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(1)BootROM types(Monolithic PXE ROM)
    pxe_m.18  -- Hook Int18
    pxe_m.19  -- Hook Int19
    pxe_m.bev -- Use BEV

(2)How to test PXE ?

   1.Environment Request:
     -You should install NT server(4.0 SP3 or later)
     -Install TCP/IP and Assign a static IP for server
     -Ensure the GUEST account is enabled
     -Get PDK from Intel web site.

   2.Setup DHCP Server:
     -Add DHCP service on NETWORK PANEL
     -Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->DHCP Manager to create a range of scope

   3.If PXE service and DHCP server installed on the same machine, you MUST add this tag to your server.
     -Choose DHCP Options->Default to setting

   4.Choose NEW PXE Option Tag

   5.Assign Option 60 to Global

   6.Create the boot files: APITEST.1 and DOSUNDI.1
     -Create two 1.44 DOS format boot disk.
     -Disk1=>Label APITEST
      Copy HIMEM.SYS, RAMDRIVE.SYS, MORE.COM, and FC.COM into disk1.
     -Disk2=>Label DOSUNDI
      Copy MORE.COM into disk2
     -Change to \\PDK\system\images\x86pc\undi\APITest and run "mktest.bat"

     [Note]When system is installing, it will point the directory of NT CD,
      you should point to "root". If you point to "\i386", system will
      CANNOT find files.

     -Change to \\PDK\system\images\x86pc\undi\DOSUNDI and run "mkdos.bat"

   7.Config proxy DHCP Server

   8.Add Bootserver List

   9.Add type 3 and 65535

   PS. For the details of PXE setting in NT server,
       please refer to the PDK and SDK of PXE in Intel web site.

server: web4, load: 0.86