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relnote.txt for Windows NT 4.0

                         Display Driver Package
                   Release Notes for Windows NT 4.00

Revision:      1.0.4
Release Date:       Mar 10, 1997

 1. Added support for 65555 and 68554 chips.
Revision:      1.0.3
Release Date:       Mar 03, 1997
The following problems have been fixed in the current release:

 1. Underline Text Cursor is missing after switching from Desktop to DOS Command
    Prompt full screen session.   
 2. Text Expansion gets reset during restore of DOS Command Prompt full screen

 3. Invalid refresh selection ( 0 Hz ) listed in Display Settings.

Revision:      1.0.2
Release Date:  Jan 20, 1997

1. Fixed problem with corruption in display window when using Media Player to 
   play an MPEG (.MPG) file. 
2. Fixed problem with AVI window freezing when playing and an overlapping DOS
   Command Prompt window was switched to full screen, then switched back to
   a window, and then minimized to tak bar. Media Player control would indicate
   that the video clip was playing, but nothing was being drawn in AVI window.
3. Fixed problem with 24bpp Transparent SRC/DST bitblt operations in Direct Draw.

4. Modified code to correctly output large font (glyphs) that reside in "packed"
   font files.

Revision:      1.0.0
Release Date:  Oct 4, 1996

1. Added Direct Draw bitblt support for 6555x, 6554x.

2. Fixed the following problems:

   a. Full screen graphic VDMs are stretched vertically and horizontally.

   b. Mouse cursor disappears when you go to the right edge or bottom edge
      in 800x600 or 1024x768 modes.

   c. Start WinNT 4.0 with true color mode(mode 50 or 52). Select any
      background pattern from the Display Properties Background sheet. Click OK.
      You will see that the background palette is corrupt.

   d. Memory size detection and mode missing problem on 65554.

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