drvnotes.txt Driver File Contents (W2KV297.ZIP)

Release Notes for AudioScience Win3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/Linux Multimedia Audio Driver

v2.97 Jan-23-2006

		- fix for GetPosition in milliseconds. Applies to both waveIn and waveOut devices.
		  Bug caused position to wrap after about 16.23 minutes.
		- InstallShield changes to improve install when run over previous installs.  Wave
		  requires and auto-starts WDM uninstall and vice-versa.
		- Wave updates for beta tone detector support.
		- Fixed ASX DLL and ASICTRL installation in Wave driver.
		- add silence detector controls.

		- added tone detection, autofade fixed.
		- HMI interface updates.
		- tone detector updates.
		- fix silence detector.

		- update to handle ED46 errata for 56301 DSP on ASI43xx series of adapters. Fixes random 915 errors.

		- remove volumes between Plays and Record.

		- add ASI6111 support.
		- ASI6044 now supports 8 records when in 9-Play mode.
		- add volumes between LineIn and Record.

		- added LineIn gain control when operating in network mode. Added pseudo record mux in tethered mode.
		- Tethered mode works again. Requires ASI2416 DSP code version 0.21 or later.
		- updated control code, pkt cleanup.
		- improve HMI interface sharing so thethered mode playback doesn't stop.
		- add creation of tone detector from 2400.
		- add creation of silence detector controls.

		- added.

		- Executeable install/uninstall now recognizes new ID for ASI5100 revB.


v2.96 Nov-04-2005
		- fix to correctly disable multi-channel playback on ASI6114.
	WDM Driver:
		- Fix latency accumulation on ASI5044 and ASI5041 when sync is interrupted.
	ASI6200, ASI8700, ASI6400:
		- remove testing assert that says "(1) piq_linear". This is not a bug. It was left over from
	         axalg.c development.


v2.95 Oct-25-2006
		- add tuner aux input as one of the tuner band options.
		- rename tuner gain from "Gain" to "RF Gain"
		- preserve initial tuner band on first boot after install.
		- fix driver memory corruption when ASI4601 starts up. Bug has been in the driver forever, but only
		  recently showed up.
		- correct tuner gain change from "Gain" to "RF Gain".
		- added IP and MAC controls to the CobraNet Control.
		- update to HPI PCI structure.
		- Added handler for IRP_MJ_SHUTDOWN to fix NMI on shutdown on Dell precision 370.
		- HPI6000 change to alwasy set the PLL on C6713 to 225 MHz. Operation even performed on C6711 DSPs 
		  (to no effect).
		- Added handler for IRP_MJ_SHUTDOWN.
		- increase maximium number of lines per adapter to 23 in and 32 out.
		- changes to support ASI5111 RevB.
		- Driver now uses read-sharable open mode to access ASIDSP.BIN.
		- Fixed odd mixer behavior w/ ASI2416 in tethered mode with 3 modules.
		- increased maximum number of LineIns.

	Linux Driver:
		- increase number of BBM buffers allowed to cover max cards and streams
		- Config detect /lib/firmware location
		- fix build errors for FC4
		- fix memory leak on driver unload
		- move towards pci autoprobe
		- update v4l driver for kernel 2.6 build

		- added HPI_AdapterSetProperty() support.

		- DSP code rebuild (change to control creation API).
		- fix AESEBU output status bits to reflect Professional, SampleRate and 24 bits.
		- add check for host record and play buffers before doing a data transfer.
		- fix SampleRate query code.

		- update code to support ASI5111 RevB & C.

		- always disable SERR error from PCI2040.
		- DSP code rebuild (change to control creation API).
		- 1 sample shift for ASI6044 inputs and outputs to fix CS4224 errata.
		- add HPI_AdapterSetProperty() support to correct CS4224 errata on a line by line basis.
		- correct LineIn CS4224 errata fix.

		- Tethered mode implementation.
		- add check for host record and play buffers before doing a data transfer.
		- fix bug in playback buffering.
		- DSP code rebuild (change to control creation API). CobraNet control addition.
		- create AES controls.

		- add check for host record and play buffers before doing a data transfer.
		- Add Aux input selection.
		- add check of InStream and OutStream indicies.
		- minor tweak to volume control creation.

		- Executeable install/uninstall now recognizes new ID for ASI5100 revB.

v2.94 Jun-07-2005
	        - fix for ASI6xxx Rev E memory parity errors on newer computers.
		- improve resolution of waveOutGetPosition() when adapter supports 
		  background bus mastering on playback.
		- HPI AES-18 controlX message packing fixed for correctness. Note this change is for correctness only, 
		  code execution will not be affected.
		- update creation of sample clock control so that if there is only one clock source option the
		  mux for the clock source is not created.
		- update channel mode #defines.
		- HPI6000 always has control caching code compiled in. DSP mailbox is inspected to 
		  see if it is actually active.
		- ASI8700 now uses DSP6205. Kernel driver update to close open devices on HPI_SUBSYS_CLOSE message.
		- Kernel driver update to close open devices on HPI_SUBSYS_CLOSE message.  Removed code that ignored
		  HPI_SUBSYS_CLOSE message in rc9.
		- Wave driver fix for ASI5044 audio breakup with media player. Wave driver fix for 
		  ASI6012 chopped up audio from low bitrate internet stream.

		- Added multi-channel support to WDM driver.
		- Fixed mixer save/restore bug for multiple adapters.
		- Added master volume node which is multi-channel when appropriate.
		- Added Vox and clock source to save/restore code.

		- added format,channels,samplerate parameters to asihpitest. 

		- turn on 6400 control caching.
		- add Cobranet HMI functions.

		- update channel mode.
		- return error on format query if channels > 2.
		- add Vox control get function.

		- Rebuilt for updated ControlX handling.
		- update channel mode.
		- return error on format query if channels > 2.
		- add Vox control get function.

		- return error on format query if channels > 2.
		- add Vox control get function.

		- Fix AES-18 control decoding in ax4\axctrl.c. Note this change is for correctness only, code execution will
		  not be affected. Both DSP code and driver changes we made to correct this anomally.
		- return error on format query if channels > 2.
		- add Vox control get function.

		- update to DSP utilization calcuation.
		- Rebuilt for updated ControlX handling. Minor change to AxQueueAllocateVariableOutputSpace().
		- Add Multichannel mode to ASI5041.
		- update channel mode. Create mixer volumes last.
		- added SampleClock query support and added new source selection options.
		- fix level bug when selecting some ASI5044 inputs to be digital and others to be analog.

		- update to DSP utilization calcuation. Add ChannelMode control to LineIns. Works between LineIns and 
		  LineOut0. LineIn channel mode is independent of IStream channel mode. Added more options to IStream channel mode.
		- Rebuilt for updated ControlX handling. Minor change to AxQueueAllocateVariableOutputSpace().
		- update channel mode.
		- Fix for TBT#467. On some ASI6114s the LineIn is muting with WHPI16.EXE due to CS3310 muting out.

		- added SampleClock query support and Word Header option.

		- rebuild - added new VolumeInit() function.
		- add 9-Play mode to the ASI6044.
		- axctrl.c - zero out volume index array on initialization.
		- add Vox control get function.

		- update to DSP utilization calcuation. Swap LineIn channels around.
		- Turned on more volume controls.
		- Faster playback sample rate conversion. Mixer now runs faster.
		- update channel mode.
		- turn on control caching. New VolumeInit() function.
		- add MP3. Improve buffer throughput - fixes multi-channal PCM16 playback.
		- axctrl.c - zero out volume index array on initialization. AX6205
		  increase max streams to 16 in and 16 out.
		- updated host interface defines and rebuild with updated axctrl.c.
		- add some ethernet packet transmit code.
		- Added VOX to record nodes. Fixed AutoFade.
		- get packet bridge working.
		- add Vox control get function and some tethered mode code.

		- added SampleClock query support. Updated startup mechanism.

