release.txt Driver File Contents (570249.exe)

                    R E L E A S E    N O T E S

       Broadcom Management Application Programming Interface
        for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, XP, .NET 32/64 bit
                     Win98, Win98SE and WinMe
                           Version 6.0.2

          Copyright (c) 2000 - 2003 Broadcom Corporation
                        All rights reserved.
                           Feb. 21, 2003

CHANGES in v6.0.2
- Fix CQ7080: BACS: Lose Connectivity After Running BACS Diags on
  Problem Description: After running diags in BACS you lose PING
  connectivity. You can disable/enable the interface and get
  connectivity back.
  Resolution: The problem seems like a timing issue between MAC
  loopback and suspend OID. The problem started to appear from
  driver v5.18. To get around the problem, add one second delay
  after MAC loopback.

CHANGES in v6.0.1
- Starting from this version of BMAPI, FAD.SYS binaries will be
  separated into 3 binaries, which are
	(1) fad.sys -- for Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Windows Me and Windows 98.
	(2) fadxp32.sys -- for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 on x86.
	(3) fadxp64.sys -- for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 on IA64.
- Set the team/vlan name properly in 'Network Connections' page.
  Starting BASP 3.0.20, the team/vlan name may not set properly.
  BMAPI will get around the problem by setting the name later,
  raising the 'Network Connections' page to foreground and send 'F5'
  to force the 'Network Connections' page to refresh after team/vlan
  name are set.
  ATTENTION: Sometimes the 'Network Connections' did not refresh
             properly. Users may need to manually hit 'F5' to
- Support ASF! table in ACPI 2.0 BIOS for both x86 and IA64 machines.

CHANGES in v6.0.0
- Fix CQ6765: Vital Signs in Control Suite no longer shows firmware
  version with bmapi v3.0.17.
  This is compatiblilty issue with existing software regarding
  reading NVRAM related feature. This is fixed in this release.
- Fix CQ6739: BACS does not display correct IP address for NIC that
  is part of ICS network.
  The fix will pick up IP related information properly in Windows XP
- Fix CQ6702: Windows 2003: 802.3ad team can't contact most of the
  These symptoms are currently observed under Windows .NET 2003
  Server only.Windows 2000 is verified that is not subject to this
  A change is made in BASP configuration DLL and BMAPI to work around
  this problem by re-starting the member NIC once it is added to the
  802.3ad team. This flushes out the previous MAC address as recorded
  by NDIS.
- Fix CQ6788: Cannot create mulitiple VLANs when using BACS 3.18.
  The team ID fix put in v3.0.12 causing BMAPI no longer be able to
  create more than one virtual adapter (more than one VLAN) per team
  because wrong ID assignment.
  The fix in this version will make BASP team ID assignment range 
  from 1 to 999. TT team ID will start from 1000.

CHANGES in v3.0.17
- Fix the problem that failed to load BASFND.sys and FAD.sys.

CHANGES in v3.0.16
- Fix exception from WMI provider when shutting down BMAPI.
- Fix Prod00006316: Error on Windows 98SE when loading BACS.

CHANGES in v3.0.15
- Improve porformance on BmapiInitialize(), BmapiInitializeEx() and
  BmapiUninitialize() APIs.
- When BMAPI dymaically load modules, BMAPI will try to load these
  modules form the directory that BMAPI is loaded in addition to
  process's current direcoty and system directory.

CHANGES in v3.0.14
- Fix Prod00006073: Unable to unbind protocol when BASP is
- Fix Prod00006080: 5705A1 fails Control Register test on BACS.
- Fix Prod00006132: 5705M: BACS: Control Register Test
  intermittently fails.

CHANGES in v3.0.13
- Add BmapiGetPHYStatus().
- Add BmapiSetPHYStatus().
- Add 'DisablePowerSaving'.

CHANGES in v3.0.12
- Fix 4636: Control suite does not report IP Address when NIC using
- Fix duplicate team ID between BASP and TT teams.
- Fix diagnostics failed for 4401.

