README.TXT Driver File Contents (sfa110-b3.exe)

Driver Package File Name: sfa110-b3.exe
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 Install Miniport driver to the Win95A, Win95-OSR2

    1. Plug SOHOware 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI adapter
       into one of the Master PCI slots of your PCI platform.

    2. Turn power on then boot from Windows 95A (or Windows

    3. [Win95A]
       Window system will prompt PCI Ethernet Controller in
       New Hardware Found dialog box. 

       Window system will prompt PCI Ethernet Controller in
       Update Device Driver Wizard dialog box.

    4. [Win95A]

       (a)Select "Driver from disk provided by hardware manufacturer"
          from "New Hardware Found" dialog box, then click OK button.
          The "Install From Disk" dialog box will open.

       (b)Insert the SOHOware Driver Diskette into your floppy drive. 

       (c)Enter the driver pathname, i.e. A:\Win95, then click "OK" 
          button from "Install from Disk" dialog box.                


       (a)Windows will detect the SOHOware 10/100 F/E PCI Adapter and the 
          "Update Device Driver Wizard" dialog box will open. Click Next.

       (b)Select "Other Locations...", insert the SOHOware Driver Diskette 
          into your floppy driver, and then enter the driver pathname, i.e. 
          A:\Win95. Click "OK" button.

       (c)The Windows 95-OSR2 will indicate that Windows system found the
          SOHOware 10/100 PCI Network Adapter driver on the floppy diskette
          (A:\Win95). Click Finish button.    

    5. Follow screen instructions to complete the process. Here 
       the system may ask you to enter the driver path name, 
       i.e. " A:\Win95 ", and also ask you to insert the Win95 
       Source CD-ROM into CD driver. Type in the location of your
       Windows Source files (CD-ROM) and click OK.

    6. The System will ask you to restart your computer. Remove the
       floppy disk from the floppy drive and click Yes to complete
       the installation.

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