		- update to DSP utilization calcuation. Add another PRD function to clean up timing.
		- Add sample clock control to fix anomally with Linux ALSA driver.
		- rebuild - added new VolumeInit() function.
		- axctrl.c - zero out volume index array on initialization.
		  ASX only rc.  No drivers built.
		- rebuild with updated axctrl.c.
		- removed DSP8705 file. It now shares DSP6205 with ASI6416.
		- add ASI8712 and ASI8713.
		- fix for 4 tuners not recording properly.
		- added SampleClock query support.
		- reduce TV band lower limit to 50 MHz.

		- Rebuilt for updated ControlX handling. Minor change to AxQueueAllocateVariableOutputSpace().

		- updated host interface defines and add Cobranet control object
		  data handling.

v2.93 Feb-01-2005
		- Fixed WDM driver un-install.

v2.92 Jan-27-2005
		- Added a popup dialog to report startup errors.
		- Improved the installer by avoiding functions that rely on direct registry manipulation (blocked
		  by some versions of Windows).
		- added asihpitune commandline control of ASI87xx tuners.
		- rebuild with old LineIn channel sync fix - from Mar-19-2004.
		- update DSP utilization computation.
		- fix MIPs calculation. Update defaults for Record muxes. Fix ASI5002 AES/EBU clock select.
		- ASI6044 now uses 300 MHz DSP.
		- update DSP utilization computation.
		- Added.
		- add ASI8706 support.
		- Bug fix for intermittent failures on boot or reboot.
		- update DSP utilization computation.
		- 8kHz support on Rev E2 hardware.

v2.91 Dec-09-2004
		- fix for bad bytes played return from waveOutGetPosition() at the start
	          of playback on an ASI50xx.
		- fix for truncated multi-channel audio files.
	        - fix 24-bit 8 channel audio glitches by updating the quantity of 
	          data processed by a waveIn device.

		- added multi-channel mode support to ASI5042. ASI5002 added.

		- change volume controls so that they support +20 dB F.S.
	        - change the Sample Clock Source Selection so that AES3 is no longer present for ASI60xx adapters.

v2.90 NOV-18-2004
		- Added support for ASI5101, ASI6044 and ASI6400.
		- Put 6205 timeout back to 1.83 value (1000000)
		- reduce mixer messaging overhead internal to the driver (improves
		  performance of automation applications with background crossfades).
		- Fixed problem with save/restore of analog/digital mux settings for
		  ASI5000 cards.
		- added support for WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE for multi-channel formats
	WDM Driver:
		- install cleans up multiple WDMAUD.DRV entries in the DRIVERS32 key.
	Linux Driver:
		- update asihpitest to work with zero outstreams
		- New commandline options for asihpitest
		- fix RPM module install path for 2.4 kernel build
		- no longer use asidsp.bin at all, use /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/dsp*.bin 
		- fix unsigned 8-bit PCM record.
		- fix for 24-bit play while record crash.
		- added ASI5001 support. Added multichannel feedthrough volumes. Add 
		  AESEBU set user bits function (untested).
		- added multichannel playback and record (SSX).
		- Fix peak meters high on AES/EBU input unplug. Reduce duration of white
		  noise when clock source switches from Adapter to AES/EBU.
		- Fix channel swap issues.
		- Add OStream peak meter and master volume control.
		- On RevC hardware and later, sample clock source can be any digital
		- fix for digital in recording bug at 48 kHz (TBT#290).
		- Set default sample rate to 48000 on boot. Temporary fix until we can
		  figure out why it doesn't automatically go to 48 kHz.
		- fix background bus mastering so that control caching and stream updates
		  are disabled when the adapter is closed.
		- added ASI5101 (OEM)
		- fix unsigned 8-bit PCM record.
		- fix AES3 input by adding back gain control (introduced in previous
		- fix unsigned 8-bit PCM record.
		- added ASI6102, ASI6044.
		- fix unsigned 8-bit PCM record.
		- removed output stream to fix input BBM.
		- add HPI_Tuner_GetMode(). Add code to potentially improve tuner init.
		- Fix for a band switching tuner bug. Raw RSSI value read in background.
		- Add raw RSS tuner reading functions. Report I2C ACK errors.
		- fix background bus mastering (BBM) so that control caching and stream updates
		  are disabled when the adapter is closed.
		- make the ASI8800 work in the WDM driver (was trying to load the wrong
		  DSP code).

v2.89 AUG-06-2004
	Driver	- increased the number of wave devices supported.
		- reports disabled tuners on ASI87xx.
	ASI2200 - support removed from asidsp.bin.
	ASI5000 - fix for Audition record.
	ASI6000 - support for 8 adapters in a single computer.

V2.88 AUG-03-2004
	Driver 	- updated to support background bus mastering in WAV and WDM drivers for
                  record and playback on ASI50xx and ASI8700.
		- Added master volume save/restore
		- HPI6000.C, if we have a C6713 init PLL before internal memory test.
        Linux  - Initial support for kernel 2.6
	       - Update to use hotplug firmware loader. 
                 Location and format of firmware files changed.
        Linux,HPI - if one adapter fails to load, still allow others to be used.
	ASI8600 - DSP code removed.
	ASI8700 - I2C updates. RF level disabled on FM/TV tuners.
		- fix for Rev M3 of MT1384. I2C Ack detection temporarily disabled. 
		- updated tuner status function, turned off RF level information for
		  MT4039 tuner.
		- add ASI8705 support. Change tuner level reading to now average.
	ASI8800 - added DSP code to driver.
		- encode buffer size increased for clickless PCM recording. Tuner RF
		  level masked with 0x07 before return (like on ASI8701). Note on
		  ASIMIXER RF levels reports by ASI8801 will always be zero. This is
		  because ASI8801 uses old style RF level units.
	ASI6000 - fix old HW reset bug. Update internal Delay loop calibration.
		- add support for PCM8 unsigned record. Fix missing 4 bytes at the end of 
		  320 kbit/s MPEG Layer-II record.
		- bit 31 of CCFG (Cache Configuration Register) set to 1: EDMA
		  prioritized over CPU.
		- support revB C6713 DSP
	ASI6122 - 6-Play mode now also supports 4 Records.
	ASI5111 - DSP code change to support gain control on Digital input.
	ASI5000 - update to host interface code. Fixes problem with multiple cards
		  playing multiple streams.
		- update host interface code to use ASI version of mailboxes.
		- add support for PCM8 unsigned record.
		- fix for playback clicks (TBT #211).
		- rebuild so LED flashes.
        	- fix error with large stream data transfers.
	ASI41xx,ASI4215 - tweak to DMA startup. Fixes record clicks in first sample of
		 left channel on Rev C ASI41xx.

V2.87 MAY-06-2004
	Driver  - background bus mastering enabled at an HPI level in the main tree. Works for
		  ASI50xx & ASI87xx recording operations that use HPI. 
	Linux   - Add v4l driver (experimental)	  
	All drivers - changed initialization timing for ASI8702 to fix problems
	          loading the DSP code on 3 Ghz machines.
	WDM-M Driver - fixes the hang with VoxPro 3.2 and some ASI cards.
	        - added tuner support.
		- implemented remaining save/restore functions.
		- fixed click when stream object is reused on playback with ASI5044.
	ASI5000 - add master volume control on plays and line in volumes that have gain.
	        - fix intermittent boot problem on certain PCs.
	ASI6000 - Rev G hardware support (fixes AESEBU output).
	ASI6000,ASI5000 - added OutStreamSetFormat(), added many AES3 Get control functions.
	        - PCMU8 DRAINED fix again.

