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Supported Parallel Port Chipset Details

Machine/Adapter                 EPP/SPP/ECP     Chipset Specs   
IBM Aptiva                      EPP+ECP         SMC37C932       
HP Vectra M2-66MHz              EPP+ECP         Farpoint SMC37C666GT    
Packard Bell                    EPP+ECP         SMC37C665GT     
Compaq Presario 7222            EPP+ECP         SMC37C931       
Acer Aspire                     EPP+ECP         SMC37C665GT     
Dell Dimension                  EPP+ECP         NS PC87306 IBD/VUL      
HP Pavillion                    EPP+ECP         NS PC87306      
Zeos Pantera                    EPP+ECP         SMC37C666GT     
Digital Starion 910/919         EPP+ECP         NS PC87332VL    
HP Vectra VL Series             EPP+ECP         SMC FDC373932   
HP Vectra VL2 5/60              EPP+ECP         SMC37C665       
HP Ominbook 800-CS              EPP+ECP         VLSI Eagle VL82C532     
Gateway 2000-486DX2-66          EPP+ECP         SMC37C665GT     
Compaq Aero 4/25                EPP+ECP         VLSI  82C144A   
IBM Thinkpad 500                EPP             WD8122LV or WD76C30ALV  
IBM Thinkpad 755CSE             EPP+ECP         Intel AIP 82091AA       
AST Asentia 900N                EPP+ECP         VLSI 82C144A*   
AST Asentia 950N                EPP             NS PC87334VJG   
Zenith Znote                    EPP             Intel  386SL    
ARC                             EPP             Intel 386SL     
486-DX4-100/120MHz-SIS          EPP+ECP         SMC37C665GT     
486-SLC2-66MHz-ALI              EPP+ECP         Winbond W83787F 
Adapter Winbond Tekram          EPP+ECP         Winbond W83787F 
Adapter NS                      EPP+ECP         NS PC87334VJG   
Adapter Winbond Tekram          SPP             Winbnd W83757F  
Adapter Goldstar Prime 2C       SPP             9507    
Adapter UMC                     SPP             UM8668F
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