HISTORY.TXT Driver File Contents (9397_w95.zip)

Change History:
03/06/98 V.6.20.4833a.TW1307
    1. Fixed the bug that resolution NOT dynamically changed from TV
       directly to Simlc by hotkey.

03/01/98 V.6.20.4833a.TW1207
    1. Fixed the bug that playing VCD window size incorrect after switching
       output device by hotkey.

02/23/98 V.6.20.4833a.TW1107
    1. Fixed the bug that utility can not run correctly at CRT only mode.
    2. Fixed the bug that warning message box appear twice when user click
       icon in list view and click 'Cancel' to cancel device output switch.

02/05/98 V.6.20.4833a.TW1105
    1. Fixed the resolution change when switch to TV using Hot-Key.
    2. Fixed the bug that video caption lost when using TV as output device.

01/06/98 V.6.20.4833a.TW1005
    1. Fixed the bug that can not play some VCD correctly using Active Movie 1.0.
    2. Fixed the bug that video can not be shown when change color-depth from
       hi-color to 256 color without re-boot.

12/17/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW0905
    1. Add support for chips (such as 9397) that don't support TV.

11/21/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW0904
    1. Fix problem that can not keep resolution for each output device using Hot-key.
    2. Fix the bug that utility can not switch TV NTSC/PAL correctly.

11/17/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW0803
    1. Fix the problem that garbage appear when change resolution and shutdowm Windows.
    2. Fix the problem that can not change output device correctly using hot-key.

11/07/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW0702
    1. Correct the problem that can not switch output device using device icon by keyboard.
10/29/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW0701
    1. Split driver and utility version number into two parts. The first two digits is 
       the driver version number and th last two is the utility version number.
    2. Skip some invalid mode check to avoid BIOS return invalid value.
10/27/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW07
    1. Fixed bug that system abnormal when energy star suspend then suspend
       to disk.

10/01/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW06
    1. Fixed bug that system hang when switch between full-screen dos and
       windowed-dos while video overlay is on screen.
    2. Fixed bug taht system hang when resume from APM while video overlay is
       on screen.

09/24/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW05
    1. Fixed bug that video position incorrect in SVGA panel.

09/12/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW04
    1. Fixed bug that GPF occurred when running WinStone 97 PhotoShop testing.

09/03/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW03
    1. Fixed bug that incorrect CRTC output when showing blue-screen
       message in LCD or CRT+LCD output device.

08/29/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW02
    1. Fixed bug for supporting Hot-key switch BIOS .

08/27/97 V.6.20.4833a.TW01
    1. Fixed the bug that system hang when switch between desktop and full
       screen dos several times.
    2. Add support for Hot-key switch BIOS .
    3. Fixed the bug that utility can not switch between output devices

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