v2.86 MAR-04-2004
	Driver - Fixed XP reboot bug, triggered by small files, introduced in v2.85.
	ASI8700	- Fixes memory test failures by breaking up consecutive writes per 6205 
		  advisory 1.4.4.
	Linux - Fix rpm build.  Fix install from outside source tree
	WDM-M Driver - Fixed bugs caused by simultaneous playing of files with different sample

v2.85 MAR-01-2004
	Driver  - fix Line In source mux on ASI6114 not being preserved between reboots.
	        - fix ASI5044 Line In source mux.
	        - fix default record mux setting on ASI87xx.
		- minor change to playback buffering to support larger buffers transfers
		  required for 192 kHz.
		- ASI87xx, disabled tuner controls no longer show up.
		- ASI8702 tuner gain,freq and band settings now saved between reboots.
		- fix ASI5044 bootload bug on P4 2.6GHz, Intel 865 chipset.
	WDM driver - First release of new WDM-M driver (monolithic).
        Linux - build alsa compatibility & tests by default. Rename test utilities to 
              - remove old startup scripts asihpiload,asihpiunload
	      - cleanup module on load error=fix orphaned char devices.
	      - updates to packaging. Remove compiler opt causing Suse9 problems.
	ASI4300 - fixed ASI4335 autofade.
	ASI5000 - added adapter mode controls. Fixed a sample rate setting bug when
		  clock source is AESEBU input.
		- move digital controls to analog lines.
		- 12 OStreams, 96 kHz support. 192 kHz not tested. Still some output
	          channel swapping @ 96 kHz.
	ASI5044 - first release supporting 192 kHz. 
	ASI6000 - Fixed bug in ASI5111 EQ and Compander that showed up as ASI5111 
		  failing to record at 32 kHz with AESEBU input connected.
	ASI8600 - add HPI_Control_Query() support to tuner(s).
	ASI8700 - add HPI_Control_Query() support to tuner(s).
		- increase tuner range. Fix RF level glitches.
		- Support sample rate of 22.050 kHz.

v2.84 DEC-18-2003
	Driver  - mixer structure size increased for 12 Plays on ASI5044.
		- control structure size increased for 6205 based boards.
		- fixed NvMem error log to asiwav.log every time the mixer is opened.
	WDM driver - add 5044 support.
		  added 5000, 8700 and 8800 series to WDM install and uninstall.
	ASI4100,ASI4300,ASI4600 - version increment to reflect Vox changes.
				- Vox can now record digital silence.
	ASI4400 - fix for OutStream overflow.
	ASI5000 - fix digital in selection on startup.
		- 5044 now has 8 plays. Added debug asserts for checking sample rate 
		  requests and clock sources.
		- clock source automatically selects digital in or adapter.
		- fix sample clock object so that it can accept sample rate changes correctly.
	        - add 5041 and 5042 support.
		- added IStream muxing. Fixed soft overflow limiting. Add autofade.
	ASI8700 - added ASI8702 support.
		- revC mods for correct 6205 DSP init
		- supports revB h/w.  RevA h/w will not work!

v2.83 OCT-24-2003
	Driver	- Fixed rollover problem with WDM driver (would stutter after playing > day).
			- add INI file setting to control the way the waveOutSetVolume() call works.
			- HPI_SubSysCreateAdpater() errors logged to asihpiw_StartDeviceFailureLog.txt
	Linux	- change device name to "asihpi".  Add system V style init script 'asihpi'
			- minor mods for compatibility with kernel <2.4.0
	ASI8700 - added
	ASI6000 - Added support for left-to-stereo and right-to-stereo channel modes
			- OutStream master volumes go to +20 dB
	ASI5000 - added
	ASI4300 - fix for MP3 320kbs playback

v2.82 ASI4601 OCT-03-2003
	This is a special version that only has the ASI4601 DSP code changed. Everything else remains 	          identical.
	ASI4601 - update to get rid of pop when changing AESEBU input sources.

v2.82 AUG-11-2003
        Linux   - Fix for record kernel panic (mutual exclusion problems)
	Driver	- WDM driver is using new simplified estimator.
		- Changed helper thread priority to 'time critical'.  Fixes CoolEdit Pro
		  recording truncation problem.
		- workaround for AMD chipset Athlon N7 that was causing computer reboot.
		- Modified INF file to install required WDM files.  Fixes
		  'couldn't load driver' error on new OS installs.
		- Modified friendly name display for WDM devices.		
		- fixed control handle storage in the mixer.
		- USB update to how IRP status returns are checked in the kernel driver.
	ASI6000,ASI2000 - MP3DEC disable 80 kbit/s. Fix for MP3 VBR 32kHz record.
		- Fix for WDM breakup by better handling case where record is started, but no
		  data is read.
		- add MPEG2,2.5 low sampling frequency extensions to MP3 encoder.
	        - added scrubbing.
	ASI4300 - fix ASI4332 autofade (DSP timer was not being set up correctly).
	ASI2200 - tweak to version number display.

v2.81 JUN-19-2003
	Driver  - first Linux GPL release.
	        - Added null handle checks in HPIFUNC.C and owner checks in HPIMSGX.C.
	        - Added 5000 HPI code and added it to INF file.
		- ### Win98 supports 4 cards again                 ###
	          ### Win98 mixer does not support ASI6244,ASI6118 ###
	ASI5000 - added.
	ASI6200 - fix for dual MP3 record (8 month old bug).
	        - added HPI_MixerGetControlByIndex() support.
	ASI2200 - fix for dual MP3 record (8 month old bug).
	        - added HPI_MixerGetControlByIndex() support.
		- Added adapter mode 4-Play/8-Play control.
	ASI4300 - added HPI_MixerGetControlByIndex() support.
	ASI4601 - added TxLen assert to indicate size of transmitted AES-18 message.

v2.80 MAY-29-2003
	Driver  - fix for missing LineIn/Digital muxes on LineIns of ASI6xxx.
	        - ASI2200 can now recover from a USB data error.
	ASI2200 - version number of AS2200 code is now displayed.
	        - added USB error recover mechanism.

v2.79 MAY-13-2003
	Driver  - Add tuner controls.
	        - ASI6xxx RevF (-225)  support.
	        - Add support for ASI5111 1-Play mode.
	        - Fix AES3 Tx AESEBU/SPDIF selection.
	        - Update ASI's USB vendor ID.
	        - Use control caching for ASI6xxx.
	ASI6000 - ASI6xxx RevF (-225)  support.
	ASI5111 - Add 1-Play mode to simplify things.
	        - Add play selections to the record mux.
	        - Add record volume controls (not visible in ASI mixer)
	ASI2200 - Add second Record device.
	        - Faster USB read.

v2.78 APR-18-2003
	Driver  - Fixed short file playback with hardware buffering enabled.
	        - Fixed RealOne audio player by increasing max # of buffers from 32 to 64.
		- Enabled SoundSlice.
	        - Get digital in peak meter to show up (on ASI5111)
	ASI6000 - Add SWAP option to the channel mode controls.
		- Changed error determination for HPI_AESEBU_Receiver_GetSampleRate() call.
	ASI2200 - Added.

V2.77 MAR-21-2003
	Driver  - Speed up HPI6000 block read operations.
		- Add 24-bit PCM.
	ASI6000 - Add 24-bit PCM.
		- Improved timescaling including dynamic mode selection.
		- Fixed bug that stopped sample rate deduction being called.
	ASI5111 - Disable TimeScaling. Add 24-bit PCM.
	ASI4300 - Fix for RevF 8kHz samplerate.

V2.76 FEB-18-2003
	Driver	- Errors are now logged to file ASIWAV.LOG, not in INI and they can be
                  turned on and off (via ASIWAV.INI) without restarting.
	ASI5000 - Added EQ and compander controls.
	ASI6000 - Added time-scaling.
		- Fix for MP3 32 kHz 256kbps playback.

V2.75 DEC-10-2002
	Driver  - Fix for "Hardware Error" message on 6xxx on Dell PowerEdge 600SC.
	ASI6000 - Fix MP2 anc insert when there is no data waiting.
	        - Channel Mode sums now /2.
	        - Unify 5111 & 6000 PLL code for sample rate generator.
	        - 6 play streams available on 6012,6022,6122.
	        - Fix for SRC kicking in when adpater is 48kHz and playing 48 kHz file.
	        - Fix 5111 mic control gain.