CHANGES in v3.0.11
- Fix BmapiTestASF() allowing test performed against 5700 and 5701.
- Modify document to include usage for supported adapters.

CHANGES in v3.0.10
- Fix bus number, device number and function number under
  non-english OS.
- Prevent 32-bit BMAPI run on non-x86 machines.

CHANGES in v3.0.9
- Support Turbo Team statistics and team events.

CHANGES in v3.0.8
- Support for 5705 ASF.

CHANGES in v3.0.7
- Add 'MaxSpeed' in BM_BRCM_ADAPTER_INFO_EX. Require driver v5.12 or
- Support for 5705MFE.

CHANGES in v3.0.6
- Support Turbo Teaming. Users must install Turbo Teaming capable
  driver in order to have the feature work properly. During the
  Turbo Teaming configuration, users will need to install driver
  again for new Turbo Teaming adapter instance if the driver is not
  certified (no cat file).

CHANGES in v3.0.5
- Allow old applications that are using old BM_ASF_TABLE structure
  to be able to configure new firmware that has SNMP community name

CHANGES in v3.0.4
- Since v3.0.0, if an application dynamically load and Initialize
  BMAPI, chances are that the application will have one or more
  'HANDLE' left opened to drivers (FAD.sys, etc.) after BMAPI is
  uninitialized and unloaded. The problem is fixed.

CHANGES in v3.0.3
- Force APIs that depend on BmapiInitDiag() must be issued from the
  same thread that BmapiInitDiag() was called. Please refer to
  "Broadcom Management API.doc" for detail information.

CHANGES in v3.0.2
- Change ASF community name from 32 bytes to 20 bytes.
- Support 5705 loopback test. Require NDIS driver 3.30 or later.

CHANGES in v3.0.1
- Fix ClearQuest:
  5040: 5705 fails Control Registers Test in BACS.
  5092: ASF status mismatched when compared between BMAPI and DOS
  5094: ASFIpMon does NOT work with BMAPI v3.0.0.

CHANGES in v3.0.0
- Add BmapiGetBRCMNicInfoEx().
- Add BmapiGetLastDiagPort().
- Add BmapiWriteFirmwareInfo().
- Add support for 5705.
- Add support for 'port swap' for 5704.
- Fix ClearQuest:
  4752: ASF Config fails to enable ASF for 2nd port of b5704A0
  4804: Cannot get Vital Sign information for 5701 &5703-Fiber when
  the driver is loaded and the adapter is enabled.
  4920: 5702: Reverse N-Way NIC will lose connection after running
  diagnostics in BACS  

CHANGES in v2.2.23
- Add BmapiGetPowerMode().
- Add BmapiSetPowerMode().
- Require miniport driver version 3.18.

CHANGES in v2.2.22
- Add BmapiGetIpAddrInfo().
- Add BmapiTestNetwork().
- Add 4401 support in BmapiForceBRCMNicLinkSpeed().
- Add 5704 support for ASF.

CHANGES in v2.2.21
- Fix ClearQuest:
  4073: 5704 Fails PHY LoopBack test on BACS v2.31.

CHANGES in v2.2.20
- Fix ClearQuest:
  3938: After disabling our NIC, launching BACS causes system to
  blue screen.

CHANGES in v2.2.19
- Add BmapiReadNicMem().
- Add BmapiWriteNicMem().
- Change BmapiTestEEPROM() to work with driver version eariler than

CHANGES in v2.2.18
- Fix ClearQuest:
  2799: Gigabit Transmit & Gigabit Receive LED in Vital Signs
  intermittently turns on and off

CHANGES in v2.2.17
- Fix ClearQuest:
  3666: BASP 3.0.7 fails to create identical teams using 3rd vendor

CHANGES in v2.2.16
- Add BmapiGetBrcmVirNic().
- Support BASP on NT 4.0 workstation, W2k Professional ans XP

CHANGES in v2.2.15
- Eliminate possible EEPROM corruption on 5702/5703 A0/A1 rev caused
  by applications.
- Require network adapter driver version 2.63 or later.

