release.txt Driver File Contents (570249.exe)

			  R E L E A S E    N O T E S

	    Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet DOS ODI Driver
					 version 6.02

	    Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2002,2003 Broadcom Corporation
			     All rights reserved.
			       February 14, 2003

02/14/03 -V6.02 
	Updated Device IDs.
02/07/03 - v6.00
	Fixed 5704 function (FUNNUM) loading and fiber support. 
01/09/03 - v5.02
	Fixed the SUBVID keyword.
12/13/02 - v5.01
	Fixed Keyword bugs found w/DEVNUM etc. 
09/24/02 - v5.00-
    Fixed problem with ASF enabled.
    Updated with PXE's LM v3.1.14.
    Added support for 5705, 5901, & 5704 Fiber.
08/20/02 -v3.01
	Removed support for 5705 & 5901.
08/13/02 -v3.00
	Added support for 5705 & 5901. 
07/23/02 -v1.22
	Fixed intermittent hang during driver load.
07/12/02 -v1.21
	Slight change to firmware.
07/10/02 -v1.20
	Reduced size of driver to 31K.
06/18/02 -v1.19
	Fixed debug screen dump. Added display of PCI adapter configuration.
	Suports 5704.
05/16/02 -v1.18
	Fixed MAC address display.
04/18/02 -v1.17
	Fixed 100 half duplex bug.
04/03/02 -v1.16
	Enhanced the fiber support.
02/28/02 -v1.15
	Added wirespeed feature, decreased memory footprint, added device ids.
02/04/02 -v1.14
	Fixed occasional drop connection problem when using IRQ 7.
01/25/02 -v1.13
	Updated phy support for 5702/3.
01/22/02 -v1.12
	Fixed 8023z support.
01/21/02 -v1.11
	Fiber Support added.
01/04/02 -v1.10
	Added MODEL keyword to load on first found matching SVID.
12/13/01 -v1.09
	Better support for 5411 phy.
12/07/01 -v1.08
	Fixed other PCI-X initialization problem.
11/27/01 -v1.07
	Fixed PCI-X initialization problem.
10/26/01 -v1.06
	Fix for speed value in sign on message. Additional board detection.
05/25/01 -v1.05
	Fix for compatability with video adapters.
05/16/01 -v1.04
	Fix for interrupt sharing problem.
	Added BUSNUM DEVNUM keywords.
05/02/01 -v1.03
	Supports integrated mac
03/23/01 -v1.02
	Driver Size reduction
03/01/01 -v1.00
	Modified to work with ODINSUP 
12/05/00 -v0.07
	Added interrupt sharing, and unload support.
12/01/00 -v0.06
	Added better link support.
11/28/00 -v0.05
	Added code for better performance.
11/22/00 - v0.03-
	Changed code to fix bugs. 
11/16/00 - v0.02- 
	First Engineering Release.

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