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    DriverName = "SIS900$"
; below are examples and explanations of some of the keywords supported by
; the SiS NDIS 2.01 driver.  most of the lines are simply comments.  the
; marked with "-->" are lines that can be edited (removing the ";-->" and
; lines replacing it with spaces, and modifying the right hand side as
; appropriate.

; Slot=n, n=1..4 specifies the specific number to look for a SiS PCI
; Fast Ethernet adapter.  In the absence of this keyword the driver will
; search all devices for SiS PCI Fast Ethernet adapter, so it isn't required
; unless there are multiple SiS adapters in the computer.  
;-->SLOT = 1

; MEDIATYPE=Type, type specifies the mediatype that is currently used.
; The default is AUTO(Auto-Detect mediatype).
;         Type       Ethernet Standard    Duplex
;       --------     -----------------    ------
;        AUTO          auto-detect         Auto
;        UTP           10BASE-T            Half
;        UTPFULL       10BASE-T            Full
;        FAST          100BASE-T           Half
;        FASTFULL      100BASE-T           Full

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