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                NetWare 32-bit ODI Driver Installation

NetWare DOS ODI Server Driver Installation (NetWare 4.10)

        SOHOware Driver Diskette  (FE100A.LAN)

Installation Procedure:
1. Insert the SOHOware Driver Diskette into drive A
   and check the contents of subdirectory  \NW410
   It should contain the following file :

   FE100A.LAN Ä  Novell NetWare Server Driver for
                   SOHOware 10/100 PCI Network Adapter.
   FE100A.LDI Ä  Novell NetWare Server Driver Installation
                   Information File.

2. At the NetWare prompt (indicated by the Server name),
   run the INSTALL.NLM program by typing:

   server name: LOAD INSTALL <Enter>

3. Select "Maintenance/Selective Install" and press <Enter>.

4. Select "LAN Driver Options (Configure/Load/...)"
   and press <Enter>.

5. Press the <Ins> key to specify other drivers to install.

6. Press <F3> and specify the driver path (A:\NW410)
   and press <Enter>.

7. The FE100A.LAN driver should appear in your choice list for
   the 'Select a LAN Driver' field. Choose this driver to
   start the driver loading and binding procedure. This
   will allow you to load and bind all 4 frame types supported
   by NetWare.

8. Next time you start up your system, simply follow steps
   2 to 4 to complete the installation.

Installation notes:

1. If you are doing the PERFORM3 or ENDURNCE test, you'd better add the
   followings in your AUTOEXEC.NCF of the server,

        Set Immediate Purge Of Deleted Files=ON

2. You had better add the followings in the STARTUP.NCF:

                Set Reserved buffers below 16 meg = 200
                Set maximum Physical receive Packet Size=1530
                set minimum packet receive buffers = 150

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-- THE END --

server: web3, load: 0.73