all right is reserved.

This program can config Plug and Play MODEM on PC,
and is ONLY for Plug and Play MODEM.

Function Description : Config multiple Plug and Play MODEM
on non Plug and Play PC, the Plug and Play Device's description
MUST contain specific characters. i.e. "MODEM".
This program can config up to 8 MODEMs at one time.

Usage : SETPNP [/C:x] [/I:y] [...]
	Where x : Comm port number, range:1-8
		  y: IRQ number, range:2,3,4,5,7,10,11,12
If no parameter is specified, the program will assign comm port
and IRQ by default. The first MODEM founded will assign to COM1, IRQ4,
and second one will assign to COM2, IRQ3, and so on.
The sequence of the MODEM to be found depend on the ISOLATION sequence
(see Plug and Play Spec1.0a). The other comm port assign sequence
please see self-explanation by typing "SETPNP /?"

server: ftp, load: 1.81