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Windows NT 4.0 Driver Installation Procedure

Step 1:	Install Windows NT as you normally would for a VGA display.
        First click the Start button, go to Settings and click on
        Control Panel.  Choose the Display icon and click on the icon.
        In the Display Properties window, click on the Settings tab.
        Then click on Change Display Type.  In the Change Display Type
        window, click on the Change button under Adapter Type.  This will
        bring up the Select Device window.

Step 2: In the Select Device window, click on the Other button.  Enter source
        directory where the Windows NT driver files are located.  Press
        <ENTER> and the name of the Chips and Technologies Video Accelerator
        driver will appear at the end of Models list box. Scroll to the end
	of the list box and double click on the driver.  Once the installation
	is complete, the system must be shut down and restarted.

Step 3:	Upon restart, select the desired display settings from the Display
        property dialog box.  Click on Test to test the newly selected
        graphics mode.  A color test screen should appear, followed by
        the Testing Mode window.  Click on Yes to continue.  The Display
	Settings Change window will appear.  Click on Restart Now for
	the new settings to take effect.
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