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                NetWare DOS ODI Driver Installation

NetWare DOS ODI Workstation Driver Installation (NetWare v3.xx & v4.xx)
This section describes the procedure to install
the NetWare v3.11 workstation driver for your adapter.

SOHOWARE Driver Diskette

Installation Procedure:
Before you start with the installation process, make sure that
the adapter is properly installed and configured. Make sure
that your NetWare operating system is properly installed.

1. Run the following command in the order given below and
   press <Enter>:

   NETX (or VLM)

2. You can now log into your network.

Installation notes:

1. Remember to specify LASTDRIVE=Z in the CONFIG.SYS file.

2. Edit the NET.CFG if you want to change some parameters.

   For example, if you're using a NetWare 3.11 workstation and
   wants to log into a NetWare v4.X  server. The default
   frame type of NetWare 3.11 is Ethernet 802.3, while that of
   NetWare v4.X  is Ethernet 802.2. Before you can log into
   the NetWare v4.X , make sure there is a protocol binding
   for Ethernet 802.3 in the server's NET.CFG file.

   This is normally included in the [MLID] section. A sample
   NET.CFG file is given below:

        Link SUPPORT
        buffers 8 1514
        mempool 4096

        link driver FE100A
        frame Ethernet_802.2
        frame Ethernet_802.3
        frame Ethernet_II
        frame Ethernet_snap

   There is another customer specific function,10FD(10HD),100FD(100HD),
   and AUTO.
   If you want the driver to run in full-duplex mode, you may specify
   10FD or 100FD in the NET.CFG file. The default mode is AUTO.
   The driver will display information about FD(FullDuplex) or HD(HalfDuplex)
   when you load the driver.
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