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Magic Touch Troubleshooting Guide

Controller: USB	
Operating System: Windows 2000 & XP.

Problem Observed
1. Windows did not detect Magic Touch as a new hardware.

Suggested Causes and Solutions

1.1. The controller box is not connected to USB port, or the port is defective.
Check the connection.  Try a different USB port, if available.  If using an
expansion hub, try plugging directly into a USB port on the computer.

1.2. The Windows was not logged on correctly.
The driver must be installed with the administrator's password logon. 

1.3. The controller may be defective
If the red light on the controller is not on, or light is on, but it does not 
dim when the touch screen is touched, and this problem is consistent on all USB 
ports, or on different computer, the controller may be defective. Contact tech 
support to report problem code: USB2K01

Problem Observed
2. No response to the touch.

Suggested Causes and Solutions

2.1. Touch the screen too soon.  Reboot the Windows, wait for 10 seconds before 
touching the screen.

2.2. Touch screen cable is not connected properly to the controller box.
Make sure the touch screen cable is connected to the controller box.  When the 
screen is touched, the light on the controller box should dim.

2.3. Installed the wrong driver.
Make sure the installation CD used is labeled for Magic Touch.  If wrong driver 
has been installed, run uninstall to remove it. 

2.4. The driver is out of dated.
Check the driver download page (at to compare the version 
listed with the one printed on your CD label.  If it is different, uninstall your driver.  
Download and install the new one.

2.5. The driver was not installed correctly.
Make sure the correct installation steps in the user's manual are followed.

2.6. Other touch screen driver may be installed previously.
Make sure all the previously installed touch screen drivers are removed before installing 
Magic Touch driver.

2.7. The touch screen panel may be defective.
The light on the controller box should dim when the screen is touched.  If the light on the 
controller box does not dim when touching the screen, it is either a bad connection or the 
touch screen is defective.  If the light dims without touching the screen, and it turns bright 
when the touch screen cable is disconnected from the controller box, the touch screen may be 
defective. Contact tech support to report problem code: USB2K02

Problem Observed
3. The touch position is not accurate.

Suggested Causes and Solutions

3.1. The screen needs to be calibrated.
Make sure to use the stylus to touch the center of each circle, one at a time (total 4).

Problem Observed
4. The touch position is accurate in most areas, but off a lot in certain area.

Suggested Causes and Solutions

4.1. The touch screen may have linearity problem.
Open the paint program and use stylus to draw horizontal and vertical lines on the screen.  
If the line is curved in certain area, contact tech support to report problem code: USB2K03

Problem Observed
5. The cursor keeps jumping to certain area, or is stuck there.

Suggested Causes and Solutions

5.1. When the cursor is stuck in certain area and the light on the controller dims, that 
indicates the touch screen may have shorts. At this point, the mouse cannot control cursor 
either.  Unplug the touch screen cable from the controller box, the red light turns bright 
and mouse can control the cursor again, that verifies the touch screen has shorts. 
Contact tech support to report problem code: USB2K04.

Problem Observed
6. Touch screen does not work in certain program.

Suggested Causes and Solutions

6.1. The program may not be a Windows program, or not a mouse-driven program.
Touch screen is only compatible with Windows mouse-driven programs.  The typical 
application is for left mouse button clicking or dragging.

6.2. The icons or links may have a "mouse-over" effect, so the first touch sometimes cannot 
activate the icon or link.  Open Touch232 control panel, select "lift-off" mode and try again.

For further assistance, please contact KEYTEC, INC. TECH SUPPORT: 

Request on-line:
Email to: 
Call: 972-234-8617 US tool free 1-800-MAGIC-89 (9AM-5PM, central time, M-F).
Fax: 972-234-8542 Attn. Tech Support.

Last Update: 2004.7.12
KEYTEC, INC.  Home of the Magic Touch
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