V2.74 NOV-12-2002
	Driver  - (Windows) Added new GAIN type volume control for ASI5111 mic gain. 
	          32-bit PCM format fixes.
	          (Linux) Fix hpios_delaymicroseconds compile problem
	ASI6000 - Programmable peak meter ballistics. 
	          MP2 anc data insert extract now works correctly.
	          Added line in volume control (with 20dB gain)
	          Added 32-bit PCM and 32-bit float WAVE formats. 
	          Updated MP3 encode library from FhG fixes 32kbps crash.
	          A few MPEG encode speedups.
	ASI5000 - ASI5111 support added - not completed yet.
	ASI4500 - Added AxDigitalioReadAllBits() fn. Fixes asimixap.exe startup error on ASI4501.
	ASI6000,ASI4600,ASI4500,ASI4400,ASI4300,ASI4100 - Added Volume Get Range support.

V2.73 SEP-27-2002
	Driver  - Fix GPF during mixer application shutdown. Fix Win98 ASI43xx install.
	          Fix WAVE_FORMAT_MPEGLAYER3 record bitrate support.
	ASI6000 - Added Mux and ChannelMode control Get() support. Various MPEG layer 2 anc. data fixes.
	          Fix for 44.1 kHz PCM playback with 32 kHz adapter clock.
	ASI4600 - Added Mux and ChannelMode control Get() support. AES-18 debug asserts for Rx'd messages.
	ASI4500 - Added Mux and ChannelMode control Get() support.
	ASI4400 - Added Mux and ChannelMode control Get() support.
	ASI4300 - Added Mux and ChannelMode control Get() support.
	ASI4100 - Added Mux and ChannelMode control Get() support.

V2.72 - not released

V2.71 SEP-05-2002
	Driver  - Fixes ASI6244 record device opening bug (#80).  Same fix as in v264rc1 for
                  output devices.
	DSP code- No changes.

V2.70 AUG-29-2002
	Driver  - Fixes ASI6244 record device opening bug (#79).
	DSP code- No changes.

V2.69 AUG-16-2002
	Driver  - fix for AES-18 control bug introduced in v2.65.
	        - fix for ASI6xxx control caching.
	        - added protection against WaveHdrs having buffer size set to 0xFFFFFFFF.
	ASI6000 - MP2 decode speedup and improved syncing.
	        - fix false DRAINED signalling during start of playback.
	        - fixed MP2 anc. data extraction during playback.
	        - ASI6114 8 OStream mode and ASI6118 8 OStream mode both have a LineIn again.
	ASI4601 - Change to AES-18 internal data handling.
	ASI4100 - ASI4215 DRAINED signalling changed to fix WDM driver sample dropouts.

V2.68 JUL-17-2002
	Driver  - Rebuilt WINNT version.  Fixed driver load issue.
	        - Win2000/XP. Put in fix for hang when DLL starts up without SYS present.		
	ASI4100 - Rebuilt (using gmake)
	ASI4200 - Rebuilt (using gmake)
	ASI4300 - RevF hardware support.  RevF contains a new samplerate generator
	ASI4400 - Rebuilt (using gmake)
	ASI4500 - Rebuilt (using gmake)
	ASI4600 - Rebuilt (using gmake)
	ASI6000 - Fix MP2 playback sync detection bug, which caused begining of some cuts to be omitted.
	        - Uses fastrts library,
	        - Control caching added
	        - OStream peak meters now decay.  
	        - Add RMS meter (only available from HPI).
	        - Faster MP2 synthesis filter.

JUN-25-2002	2.67	RC4 promoted to release 2.67.
JUN-21-2002	2.67rc4	W2k build only. Changed GPIO read to only run on threads whose parent process has 
			an open mixer handle.
JUN-21-2002	2.67rc3	W2k build only (NY internal test version).  
				ASI6000 changes:
					1. AESEBURx_GetSampleRate() implemented
					2. MP2 record fixed
					3. ASI6118 MP2 playback pops fixed.
				Driver changes
					1. Fix for ASI6xxx control persistence after reboot
					2. Shared memory change to asiwav32.dll
JUN-07-2002	2.67rc2	### old MUTEX method since new one caused asimixap to crash during GPIO writes on an 
			ASI4346 ###
JUN-07-2002	2.67rc1   Internal W2k release only. ASI4346 GPIO debug changes. 
			### MUTEX change ###. 
			### Background thread priority change ### 
			First Windows release of 2.66 changes listed below. Fixed pops during MP2 playback on ASI6118.

JUN-05-2002	v2.66      Linux release only. Changed codes used for adapter modes - affects ASI4401, ASI4215 
			and ASI6xxx. ASI6xxx DSP code now supports MP2 recording in different modes. ASI6xxx 
			fix for PCMU8 playback. ASI6xxx fix for how DRAINED state is exited.

MAY-28-2002	v265	Promoted release candidate 5 to release 2.65.
MAY-24-2002	v265rc5	DSP code update only for ASI6xxx. Fixed bugs in MP2 playback sync verification.
MAY-22-2002	v265rc4	6000 DSP code change only. Fixes intermittent DSP crash on MP2 playback due to  
			incorrectly initialized numberOfBitsOfAncData variable.
MAY-16-2002	v265rc3	ASI6xxx DSP code update only.  Adds improved MP2 playback sync.  Fixes MP2 
                                          record (broken in 2.65rc1).  Fixes MP3 playback (broken in 2.65rc1).
MAY-15-2002	v265rc2	265rc1 had old DSP code.  This release has the new DSP code.
MAY-15-2002	v265rc1	DSP code update only for ASI6xxx adapters. Lockup at end of certain "bad" MP2 files fixed.
			MP2 anc. data insert and extract implemented. Sample rate conversion operates on smaller 

MAY-13-2002	v264	Promoted release candidate 1 to release 2.64.
MAY-13-2002	v264rc1	Fixed problem with outstream handle overwritten by attempt to open a currently open device.
			This bug (re-open bug) was in driver versions 2.60i (3/26/2002) through 2.63c (4/29/2002).

MAY-07-2002	v263c	Re-release of 2.63c (internal) for WinNT.
APR-29-2002	v263c	W2K release only (internal).  Now uses ASIDSP.BIN.
APR-25-2002	v263b	Adds ASI4601 support to W2k driver.
APR-24-2002	v263a	Adds beta support for Dolby AC-2 playback on the ASI6xxx family.

APR-17-2002	v262a	Added support for ASI6012.
			Win95 release uses asidsp.bin file (BUT ONLY SUPPORTS 2 ADAPTERS).

APR-04-2002	v261a	W2K release only. Fixes scrubbing on the ASI43XX.

MAR-29-2002	V260j	W2k release only. Does additional cleanup of the queue on WodmOpen
			if previous client abnormally teminated.  Only DLL updated from 2.60i.
MAR-26-2002	V260i	W2k release only. Deallocates a device upon abnormal termination of client so device can
			be opened again without rebooting.
MAR-25-2002	V260h	Win16 test version for Win 3.11 checking of sample rate. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE !.
MAR-22-2002     V260g   W2k release only (internal). Fixes the ASI6244 record devices.
MAR-21-2002     V260f   W2k release only (internal). Generates log message when code patch for CoolEdit fix is done.
			Fixed record mux initialization.
MAR-20-2002     V260e   W2k release only (internal). Added GPIO status bitfield to GPIO change broadcast message.
MAR-19-2002     V260d   W2k release only (internal). Fixed mixer support for ASI6224.
MAR-15-2002     V260c   W2k release only (internal). MP3 record bug on second DSP fixed.
MAR-15-2002     V260b   W2k release only (internal). ASI6244 beta support, IStream sync on 2nd DSP fixed (MP3 record bug not fixed yet).
MAR-13-2002	V260a	W2k release only. ASI6000 MP2 playback speedup. CoolEdit 2000 scrub fix. ASI6000 AES/EBU digital outputs
			no longer required valid AES/EBU input to work correctly.

MAR-04-2002	V259a	ASI6000 fix for MP2 tail playback.
			## Only 2 adapters supported under Win98 ##

FEB-25-2002	V258d	W2k ASI internal test version has fixed GPIO callbacks.
FEB-18-2002	V258c	W2k ASI internal test version - further advances in ASI6118 16 stream support - mode control fixed.
FEB-18-2002	V258b	Win16 ASI internal test version - further advances in ASI6118 16 stream support.
FEB-14-2002	V258a	ASI internal test version with 6xxx master volume added.
			Win16 now supports 6000 series via asidsp.bin (external DSP code).

