README.TXT Driver File Contents (sfa110-b3.exe)

Driver Package File Name: sfa110-b3.exe
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1. If you have set your SFA110A under fixed badwidth and duplex mode,
   Once you rerun SFADiag.exe, all setting you've done will be reset.

2. When you finish the setting that fixes bandwidth and duplex mode,
   you must back monitor to "Main Functions", and then enter "Card Configuration" 
   again, the correct bandwidth and duplex mode you've done will be displayed 

3. On Card Diagnosis-->Card Initialization and test-->Internal loopback,
   There are two items--No_Carrier & Loss_Of_Carrier, only can run well under 
   100MB & Full duplex.

4. For External loopback test, Only loopback connector could be used.

5. Due to difference between MS-DOS Eng. and MS-DOS Jap., you have to bypass 
   config.sys & autoexec.bat under MS-DOS Jap. mode.

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