CHANGES in v2.2.14
- Fix ClearQuest:
  3281: 4401 Broadcom Control Suite Failure during MAC-Loopback Test
        Require 4401 miniport driver v3.20 or later.

CHANGES in v2.2.13
- Support WMI on Windows 98SE, windows Me, Windows NT4, Windows XP.

CHANGES in v2.2.12
- Fix the problem that BMAPI can not get IP address information in
  Win 98/Me if network adapters are using DHCP.

CHANGES in v2.2.11
- Fix the problem that BmapiSetASFTable() writes 16 bytes longer
  than it is supposed to and causing EEPROM corruption.

CHANGES in v2.2.10
- Enhancement for ASF feature.
- Fix Win 98/Me problem of reporting wrong ASIC revision.

CHANGES in v2.2.9
- Add BmapiReadFirmware().
- Add support for Broadcom 440x fast ethernet cards.

CHANGES in v2.2.8
- Add BmapiWriteFirmware().
- Add more data in BM_ADAPTER_INFO_EX.

CHANGES in v2.2.7
- Modify BM_ASF_CFG structure.

CHANGES in v2.2.6
- Support 5702/5703 Flash with ASF.
- Add BmapiGetFirmwareInfo().

CHANGES in v2.2.5
- Support 5702/5703 LOM with SEEPROM.

CHANGES in v2.2.4
- Improve events delivering implementation.

CHANGES in v2.2.3
- Support concurrent diagnose for different NIC.
- Applications MUST call BmapiInitDiag() before calling any
  diagnostic functions. Application also MUST call BmapiUnInitDiag()
  after diagnostic is done.
- Support NIC firmware v2.6 for ASF feature.
- Add following APIs:

CHANGES in v2.2.2
- Bug fix for ASFConfig.

CHANGES in v2.2.1
- Support ASFConfig run on NT4.0.

CHANGES in v2.2.0
- Replace b57dtect.dll with BASFND.sys to access to PCI information.
- Support 802.3AD teaming.

CHANGES in v2.1.5
- Change from "Broadcom Virtual adapter" to "BASP Virtual Adapter".

CHANGES in v2.1.4
- Fix Prod00002283, PCI Bus Mode in Vital Sign displayed unknown PCI
  clock speed.

CHANGES in v2.1.3
- Enhancement in BmapiTestEEPROM().
- Add support for PCI-X 100 MHz.
- Add support for PCI-X 50MHz.

CHANGES in v2.1.2
- Bug fix in BmapiUninitialize() reported by OEM.

CHANGES in v2.1.1
- Add support of fiber NICs.

CHANGES in v2.1.0
- Add support of Win98, WinSe and WinME
- Add two more API BmapiInitDiag() and BmapiUnInitDiag()
- Bug fix in BmapiUninitialize() reported by OEM.

CHANGES in v2.0.1
- Add version resource to dll.

CHANGES in v1.3.3
- Support for selective teaming.
- Add new API BmapiGetNicPciInfo().

CHANGES in v1.3.2
- Add new API BmapiGetNicStatistics64().

CHANGES in v1.3.0
- When team configuration is changed in Windows 2000, only the
  physical and virtual adapters that are involved in the change may
  need to restart.
- Fix Prod00000980, BASCS - internal error is reported with
  Save/Restore function.
- Add new API BmapiGetHandleByServiceName() and

CHANGES in v1.2.8
- Since we never want to support Alteon on 'Advanced Failover'
  feature, the codes for that part are removed.

CHANGES in v1.2.7
- Fix the problem that SNMP subagent for event trap can not get team
  name and service name of the adapter in event callback.
- Add BmapiRefreshData() to support applications that want to
  refresh BMAPI internal data.

CHANGES in v1.2.6
- 'extra_info' passed to callback function for registered events 
  will be available only for events BMAPI_EVT_ACTIVE and 
- Load Balance/Fail Over driver supports only 63 tagged VLANs and
  one optional untagged VLAN.
- Fix intermittent loopback test failed.
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