FEB-12-2002	V257a	Fix for recording problem reported in v2.56. When multiple plays and a record were
			happening at the same time the driver would lockup the application. After killling the
			application, play still worked, but record didn't. Fix was to split the buffer updating
			to be its own thread (as it was in v2.30). No DSP code changes !			

FEB-11-2002	V256e	Test W2k version. v2.56 threading with extra thread (close to 2.30 implementation).
FEB-09-2002	V256d	Test W2k version. v2.30 threading ported to v2.56.
FEB-08-2002	V256c	Test W2k version. v2.56 DLL mixed with v2.30 DSP code.
FEB-08-2002	V256b	Test W2k version. v2.30 DLL mixed with v2.56 DSP code.
JAN-31-2002	V256a	ASI43xx MP3 decode speedup (correction to bug introduced in v2.27).
			ASI6xxx MP2 anc. data decode disabled to make MP2 decode stable.
			When recording, buffer flag WHDR_DONE is now set correctly for the case
			when WIDM_DONE callbacks are disabled, ie. waveInOpen() was called with dwCallback set to zero.

JAN-30-2002	V255d	Update to 6xxx DSP code. MP2 anc. data bug that caused MP2 playback lockup fixed.
JAN-25-2002	V255c	ASI internal test version, W2k only - 6200 DSP code improved stream mutexing.
JAN-24-2002	V255b	Win98/95/ME only. ASI4342 DSP code change - wrong version linked in.
JAN-23-2002	V255a	ASI4342 DSP code change. ASI6xxx MP3 looping fixed.

JAN-23-2002	V254e	ASI internal test version for 6xxx MP3 looping - TSK_Decode stack change
JAN-22-2002	V254d	ASI internal test version for 6xxx MP3 looping (version c had wrong DSP code)
JAN-22-2002	V254c	ASI internal test version for 6xxx MP3 looping.
JAN-15-2002	V254b	ASI internal test version logs HPI calls to DbgView.exe.
JAN-08-2002	V254a	Fix ASI4215 bad sample rates. Minor DSP code change only.
DEC-20-2001	V253b	Fix waveOutOpen() error for devices > 0 on ASI4312.
DEC-19-2001	V253a	4300 DSP code change fixes bad MP3 decode levels on certain files.
			62xx DSP code change fixes bad sample rate playback on 6114/6201.
			W2k/NT doesn't stop first playback at "illegal" samplerate on second device
			(applies to ASI43xx adapters).
			HPI/HPIK version # will be the same as Windows driver version number.
			ASI4215 RevF INI file changes acress all drivers.
			ASI4342 beta support.

DEC-12-2001	V252	ASI4215 DSP code change only.
			Corrected waveOutGetPosition(milliseconds).
			Possible fix for small "pops" at the start and end of playback on ASI4215.

DEC-07-2001	V251	ASI4215 changed to only come up with 4 OStreams. Switch to 8 implemented by ASI mixer.
			ASI4100,ASI4300,ASI4500 improved sample rate checking.

NOV-21-2001	V250b	ASI6114 correction for 8-Plays option. Internal driver mixer structures were overflowing.
NOV-15-2001	V250a	ASI6114 now supports adapter mode changes. ASI4215 RevF minor change to support CS8427.
			ASI6114 fix for bad mixer controls on Record source lines.
			ASI4215 RevF minor tweak for CS8427 support.
			MP2 enc/dec with different bitrates fix.

NOV-09-2001	V249d	Win ME internal test vesrion (6200 only, uncompressed DSP code).
NOV-07-2001	V249c	Win ME internal test version (6200, uncompressed DSP code).
NOV-07-2001	V249b	Win ME internal test version (no 6200, uncompressed DSP code).
NOV-06-2001	V249a	ASI4215 RevF support combined with ASI4215 8 mono option.
			NT and W2k mixer callbacks now work correctly.

OCT-31-2001	V248	ASI6114 now has Vox control. ASI6114 MP3 decode made more solid.

OCT-24-2001	V247	NT only. Added waveOpen() Close() debug info.

OCT-17-2001	v246	NT only. BIG_ENDIAN format added to ASI6114. ASI4215 code v4.03 (8 monos disabled).

OCT-11-2001	v245	ASI4215 8 mono version. Fix waveOuts under NT and W2k.

OCT-10-2001	v244	First beta release of ASI4215 8 monos code. Set "Enable monos=true" in asiwav.ini to turn on
			the additional streams. Internal release.

OCT-03-2001	v243	Win95 only debug release (ASI only) of ASI4215 "entertainment" version.

OCT-02-2001	V242	ASI6xxx DSP code update only. Changed number of streams to get rid of PCI2040 asserts.

OCT-01-2001	V241	ASI6xxx update. Mixer thread creation (removed v2.40 back in). Driver now returns an error
			when PCM 32-bit support queried (previously it returned ok).

AUG-31-2001	V240	NT only (test version) - disable mixer thread creation.

AUG-30-2001	V239	Got ASI6xxx LineIn mux to come up correctly.
			Got asimixerSaveState() to work correctly - saves volumes to asiwav.ini.
			NT mixer thread won't terminate itself so quickly.

AUG-29-2001	V238	Got sample rate control to display correctly on ASI6xxx.
			Added more thread debugging code.

AUG-24-2001	V237	Added 6200 SampleClock control to the Windows driver.
			All adapters now read default volume settings from the adapter if they are not present
			in the INI file.

AUG-24-2001	V236	First 6200 driver support. Now use ZLIB compression on DSP code files.

AUG-20-2001	V235	Win95/98/Me only. Added future mixer error logging.

AUG-17-2001	V234	Win95/98/Me only. Fix bug in error logging (introduced in 2.32).

AUG-15-2001	V233	ASI43xx fix for waveInQueryFormat() returning 'ok" for all formats when another file is playing.
			ASI43xx DSP code altered to give INVALID_FORMAT error priority over INCOMPATIBLE_SAMPLERATE error.

AUG-10-2001	V232	Only changed is that adapter serial numbers are now recorded along with errors to asiwav.ini.

AUG-02-2001	V231	ASI4113 added. Fixed RS422 bug on ASI4346 (it wasn't being enabled).

JUN-30-2001	V230	ASI4111,ASI4113,ASI4215 PCM8 playback quality fixed.
			GPIO Rd (opto inputs) mixerGetControlDetails() now talks directly to the hardware instead
			of reading a value cached in the driver.
			* W2k/NT MIXER WARNING									*
			* Callbacks in W2k and NT do not currently work between applications.			*
			* If an application relies on an MM_MIXM_CONTROL_CHANGE message to update the display   *
			* in a second instance of the same application, this will not work. The application 	*
			* that calls mixerSetControDetails() will receive a MM_MIXM_CONTROL_CHANGE, but that is *
			* the only application that will receive the callback.					*
			*											*
			* This will be fixed in a future driver version.					*

JUN-25-2001	V229	W2k driver only. Updated handling of GPIO inputs (optos). Watchdog added for GPIO input
			thread. Fixed a W2k driver bug where relay settings were "forgotten" between asimixap
			opens and closes. ASI43xx relays now initialized to open state as DSP starts up.

JUN-12-2001	V228	NT driver only. Test driver version with fine grained mutexing.

JUN-06-2001	V227	Fixed GPIO Opto input under Windows 2000. MP3 gain/scaling corrected.
			ASI4113 - fixed potential buzz for fullscale files.
			ASI4601 & AX43xx - increased L/R sync timeout that caused some ASI4601s not to play back on the
			first device.

APR-23-2001	V226	ASI43xx - don't have to reboot if capabilities code is mistyped. Fix for phantom devices
			under Win NT and W2k when the driver is installed, but there aren't any ASI adapters in the

APR-20-2001	V225	ASI43xx MP3 punchin correction. First beta support for setting capabilities on
			the ASI433x.

APR-09-2001	V224	Fix for ASI4336 GPIO.

APR-06-2001	V223	Internal test version (W2k has incorrect SYS file). MP3 support on ASI4346. NT and W2k audio applications will now load faster.

