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            SiS PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Installation
                for Windows for Workgroups Driver

driver file:  \wfw311\sisnic.386
INF file:     \wfw311\oemsetup.inf

Install The Driver

The following describes the procedure for installing the protected-mode
NDIS3 (sisnic.386) driver under Windows for Workgroups.

NOTE: It is assumed that Windows for Workgroups has already been installed.

1.  Start Windows.

2.  Open the "Network" group and double-click "Network Setup".

3.  To install the network adapter, click "Drivers..."

4.  In the "Network Drivers" window, click "Add Adapter..."

5.  From the list of network adapters, select "Unlisted or Updated Network

6.  Network setup now requires a vendor-provided network driver diskette.
    Insert the "SiS PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Drivers Disk" in drive A:,
    then Click OK.

7.  From the "Unlisted or Updated Network Adapter" screen, select

    "SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter"

    then click OK.

8.  Follow the rest screen instructions to complete the installation.

9.  When prompted, restart Windows.

Adapter Configuration

The driver allows you to specify your network media type:

1.  Open the "Network" group.
2.  Double-click "Network Setup".
3.  Click "Drivers..."
4.  Choose the adapter you want to configure then click "Setup..."
5.  Click "Advanced..."
6.  Now, you can specify your network media type through the dropdown menu.

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