RELEASE.TXT Driver File Contents (AcctonEN2212PCMCIACardEthernetDrivers.exe)

		    Accton Technology Corporation
	     Local Area Network Software Driver Support
		   For EN2212 Ethernet PCMCIA Adapters
			   V1.11  12/29/95

    Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1995 by Accton Technology Corporation.
    All rights reserved.


    Files and
    Subdirectories	Contents

    INSTALL.BAT 	Accton diskette installation program

    1STEP.EXE		Adapter setup, diagnostic, and NetWare
			setup programs

    ACCOPEN.EXE 	PCMCIA adapter enabler program

    1STEP.TXT		Readme file for the 1Step program

    HELP.TXT		Help file for the 1Step program

    RELEASE.TXT 	This file

    README.TXT		Help file for using the 1Step and MPX drivers

    OEMSETUP.INF	Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Information file.

    \SUPPORT		Accton's Tech Support information

       SUPPORT.TXT	Text file listing Accton's Tech Support Numbers

       BBS_TWN.TRM	Windows-based terminal configuration file
			for calling Accton Taiwan's BBS

       BBS_USA.TRM	Windows-based terminal configuration file
			for calling Accton USA's BBS

    \DOS		Novell NetWare Ver 4.0	DOS/ODI driver files (3 files)

    \NDIS		NDIS drivers for the following systems:
			       . Microsoft Windows for Workgroups
			       . Microsoft LAN Manager
			       . IBM LAN Server
			       . Banyan VINES
			       . Wollongong Pathway Access
			       . DEC PATHWORKS
			       . SUN PC-NFS
			       . OS/2 2.1

    \WFW311		NDIS 3.0 driver for Windows for Workgroup 3.11

    \NETWARE		Novell NetWare Drivers

       \ODI		Novell NetWare ODI driver

	     \DOSODI	Novell NetWare DOS/ODI driver
			Accton MPX DOS/ODI driver for NetWare

	     \OS2ODI	Novell NetWare OS2/ODI driver

	     \SERVER	Novell NetWare ODI server driver
			Accton MPX server driver

    \PCNFS		Sun Microsystems PC/NFS Driver

    \PKTDRV		FTP spec-compliant packet driver

    \MSLANMAN.DOS	DOS NDIS drivers for Microsoft LAN
			Manager Versions 1.x and 2.x

    \ACCVIEW		Accton AccView/Station program

    \UNIX		Accton SmartEnabler program for SCO UNIX and

    \WIN95		Microsoft Windows 95 driver

    \WINNT		Microsoft Windows NT driver

    \NT351		Microsoft Windows NT3.51 driver

    Trademarks or brand names mentioned are registered by
    their respective companies.


    Release Number/	   Changes
      10/20/1993	   New release

      V1.02		   Update AccOpen to support card service enabler

      V1.03B01		   Update AccOpen to support Compel, Crete notebook

      V1.04		   Update AccOpen to combine card, socket service
      12/29/93		   enabler with direct enabler in a client driver

      V1.05		   Add ODI Server Driver : ACCPCM.LAN
      1/26/94		   Add MPX Server Driver : MPXPCM.LAN
			   Update AccOpen to support plug & play
			   Update DOS ODI driver PCMMLID.COM
			   Update Packet Driver  PCMPD.COM

      V1.06		   Update Accton NDIS Driver
      2/28/94		   Update AccOpen to support Databook CardTalk Driver

      V1.07B		   Update Accopen for residence
      4/19/94		   Add NDIS 3.0 Driver for Windows for Workgroup 3.11
			   Update 1step 1.3

      V1.08		   Updated Accopen and 1step to support configurable
      8/20/94		   host memory window location.  This window can
			   also be allocated by the card service.

			   Updated PCMMLID.COM to improve performance.

			   Updated oemsetup.inf for WFW 3.11.

      V1.09		   Updated DOS/ODI Driver PCMMLID.COM and PCMCIA Card
      02/14/95		   Enabler ACCOPEN.EXE to support Hot-Swap.

			   Updated DOS NDIS 2.0 driver ETHPCM.DOS to correct
			   problems with new versions of LAN Server.

			   Added driver support for OS/2 2.X.

			   Added SmartEnable for SCO UNIX and UNIXWARE.

      V1.10		   Added Microsoft Windows 95 driver support.
			   Added Microsoft Windows NT driver support.

			   Updated driver installation program 1STEP.EXE.

			   Updated PCMCIA card enabler ACCOPEN.EXE.

			   Updated packet driver PCMPD.COM.

			   Updated DOS/ODI driver PCMMLID.COM.

			   Updated OS/2 NDIS driver ETHPCM.OS2.

			   Updated Windows for Workgroup 3.11 OEMSETUP.INF

			   1.Add Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 driver
			   2.Update NT 3.5 and Win95 and NDIS2 driver for
			     Node address override problem.
			   3.Add Microsoft Windows 95 NDIS2 driver support.
			   4.Convert NDIS directory into two sub-directory
			     included DOS and OS2.
			   5.Put WFW311 oemsetup.inf in root directory
			     as WFW311 default directory.
			   6.Updated PCMCIA card enabler ACCOPEN.EXE.
			   7.Added OS2/ODI driver PCMODIC.SYS support.
			   8.Fixed Accer-notebook 950 Microsoft Windows
			     NT 3.5 driver hangup problem.

    --- THE END ---

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