APR-03-2001	V222	Fixed ASI4113 digital out bug introduced in v2.20 (with addition of ASI4215 Rev D support).

MAR-19-2001	V221	Added support for WAVE_FORMAT_MPEGLAYER3.

MAR-13-2001	V220	Beta MP3 playback support for ASI4346. ASI4215 RevD0 support added.

FEB-27-2001	V219	ASI4601 audio paths reconfigured so that there is now feedthrough from line in to line out.
			Record mux selection of line out has been removed.
			GPIO bug fix for ASI4336 adapters set to be any adapter number > 1.

FEB-16-2001	V218	First release of ASI4401 support. Improved ASI4336 RS422 record timing.

DEC-27-2000	V217	ASI4601 changes to fix DSP code crash when running for extended periods of time. AES-18
			changes in v2.16 introduced this problem. Added code to the mixer to support retrieval of DSP
			asserts from the DSP code.

DEC-11-2000	V216	ASI4601 changes only. Fixed record problem on ASI4601 that shows up over time.
			Fixed several small AES-18 bugs related to buffering. Message sizes 20-70 bytes
			seem to work fine.

NOV-15-2000	V215	ASI4601 AES-18 change to block generator. Both Joint and Independent channel
			modes are supported.
			Handling of sample rate errors for single sample rate adapters fixed. This
			will affect the ASI4601 and the ASI43xx series.
			Workaround for W2k mixerClose() bug. It seems that W2k does not close out
			previously opened mixer handles correctly.

SEP-14-2000	V214	DSP code update to support DRAMs with either 1k or 512 byte page sizes.
			Minor bug fix to mixerGetLineInfo() with flags set to MIXER_GETLINEINFOF_SOURCE. 
			A source index equal to the number of sources that the destination has now 
			returns an error. Also, when the queried line is a WAVEIN or WAVEOUT, the
			mxl.Target.szPname should be filled in correctly.

AUG-24-2000	V213	NT DLL update. Correction to 8 adapter support.

AUG-22-2000	V212	Driver now supports up to 8 ASI4215/ASI4113/ASI4111 in a single computer.
			Adapter jumpering is as follows.
			Jumper	Adapter
			I:::	1
			:I::	2
			::I:	3
			:::I	4
			I::I	5 (new code)
			II:I	6 (new code)
			I:II	7 (new code)
			IIII	8 (new code)

AUG-04-2000	V211	Fixed Multimedia Control Panel error under NT when another sound card is loaded along with an ASI card.

JUL-19-2000	V210	Fixed problem that prevented the ASI Mixer Application from opening correctly when there are 2+
			ASI adapters in the system and another application "talking" to the mixer(s).

JUL-18-2000	V209	Driver change to improve Media Player streaming of MS Audio off WWW.

JUL-14-2000	V208	ASI4701 removed from Win98 driver. ASI4601 updates to AES-18 code - fixed frame errors
			caused by bad FCS in the AES-18 code.

JUL-07-2000	V207b3  DEBUG, ASI4215 DSP code change. DSP clock 78 MHz again. LED flashes at 1/6 Hz on stack exception.
JUN-27-2000	V207b2	DEBUG, ASI4215 DSP code change. LED flashes. DSP clock rate 71.5MHz.
JUN-27-2000	V207b1  DEBUG, ASI4215 DSP code change. LED flashes on digi out 0. DSP clock set back to 78 MHz.
JUN-21-2000	V207b0	DEBUG, ASI4215 DSP code change only. Experiment with setting DSP clock rate to 71.5 MHz.

JUN-09-2000	V206	ASI4336 - added clock and data polarity for RS422. Can now record MPEG Layer II
			directly from the bitstream record waveIn device.

MAY-24-2000	V205	ASI4601 - has first version of AES-18 that can send messages to a Quantec Zombie.

MAY-19-2000	V204	ASI4336 - bug fix to RS422 MPEG sync detect. RS422 bits are no longer inverted.

MAY-16-2000	V203	ASI4336 - add hardwired MPEG sync on RS422 record.

MAY-16-2000	V202	ASI4336 change only. RS422 data bits inverted.

MAY-15-2000	V201	Fixes controls that were still missing on ASI4334.

MAY-10-2000	V200	Under NT the Microsoft volume control now works correctly.
			Fixes ASI4312 record, broken in versions v196-v198.
			Fixes missing ASI4334 controls, broken in v196-v198.
			RS422 beta code updated for ASI4336. This version should work correctly.

MAY-09-2000	V199	ASI4601 has lowest level of AES18 processing enabled. ASI4336 beta RS422 code added.

APR-27-2000	V198	Added GPIO callback functionality to mixer for ASI4336.

APR-18-2000	V197	Improved sync capability of MPEG playback routines running on the DSP.

APR-07-2000	V196	Calls to mixerGetLineInfo(hmx, &mxl, MIXER_GETLINEINFOF_LINEID) will now return valid destination and
			source indicies in mxl.dwDestination and mxl.dwSource. AES-18 removed from ASI4601. GPIO enabled on
			a ASI4336.

MAR-22-2000     V195	Corrected return code from waveInOpen() with flags set to WAVE_FORMAT_QUERY so that all attempts
			at recording 8bit PCM are rejected.
			For ASI4113, fixed bug in mux on digital out line (the mux would only support connections to 
			Play 1). This bug was introduced in driver version 1.94.

FEB-22-2000	V194	DSP code changes. 
			AX4100 code version 3.54 changed to fix record mux selection when node indicies greater than 0 are requested.
			AX4300 code version 4.16 updated to support ASI4312.
			AX4600 code version 4.16 fixes l/r channel swap on line in.
			Minor NT driver change to more quickly return "device in use" when waveOutOpen() attempts to 
			open a device that is already in use.

FEB-04-2000	V193debug1	NT version. Added ASI4601 support. It should be stable, but have not done a lot of
			testing with it yet.

FEB-03-2000	V193debug1	Win 95/98 version. Not for general release. This version will write the number of
			queued/pending driver threads to the screen if that number is greater than zero. Under normal 
			circumstances there are no threads pending, so nothing is written to the debug window.

JAN-12-2000	V192	WaveOut buffering change to improve MS Media Player support for MP3 playback.

DEC-22-1999	V191	Fix audio breakup on ASI4334/ASI4332 when mixing streams. DSP code change only.

DEC-17-1999	V190	Corrected peak meter on Line Out 1 of ASI4332/4. Mixer code change only.

Nov-23-1999	V189	Win 3.1/85/98. DSP code - removed potential for stutter problem (although
			stutter has never been observed/reported with the Windows driver).
			ASI4601 has AES18 included again.
			ASI4332 record mux now lists lineins in ascending order. To make this change
			internal line representations had to be changed, ie
			### mixer lineIds have changed on most adapters ###

Nov-12-1999	V188	Mixer fix.
			### mixerGetLineInfo() using TARGET flags now works correctly ###
			### this may affect how applications locate lines             ###
			See mixer application querymix.cpp for example code that tests this.
			Correction to wPid field returned from waveInGetDevCaps().

Nov-06-1999	V187	Fixed 4332/4 record mux.
			Changed all GetCaps calls to return the ASI adapter number (in hex) in 
			the wPid field, ie., ASI4332 will now return 0x4332 in wPid.
			### Removed Adapter line from the mixer                      ###
			### Serial number and NvMem now appear in the first Line Out ###
			Microsoft Volume control will now work correctly.

Oct-29-1999	V186	Corrected L/R channel swap on 4215/4113 line in that was incorrectly changed
			in V184. Rev C 4113 hardware support added.

Oct-15-1999	V185	Added channel mode controls to the mixer. ASI4332/4 is the only card that
			suppports channel mode controls. Added support for ASI4334.

Oct-08-1999	V184	Win 3.1/95/98. Fixed L/R channel swap on analog record of 4215/4113.

Oct-04-1999	V183	Win 3.1/95/98. Applied +0.4 dB bugfix to all peak meters.

Sep-29-1999	V182	Win 3.1/95/98. Corrected scaling of Widm and Wodm GetPeak peakmeters under Win 3.1.

