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                NetWare 32-bit ODI Driver Installation

NetWare DOS ODI Server Driver Installation (NetWare 4.11)

        SOHOware Driver Diskette  (FE100A.LAN)

Installation Procedure:
1. Insert the SOHOware Driver Diskette into drive A
   and check the contents of subdirectory  \NW411
   It should contain the following file :

   FE100A.LAN  Ä  Novell NetWare Server Driver for
                   SOHOware 10/100 PCI Network Adapter.
   FE100A.LDI  Ä  Novell NetWare Server Driver Installation
                   Information File.

2. At the NetWare prompt (indicated by the Server name),
   run the INSTALL.NLM program by typing:

   server name: LOAD INSTALL <Enter>

3. Select "Driver Options"  and press <Enter>.

4. Select "Configure network drivers"  and press <Enter>.

5. Select "Select an additional driver"  and press <Enter>.

6. Press the <Ins> key to specify other drivers to install.

7. Press <F3> and specify the driver path (A:\NW411)
   and press <Enter>.

8. The FE100A.LAN driver should appear in your choice list for
   the 'Select a driver to install' field. Choose this driver to
   start the driver loading and binding procedure. This
   will allow you to load and bind all 4 frame types supported
   by NetWare.

9. Add the LOAD and BIND statements you require to the server's
   AUTOEXEC.NCF file so that the LAN driver will load automatically
   each time the server starts up.

Installation notes:

1. If you are doing the PERFORM3 or ENDURNCE test, you'd better add the
   followings in your AUTOEXEC.NCF of the server,

        Set Immediate Purge Of Deleted Files=ON

2. You had better add the followings in the STARTUP.NCF:

                Set Reserved buffers below 16 meg = 200
                Set maximum Physical receive Packet Size=1530
                set minimum packet receive buffers = 150

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server: ftp, load: 0.30