release.txt Driver File Contents (570249.exe)

	    	  R E L E A S E    N O T E S

	    Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Server Adapter (ODI) Driver
			         version 6.01

	    Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2002,2003 Broadcom Corporation
	             All rights reserved.
    	            February 14, 2003

02/14/03 v6.01
	Changed jumbo support from 9100 max to 9000 max. Link message is changed.
	Fixed CarrierSense Counter. Added new Device IDs.

01/13/03 v5.09
	Fixed cable disconnect delay for server.

01/02/03 v5.06
	Fixed cable disconnect delay for Client32.

12/20/02 v5.05
	Enhanced client32 support.

12/09/02 v5.04
	Added PCIX mode status in custom stats. 
	Fixed Link mode.

11/22/02 v5.03
	Fixed client32 slow connection problem. Checksum offload is default off.

11/08/02 v5.02
	Fixed checksum problem found in NW6 support pack 2.

10/29/02 v5.01
	Fixed rare eeprom read bug.

09/26/02 v5.00
	This version has 5705 support.

09/26/02 v4.00
	Fixed client32 cable disconnect bug. Took out 5705 support.

08/21/02 v3.03
	Added support for 5705.

05/13/02 v3.02
	Changed water marks for performance tuning.

05/13/02 v3.01
	Fixed bug in tx checksum that prevented snmp events.
	Fixed bug preventing completion of 72 hour stress test.

05/03/02 v3.00
	Added support for 5704 controller.

05/07/02 v2.32
	Fixed bug in tx checksum that prevented snmp events.

04/19/02 v2.31
	Added delays in driver for initialization.

03/22/02 v2.29 
	Fix of Jumbo size reported to Netware certification.

03/20/02 v2.28
	Added changes to control LEDs.

03/19/02 v2.27
	Added two command line keywords: fiber=auto/force & MagicP=0/1.

03/14/02 v2.26
	Changed driver to work in DOS CLIENT32. 
	VLAN support broken on older versions of BASP use only on BASP 2.09 or later.

02/25/02 v2.25
	Fixed some keywords that were not being reset properly.
	Added WireSpeed feature.

02/07/02 v2.24
	Added Jumbo frame dynamic size. Poll mode display.

01/22/02 v2.23
	Fixed dropped client problem.

01/22/02 v2.22
	Further enhancement of the spurious int fix.

01/19/02 v2.21
	Spurious int fix is now default on.

12/19/01 v2.20
	Added code to better handle spurious interrupts on some machines.

12/06/01 v2.19
	Fixed ipx vlan problem.

11/28/01 v2.18
	Fixed 100 hr stress problem.

11/16/01 v2.17
	Fixed multicast address size, performance improvement.

11/07/01 v2.16
	Fixed backward compatibility probs.

10/30/01 v2.15
	Jumbo certified.

09/18/01 v2.14
	Fixed cable fault problem.

09/12/01 v2.12
	Fixed FrameAlignment & ChecksumError counters.

08/24/01 v2.10
	Fixed a PCIX problem.
08/17/01 v2.09
	Fixed a jumbo mode problem.

08/03/01 v2.08
	Fixed Perform3 problem.

07/20/01 v2.07
	Improved fiber support.

07/06/01 v2.06
	802.3 bug fix.

07/02/01 v2.05
	Fix for fiber link.
	Fix for shutdown.

06/14/01 v2.02
	Fixed fiber support/performance improvements.

06/04/01 v2.01
	Rebuild for new release.

05/04/01 v1.27
	Added registration for advanced server program.

04/24/01 v1.25
	supports 5701

04/12/01 v1.23
	Reset bug fix.

03/27/01 v1.22
	Jumbo frame support added. 

02/26/01 v1.20
	Checksum is default off.

02/15/01 v1.18
	Fix for vlan bug in ipx, and min packet size with vlan.

02/08/01 v1.16
	Fixed bug for 4.x primary install.

02/05/01 v1.15
	Fixed new persistent driver bug, multicast bug, and basp support bug.

01/30/01 v1.12
	Fix for vlans.

01/29/01 v1.10
	Added changes in PCI-X support.

01/26/01 v1.09
	Fixed NESL bug.

01/19/01 v1.08
	Fixed persistent driver mode bug.

01/05/01 v1.07
	Added persistent driver mode.

12/29/00 v1.06
	Added better checksum support.

12/21/00 v1.05
	Added more user info.	

12/15/00 v1.04
	Fixed spurious interrupt reports.

12/11/00 v1.03
	Made changes for better performance.

12/08/00 v1.02
	Added better ipx w/802.3 support.

12/01/00 v1.01
	Added console status messages for link up/down.

11/27/00 v1.00
	1st release.

11/22/00 v0.26
	Real update of lower module.

11/22/00 v0.25
	Updated lower module for led change.

11/22/00 v0.24
	Added support for 32 minimum receive buffers.

11/18/00 v0.23
	Updated lower module for better flow control. Passes Novell certification. 

11/17/00 -v0.22
	Upgraded the checksum off load support & receive code.

11/08/00 -v0.21
	Updated lower module.

11/06/00 -v0.20
	Fixed link problem and unwanted messages.

11/03/00 -v0.19
	Added support for new firmware.

11/01/00 -v0.18
	Fixed vlan bug for large packets.
	Changed promiscuous mode support.

10/30/00 -v0.17
	Added vlan support for BASP.

10/28/00 -v0.16
	Added code to guard against ECB starvation. Enhanced code for speed

10/23/00 -v0.15
	Added a custom NESL event for changing the MAC address to work with
10/20/00 -v0.14
	Made adjustments for certification test.

10/16/00 -v0.13
	New release.

10/13/00 -v0.12
	Fortified reset code and isr.

10/6/00 - v0.11
	Added support for sharing ints between multiple B57s.
	Added support for "auto" within the speed keyword.
	Displays line speed more consistently.

9/22/00 - v0.10
	Changed allocated resources amount. Fixed bug in user defined

9/20/00 - v0.09
	Change in reset and interrupt code (checks if initialized).

9/14/00 - v0.08a
	Changed interrupt enable/disable.
9/13/00 - v0.08- 
	First Engineering Release.

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