Sep-21-1999	V181	ASI4332 code updated for full input level/trim implementation.
			Added code to log data starvation during playback. To enable logging, set
			Internal Error Logging=on in c:\windows\asiwav.ini. Errors are logged to the
			end of asiwav.ini (Win 3.1/95/98 only).

Sep-15-1999	V180	Win 3.1/95/98. Updated driver to transfer 32 k "chunks" of playback data 
			instead of previous 16 k "chunks".

Sep-10-1999	V179 beta4	NT version.
Sep-06-1999	V179 beta4	Win 3.1/95/98 only. ASI4332 - added lineout aggregate metering
Aug-24-1999	V179 beta3	Win 3.1/95/98 only. Fixed store/restore of feedthrough volumes.
Aug-23-1999	V179 beta2	Win 3.1/95/98 only. ASI4332 - added feedthroughs and volumes.
Aug-19-1999	V179 beta1	Win 3.1/95/98 only. ASI4332 - fixed "clicks" in playback. Corrected LineOut1.
Aug-19-1999	V179 beta0	Win 3.1/95/98 only. First release with ASI4332.

Aug-16-1999	V178	Win 3.1/95/98 release only. Correction to "position in bytes". Minor change
			from v1.77.

Aug-14-1999	V177	Win 3.1/95/98 release only. Driver now correctly returns time in bytes for
			waveInGetPosition() and waveOutGetPosition() calls. DSP code uses that of
			driver V175 (v3.34 and v4.06). No ASI4332.

Aug-10-1999	V176 beta0	Win 95/98 only. Scrubbing for ASI4501. ASI4332 enabled.

Jul-30-1999	V175	Win 3.1/95/98 only. Fixed handling of non 32-bit alighned buffers for both
			record and play. DSP code unchanged from V1.72 (AXV3.34 & AXV4.06).

Aug-25-1999	V174 beta4	Win 95/98 only. Scrubbing bug fixes for 4501. Sample position improved and reverse scrubbing fixed.
Aug-09-1999	V174 beta3	Win 95/98 only. Scrubbing for 4501 added.
Jul-28-1999	V174 beta2	Win 95/98 only. Corrected waveOutSetPlaybackRate() bug.
Jul-23-1999	V174 beta1	Win 95/98 only. Scrubbing position reporting (and reverse) now supported.
Jul-23-1999	V174 beta0	Win 95/98 only. Test implementation of waveOutSetPlaybackRate().

Jul-16-199	V173	Win 3.1/95/98 release only. Improved support for waveOut/In peak meters
			under Win 3.1.

Jul-08-1999	V172	Win 95/98 release. ASI4601 audio breakup fixed. AES-18 code excluded.	
Jul-07-1999	V172 beta 1	Win95/98 only. ASI4601 change to DSP mixer operation.
Jul-07-1999	V172 beta 0	Win95/98 only. ASI4601 change to disable AES18 code.

Jun-24-1999	V171	NT driver release only. Corrections to PCI adapter search.

Jun-21-1999	V170    NT driver has extended adapter search across multiple PCI buses.
			ASI4701 DSP code update to fix noisy audio channels.

Jun-03-1999	V169	Win95/98 release only. Affects ASI4701 only. Update to fix ASI4701 
			identification and mixer structure sizes further increased.

Jun-01-1999	V168	Win95/98 release only. Size increase of internel mixer structures for ASI4701.
			No code changes.

May-26-1999	V167	NT and Win95/98 release. ASI4701 DSP code update in Win95/98 driver.
			Overflow detection added for mixer lines and controls structures.
			Update to NT mutex creation scheme.

May-11-1999	V166	NT and Win95/98 driver release. Minor #ifdef changes to support NT compilation
			without AES18 support. Under Win95/98 critical sections have reverted to previous
			methodology (from v1.53).

May-06-1999	V165    Pause/restart bug introduced between V162 and V164 has been fixed.
			DSP code for ASI45xx and ASI41xx supports faster PCM16 decode routines.

Apr-28-1999	V164	24 devices now supported per ASI4701. ASI_WHDR_NOHOLD is also implemented.
			Bug fixed in playback when hardware buffering is turned on in the ini file.
			Wav extensions file ASIMMEXT.H renmaed to ASIWAVX.H. 

APR-27-1999	V163	Internal release.
			Added support for ASI4701 although not all streams will work at this stage.
			Improved handling of playback buffers so that buffers that are not a multiple
			of 4 bytes are handled correctly.

FEB-10-1999	V162	Fixed factor of 2 error in digital mixing. AES18 buffer sizes increased.
			DSP code update only. DSP code versions 3.28c and 4.01x.

JAN-29-1999	V161	Added digital mixing to the ASI4215. Changed default AES18 block
			generator bits per block to 1920. DSP code versions 3.28a and 4.01v
			in this release.

JAN-26-1999	V160	Fixed record bug so that buffers larger than 16k are now completely
			filled before being returned to the application. Fixed bounds checking
			for mixerGetLineInfo() "of source" so that an error is returned if source
			index is too large.

JAN-15-1999	V159	Win95 only. Support of ASI4215 added. Improved implementation
			of AES18 on ASI4601.

DEC-01-1998	V158	Internal release. Updated digital control structures.
			See asimmext.h. Requires version 1.23 or later of ASIMIXAP.EXE.

NOV-25-1998	V157	Got Record 1 Mux on ASI4601 to display line out 1 as a valid
			source. This allows co-proc type operation using standard
			MS mixer and wave calls.

NOV-24-1998	V156	DSP code 3.27b fixes problem with MPEG bitrate selection
			on record. Compiler bug surfaced with DSP code version
			3.26a (driver V152). First release of code for the ASI4601 -
			Win 95/98 only. The ASI4601 now suports MPEG record and playback.

NOV-19-1998	V155	Internal release. First version with ASI4601 support and
			AES18 controls.

NOV-13-1998	V154	NT build only. Incoporates 1.53 changes and fixes stream
			close problems in the kernel driver that occur with an
			HPI level application.

NOV-12-1998	V153	Mixer code change only. Mux on Record 1 line now defaults to
			Line In 1 on first driver installation or change of adapter

NOV-11-1998	V152	DSP code v3.26a (fixed IStreamRead problem for 128k buffers).
			Improved record buffer handling. SAWPlus32 v3.1 records correctly
			with this version.

NOV-06-1998	V151	Internal test version, Win95/98 only. Minor change to processing 
			of record buffers. ASI4030 support removed.

OCT-24-1998	V150	NT kernal update only.

OCT-23-1998	V149	DSP code 3.25j. DSP clock rate for ASI45xx set to 71.5 MHz.
			Devices playing PCM8 or PCM16 can now return the TIME_BYTES 
			format from calls to waveOutGetPos() and waveInGetPos(). 

OCT-05-1998	V148	Win 95/98 only. Corrected ASI4030 adapter number jumpers to
			be the same as the 4111/4113. DSP code version 3.25g.

OCT-05-1998	V147	NT only. Corrected multi-adapter support under NT.

OCT-02-1998	V146	Fixed sample rate error in ASI411x. Fixed ASI4030 bootload.
			Changed waveOutSetVolume( ) mapping for ASI4030 so that the
			volume associated with the device now changes.

SEP-18-1998	V145	Win 95/98 only. ASI4030 change to support adapter numbering
			and corrects stream 3 sample count problem.

SEP-11-1998	V144	Win 95/98 only. Added VOX control to ASI4113.

SEP-08-1998	V143	Win 95/98 only. ASI4030 workaround added so that failure
                        of first DSP code load causes a second load to be attempted.
			DSP code 3.24a.

AUG-18-1998	V142	NT only. DSP code version 3.23c. Fixed mutex problem in
			NT that caused lockups with multiple devices.

AUG-13-1998	V141	Win 95 and NT. DSP code version 3.23c.
			NT - System sounds work. Instance tracking improved.
			Both - changed buffer handling so that WHDR_DONE is now
			set just before a buffer is returned. Previously it was
			set when the buffer was transferred to the card.
			ASIMMEXT.H now included in all distributions.
			Autofade volume controls now implemented.

