release.txt Driver File Contents (

                           R E L E A S E    N O T E S

                Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller Driver
                       For  Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
                  Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Broadcom Corporation
                              All rights reserved.

Version     Release Date
=======     ============
3.51        12/17/02

        a. Corrected SQA Bug#6424:   Shared Interrupt with Audio device and running 4401 Diagnostics
            caused system lock up.  

3.50        12/04/02

        a. Corrected SQA Bug#6236:   4401 Did Wake On LAN with Interesting Packet (ping) when
            OS check box "Allow this device" was not checked.  

        b. Corrected wrong LED operation after Wake On LAN from S3 Standby state on laptops using battery.

3.49        11/04/02

        a. Corrected SQA Bug#5802:   4401 Win2K/XP speed change from 10Mb Half Duplex to 
            100Mb Half Duplex failed to work

        b. Corrected SQA Bug#5860:   4401 WinME Shutdown - System Rebooted on Asustek P4GE MotherBoard

3.48        09/10/02

        a. Corrected driver issue of not logging Link Speed during Windows XP WHQL test:  WHQLCheckConfig

3.47        08/30/02

        a. Corrected LED display initialization in driver after wake from Standby or Hibernate.

3.46        08/22/02

        a. Submit 4401 NDIS Drivers to SQA for Microsoft WHQL HCT Testing.

3.45        08/19/02

        a. Corrected Windows XP and Windows 2000 Link Indications after wake from Standby/Hibernate.

3.44        08/19/02

        a. Corrected SQA logged bug#4512  No cable attached, 4401 shows a link in Windows at 10mb,
            after going into sleep mode and waking.
        b. Corrected SQA logged bug#4162  4401 Cable disconnect, put in Standby, connect cable, wake, 
            connection to network lost.

3.43        08/06/02

        a. Corrected SQA logged bug#4830 BACS reports wrong statistic counters for 4401.
        b. Corrected SQA logged bug#4511 After running "Internal Memory" diag test in BACS, 
            the statitics displays wrong statistic counters.
        c. Corrected SQA logged bug#4799  4401 version 3 board locks up during hibernation at 100HD
        d. Corrected SQA logged bug#4987  4401 Received packet counter displays "0" and does not increment.

3.42        07/18/02

        a. Corrected SQA logged bug#4814 NDIS5.1 driver v3.41 fails 2c_LoadUnload in XP32 Pro

3.41        07/18/02

        a. Corrected SQA logged bug#4811: Win2k Infchecker test fails with 4401 Ndis5 driver v3.40 

3.40        07/17/02

        a. Added support for Broadcom 440x OEM device and subsystem IDs.

3.39        07/16/02

        a. Changed Driver to correct reporting of CRC and CRC_Align errors with OID_GEN_RCV_CRC_ERROR
            and general RX errors with OID_GEN_RCV_ERROR.

3.38        07/11/02

        a. Added Windows XP 32 and Windows NT 4 Driver support.

3.37        07/02/02

        a. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4652 Win2K WHQL Signability test reports error with 4401 Ndis5 driver.

3.36        06/17/02

        a. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4413 Netmon statistics support added.
        b. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4303 802.3 and BACS statistics added.
        c. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4412 directed and broadcast packets statistics added. 
        d. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4411 Frames RXed with alignment error statistics added.
        e. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#3881 System locks up with 4401 during NDIS Testing  in Win2K.
        f.  Resolved SQA Logged Bug#3910 System stop during Win2K Certification.
        g. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4066 System hangs during Win2k certs with 4401.

3.35        06/06/02

        a. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4160 Mapped Drive not available after wake up from Standby/Hibernate.
        b. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4151 Cable disconnect in sleep state/connection lost.
        c. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4186 No cable attached, 4401 shows a link in Windows at 10mb, after going into sleep mode
        d. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4382 CRC error count not supported using Netmon.
        e. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4395 Power management option "Allow this device to come out of standby"
                                                            is grayed out when Dell Magic Packet is set.

3.34        05/30/02

        a. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4324 wrong version in BACS displayed for NDIS Driver.
        b. Updated WOL Advanced Options.

3.33        05/17/02

        a. Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4154 WOL at S5 sleep state did not work on all ACPI compliant systems.

3.32        05/16/02

        a.  Set FlowControl Default Option to Enabled per Dell Software Requirements.
        b.  Set Default WakeOnLan Advanced Option to  "Wake Up Frame" for WHQL Certification.
        c.  Corrected SQA Bug#4183 Win2K Certification test  1c_ginfo  failure.

3.31        05/08/02

        a.  Set WakeOnLan Default Option to Both (Magic Packet and Wake Pattern)

3.30        05/08/02

        a.  Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4077  Driver Version Display in BACS Control Suite.
        b.  Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4078  Driver Statistics Display in BACS Control Suite.
        c.  Resolved SQA Logged Bug#4053  System Wake on Ping When only Magic packet enabled.

3.29        05/03/02

        a.  Modified driver for performance and submit to Broadcom SQA.

3.27        04/30/02

        a.  Corrected Windows System Shutdown issue noted as prior errata.
        b.  Corrected Win2K WHQL Test 1c_ginfo.tst failures.

3.26        04/24/02

        a.  Added Flow Control advanced option.
        b.  Corrected failing WHQL 2m_WOLPattern  test.
             Errata 1: Some systems may experience power shutdown problems when "Shutdown"
                           requested from the Windows Start button. 
                           In this situation please press the Reset button of the system first and then
                           press the system Power button.

3.25        04/22/02

        a.  Resolved warnings encountered during 1c_64BitOids Windows XP Certification Tests.
        b.  Added Advanced Adapter Options Key for  Wake On LAN  choices.
        c.  Added Dell/Broadcom  DTWOL Magic Packet Wake On LAN support.
             Errata 1: Some systems may experience power shutdown problems when "Shutdown"
                           requested from the Windows Start button. 
                           In this situation please press the Reset button of the system first and then
                           press the system Power button.

3.24        04/12/02

        a.  Updated driver settings for duplex performance.

3.23        04/11/02

        a.  Submit to Broadcom SQA for XP and Win2K Certification.

3.22        04/03/02

        a.  Resolve Bug#3774  -  Wrong Driver version in BACS for 4401 NIC Adapters.

3.21        03/27/02

        a.  Resolve Bug#3525  -  The NIC option 802.1P "Priority Handling" disable/enable
                                             for WHQL HCT  test 2m_prior.

3.20        02/27/02

        a.  Resolve Bug#3281  -  Control Suite Failure while testing MAC and PHY
                                             Loopback tests.

3.19        02/27/02

        a.  Resolve Bug#3427  -  Signability test in Windows ME Certification testing;
                                              missing Catalog file entry added.
        b.  Resolve Bug#3426  -  Inchecker test in Windows 2000; 
                                              BASEDRIVERFILEVERSION entry added.

3.18        02/22/02

        a.  Resolve Bug#3326  -  Device name under Event Viewer corrected.
        b.  Resolve Bug#3336  -  Logging of Link Status and Speed for Windows XP and 
                                             Windows 2000 Pro and Server.

3.17        02/19/02

        a.  Change Adapter name to "Broadcom 440X Fast Ethernet Controller"

3.16        02/19/02

        a.  Resolve Bug#3291  -  Device Name to 4401
        b.  Resolve Bug#3286  -  InfChecker issue with unreferenced name
        c.  Resolve Bug#3282  -  Forced and Auto Speed Setting Correction 

3.15        02/14/02

        a.  Change Advanced Options display text to match other
             Broadcom driver. 

3.14        02/14/02

        a.  Initial Release of 4401 Driver 

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