AUG-12-1998	V140	Win 95 only. POPs on ASI41xx fixed.
			Visualization energy for MPEG record fixed.

AUG-05-1998	V139B	Win 95 only. ASI4030 MPEG turned back on.

AUG-04-1998	V139A	Win 95 only. DSP code version 3.22e with MPEG disabled on 
			ASI4030. This brings ASI4030 up-to-date with latest DSP code.

JUL-29-1998	V138	Fixed peak meter scaling again. Bug introduced sometime after V1.20.

JUL-24-1998	V137	Fixed playback of short sounds.
			Systems sounds still do not work in NT.
			Upgraded to version 3.22 of DSP code. Has more robust
			MPEG playback. Also has improved packet transfer reliability.

JUL-15-98	V136	NT - Win95 control additions of V135 now
			available in NT. KNOWN NT BUG - Going to Control Panel/
			Sounds and changing the scheme to "No sounds" will cause
			a blue screen. Workaround - set the scheme to "no sounds"
			before installing the ASI NT driver.
			Win 95 - Update to keep versions in sync.

JUL-09-98	V135	Update to mixer controls. Added support for serial number,
			digital bit i/o and nvmem. Rolled back ASI45xx DSP code that was 
			broken in previous version.

JUL-08-98	V134	Beta Dolby AC-2 support on ASI4030 and ASI4100.
			32, 44.1 and 48 kHz now supported.
			Additional mixer controls and an adapter line added
			to the mixer.

JUN-30-98	V133B	Alpha upgrade to Win NT driver. Significant changes to how the
			kernel driver is used. Bug fix for certain start of playback
			conditions (95 & NT). Multimedia control panel in NT now
			correctly shows ASI wave out devices.

JUN-18-98	V133A	First alpha release of Dolby AC-2 48 kHz decode on 41xx.

JUN-05-98	V132	Fixed bug where driver failed to return last buffers in certain
			cases. Applies only to default  "Hardware Buffering=off" case.
			Corrected INI storeage of volume settings for ASI4030.

JUN-02-98	V131	Major change to how playback buffers are handled. By default, playback
			buffers are now only returned to the application AFTER they
			have been played. A new setting has been added to ASIWAV.INI to
			support this. "Hardware Buffering=off", the default, will return
			playback buffers to an application only after they have been played.
			This means that the total audio buffering utilized equals the total
			user buffers declared in the application. "Hardware Buffering=on"
			allows the driver to return a buffer to the application before
			it has been played. This allows the hardware buffer on the adapter
			to completely fill up. In this case the total audio buffering utilized
			equals the card buffer size (512k typical) plus user buffers. Note: With
			hardware buffering on, the last playback buffer is always "held" in the 
			driver until playback has completed. The user may edit ASIWAV.INI to 
			enable hardware buffering.

			Minor correction to INI storing of control settings when missing
			adapter 1.

MAY-29-98	V130B	AESEBU change for ASI4030.
MAY-29-98	V130	AESEBU change for ASI4030. Changed driver to support
			missing adapter 1. 

MAY-22-98	V129	DSP code version 3.12e. ASI4030 aesebu update.
			Improved implementation of playback using small buffers.
			NOTE: Small buffers are not recommended. See app0002 in
			technical section of www.audioscience.com.

MAY-15-98	V128C	DSP code update to version 3.12d. ASI4030 changes: a) improved
			stability, b) CS8401 digital out now "unmuted", c) calibration 
			added for level/trim.

MAY-11-98	V128B	ASI4030 nows supports PCM16. Volumes and level/trim also work.
			Alpha ASI4030 MPEG code. Improved buffer handling at the end of
			record to avoid "cutting off" recorded audio.

MAY-01-98	V128A	First version with support for ASI4030.
APR-27-98	V127	Fixed "blue screen" in NT when system sounds are turned on.

APR-24-98	V126	Added stereo unsigned 8bit PCM playback to 41xx.
			Fixed 1201 return of buffers at end of playback.

APR-20-98	V125	Fixed recording of Level/Trim in ASIWAV.INI.
			Slight change in how reset message is handled.

APR-03-98	V124	Set Manufacturer Id to MM_AUDIOSCIENCE=217.
			DSP code 3.10. Fixes joint stereo MPEG playback bug.
			Improved digital i/o status control.
			Fixed MSVC 5.0 "Multithreaded DLL" call of waveOutGetNumDevs() for NT.

MAR-23-98	V123	Fixed missing record lines under NT (may also affect '95).
			Fixed some minor mixer bugs. Added alpha version of digital i/o
			controls. Tested with Antex and ASI adapters running under '95
			at the same time. String returned by GetDevCaps() has been changed.

MAR-18-98	V122	DSP code version 3.08c (fixes visualization info in MPEG files).
			ASIWAV.INI volume format changed. Can use "mute" to mute a volume setting.
			Volume settings now recorded in dB, so range is -99.99 to 00.00

MAR-17-98	V121	DSP code version 3.08b.
			ASIWAV.INI (in \windows) now records default volume settings.
			These are updated by a mixerClose() call. The volumes recorded in the
			INI file may be edited by hand. DSP code is more stable. Driver 
			should run for extended periods	without lockup. Bug with volume 
			controls fixed. Use of mixer handles inside the driver improved.
			Known problems:	1) MPEG visualization energy is not recorded correctly, 
			2) playback of certain joint stereo MPEG files exhibits distortion 
			on a 41xx.

MAR-12-98	V120	Win 95 release only.
			Added support for indexing with mixerGetLineInfo() of targettype.
			Verified mixer peak meters have a range of 0 to 32767.

MAR-10-98	V119	Win 95 release only.
			Corrections to some mixer controls.
			Added Win 95 driver update instructions.
			Fixed playback duration error for 1201 playing MPEG.

MAR-03-98	V118	Updated mixer configuration for ASI1201.
			Mixer settings for Level/Trim, Muxes and Switches are now
			preserved in ASIWAV.INI.

FEB-26-98	V117	Fixed 64k buffer boundary problem for ASI4111 (Win95 only).
			Fixed problem with mixerGetLineControls(,, BYTYPE).
			DSP code version 3.07.

FEB-25-98	V116	Internal debug version.
			Fixed MPEG 44.1 kHz MPEG lockup.

FEB-20-98	V115	Fixed record problem.
			MPEG 44.1 kHz can cause driver lockup.

FEB-18-98	V114	Internal. First alpha release with NT 4.0 support.
			Added section 2.2.3 regarding installation under NT.

FEB-12-98	V113	Internal. Organization for NT 4.0 support.

FEB-10-98	V112	Release. Improvements to Win95 installation.
			BUG noted in driver version number returned by GetDevCaps() for
			mixer and wave devices.

FEB-06-98	V111	Internal. Sound Recorder plays MPEG files.
			Driver installed under Win95 via INF file
			Updated readme.txt file for Win95 install via INF.
			See section 2.2.2 Windows 95, below.

FEB-02-98	V110a	Updated readme.txt file.

JAN-30-98	V110	Expanded list of Microsoft APIs supported.
			Added mixer= description to changes required in SYSTEM.INI.
			Changed how handles are used for multiple devices.			

JAN-29-98	V109	Fixed mixer and driver for handling multiple adapters.
			Tested with 4502 and 4111.

JAN-27-98	V108	Major mixer improvements. Beta record code (not tested).
			DSP code is GCC AX4100 and AX4500.
			Works with 1201, 4111 and 450x.
			Compatiblity with Antex Demo32 and Mixer32 improved.
			Mutliple driver entry was causing MMSYSTEM errors with debug compile.
			Mono PCM16 had "drop outs" - fixed.
			Time was incorrect for mono PCM16 on 1201 - fixed.
			Sound Recorder did not work - fixed (added code to play buffers of any size).

JAN-13-98	V107	Initial support of Microsoft mixer API, ASI4111 play only

			V102-106 Internal versions

DEC-04-97	V101	Improved waveOutGetPos() - returns milliseconds, samples
					Implemented waveOutSetVolume()

OCT-10-97	V100	Initial "alpha" release, ASI1201 support, no mixer

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